Dodgers Searching Outside the Box to Create Better Balance Inside the Box.


The rumor mill so far this late-fall has the Dodgers searching high and low in hopes of acquiring personell better equipped to handle left-handed pitching in 2017 and beyond. 

Some of the reported names include, Ian Kinzler, Brian Dozier, J.D. Martinez, Yoenis Cespedes, and even Evan Longoria.

(I’ll leave-this-be right here…and pass the evaluations onto you folks…what are your thoughts?)

Also in the news recently is the mandate that MLB requires new owners to become profitable within 5 years by keeping debt at or below 12 times their annual revenue.

Details can be found below

(The front office may have to become quite creative in order to add top-heavy contracts.)

We’re one week away from the Winter Meetings, which are being held this year in National Harbor, Maryland – December 4th thru the 8th.

There’s been zero response, so maybe it never happened?

I distinctly remember that not very long ago, someone had asked the Dodgers for permission to talk with Blank-Check Neddy Colletti about a spot within their organization.

Hot Stove Heats Up

Seager and Roberts exchange high-fives over post-season awards:             Silver Slugger: Shortstop • NL Rookie of the Year • NL manager of the Year
seagerrobertsWith free agency and trade rumors heating up…we shall see in the next few months what this team will look like come Opening Day, 2017.

Holiday Shopping


OK, GMs, whip out your pocketbook and reshape the Dodgers.  I never pondered Cespedes, but a perfect “Cuban Triangle”of  Grandal at catcher, Cespedes in LF and Puig in RF intrigues me.  Maybe he’s the righty bat to replace Turner.  They’re both 31 years old.  But Cespedes may be a luxury, while Turner may be a necessity, based on their fielding positions.  I think I’d take a look at Romo as a set-up man (he had arm issues early but rebounded at the end…and if for no other reason than to tweak the Gnats), and, obviously, sign one of the closers, preferably Jansen.

Election Day Is Upon Us


Thought I’d see if I could successfully post something.  So, for your viewing pleasure, I present the candidates, each with, what I believe are, their greatest accomplishments. So, in this year of extreme political negativity and acrimony, and in honor of my two negative allies, bear and beaver, please cast your vote for WORST owner in LA Dodger history.

Trade Kershaw You Say?


Can the Dodgers really afford to trade Clayton Kershaw?

What type of return could they expect to obtain from a guy who not only had back issues in 2016, but can opt out of his contract after 2018?

It’s been said that 2017 will present itself as a less than stellar year for pitchers on the free-agent market.

Who would assume a leadership role on the mound if this were to happen?








What would trading Kershaw do for team chemistry/team morale?

They finally began making strides in this area during 2016.

Would you really jeopardize these gains for whatever return you could acquire by sending your best player packing?

Could you then keep morale and good vibes in the clubhouse and upon the playing field without a dominate force backing them up every 5 days?

I do realize that I said, I didn’t care what happens this off-season…So, I suppose I’m just a little worn down.

162 game season is a long for us fans as well.

Vinny was absolutely marvelous!

67 years and he didn’t skip a beat…

The team was one that surprised us.

They began slower than anticipated then regrouped and you might say overachieved. Although, I believe giving credit where it is due and by claiming over-achievement, well, that would be further souring their hard fought efforts.

2016 was an extremely fun season. Considering…

Notch another year up without a parade!

I’d ask you about your favorite moment in 2016…

But, I’m sure you’d all say that Charlie Culberson is your favorite player and that he was the MAN, for walking it off on Vinny’s last day!


Another reason I’m not too concerned with what goes on this winter. Is that I’m on-board with what this front office has been trying to achieve. I like what I’m seeing. I like the fact that they try each day to put the best statistical line-up on the field. Someday…I would hope the roster is set up in such a way that in doing this you play the same 8 guys more often.  The object here is to field the best baseball team possible.

I believe this is one of the catalyst in keeping the focus upon the field. That and being competitive.

You either produce, or you sit. Maybe worse…

Last, but certainly not least. Let me just say…

How about the effort and performance

Dave (Doc) Roberts gave us…

Wasn’t that something!