World Series • Game 6


It’s been all about the pitchers so far.



The series shifts back to Progressive Field 

The Indians – 3 games

The Cubs – 2 games


Game 6

Arrieta vs Tomlin



(if necessary)



23 thoughts on “World Series • Game 6

  1. I shared a season box seat three rows from the field back in ’88. My buddy, who owned the box, offered me Game 2 or Game 6. I picked Game 6. How did I do??????? So much for Game 6s……… Go Tribe–can’t root National League, except when it’s Dodgers.

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  2. Rockin` Raquel has her boys bangin` tonight. Sophmore SS Addison Russell with the grand slam…Kids gonna be bigger than Jordan in Chicago if he keeps this stuff up.


  3. Congratulations to the Cubs… A really good team that deserves this championship.

    My hats off to the Indians as welll. You have nothing to be ashamed of…

    Two really good baseball teams. It’s ashame one has to lose…

    It was fun to watch really good baseball, no matter who won……

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  4. On another note, I hope Kazmir opts out and we resign Turner. I don’t think we will sign both Turner and Jansen and I would go with Turner over Jansen at this point. Would be nice to get both…


  5. Great game. I thought the fourth inning was going to do in the Indians, but they fought back. Not like another team I could name. The same guy, Davis, who made the crappy throw from center came through with the dinger and another rbi late to make the game more than interesting. The better team, not by much, won. Congratulations, I guess, but screw the cubs anyway.
    So now does our FO resign JT and Kenley or do they go out and get us some more broken down bullshit.
    I don’t think our kid pitchers are quite ready to compete, at least not on the level we saw last night.

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  6. I also hope they’d resign both Turner and Jansen, but I’ll try not to put too much hope into it.
    It’s times like this when it gets me mad when this team with all the money it’s suppose to have gets so cheap when it comes to resigning players they need.
    The one thing this team needs more than anything is to return as many players, from this year, to get back to the postseason.
    So they can try AGAIN to win it.
    OH BTW Congratulations to the Cubs.

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    • One would think that if the FO was going to outlay $31M/yr for Greinke for 5 years that this same $31M/yr. would bring back both Turner and Jansen. I still think Jansen winds up in SF though and we end up with Melancon because he’ll sign for a little less. I don’t think Turner’s going anywhere.

      Bigger concern is SP. We don’t have it and there’s nothing out there except in trade.

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  7. Wasn’t it great to see David Ross end his career the way he did last night? Not many players go out on their own terms and fewer go out winning the 7th game of the World Series and hitting a home run.

    Our front office still has a long way to go to prove it can build not just a championship team but one that can compete for championships just about every season. The Cubs lost a lot of games while still filling Wrigley but that franchise fan base is used to losing. The Dodger fan base is not and it remains to be seen what would happen if the Dodgers actually got rid of all their high priced players and stunk up the place for a few seasons. I do not see that happening and I do not want to see that. Therefore, the Dodgers have to draft much better than they have and develop more major league capable players and fill in with role players. I believe that is what the front office intends to do but easier said than done. Clearly, the pitching has to improve but I tend to agree that the young arms we saw this past season teased but did not demonstrate they are ready. We did see how young arms are being trained so get used to starters who go all out for 5 or 6 innings and then turn the game over to the bullpen.

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  8. Interesting to see the TV deal back in the news with collusion at the core. Whatever happens, it isn’t going to bring back Vinny back for his final year. A travesty. As for on-the-field baseball, the Cubs’ fan base now has to deal with the sobering reality that they are no longer every fan’s “lovable losers,” but rather, yet another high-salaried, successful corporate team. Finally, the Dodgers’ pitching is so inferior to both the Indians and the Cubs that it stuns me. Take away Kershaw and Jansen and you have a team that worked freaking miracles getting to within two games of a World Series. I can only hope the FO will equip Roberts with the players he needs and then just BUTT OUT and allow him to manage his own game with his own style.

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  9. I’d like to add my post from the 3rd. Right now we have a starting pitcher and a half, with Urias probably being added to the rotation next Spring. After that we’ve got some more kids who might be ready to compete and the before mentioned broken down BS. Obviously, we, and the Indians, eventually lost out to Chicago due to lack of starting pitching. Kept bringing our guys back on short rest, which happens year after year. So anyway, while our kids do not match up with the good pitchers we saw in the series, we should give them every chance to crack the 25 man roster and mature. Those good pitchers in the series didn’t get there overnight. I feel if we are to successfully compete, and I don’t mean winning a weak division, these young guys will have to grow up and contribute.


  10. The Justice Dept. suit against Direct TV is interesting for a number of reasons. First, as pointed out in an article in the Times, who really has been harmed financially in this deal? Isn’t it Time Warner (now Spectrum) that has been hurt the most financially? The other cable systems offered to take the package as long as they could pass along the cost to the customers who wanted it but Time Warner refused. Even when Time Warner lowered the price, the other systems would not bite. Was there collusion among the other systems to follow Direct TV’s lead? I have no doubt they did this but I also believe they did this for the betterment of their customers. Is it safe to assume that if Direct TV lost a significant amount of subscribers over their refusal to carry the Dodgers, Direct TV might have had more incentive to make a deal?

    Second, someone involved must have given the Justice Dept. information about the alleged damaging emails that prompted the case. Who is that and why did that person decide to do something now? Does it have anything to do with the merger deal between Time Warner and AT&T? We will find out the answers but when is anyone’s guess. And it remains to be seen if this case helps frustrated Dodger fans who do not want to switch providers to get Dodger games.

    This should be an interesting off season for the Dodgers. Some things look obvious, such as resigning Jansen and Turner if the deals work in the best interest of both sides. At least the Dodgers have some control in what happens with these players. The pitching is still very much up in the air even with the options available in players already on the roster. Are De Leon and Urias ready to step in to start every 5th day and go deep enough into games? Do the Dodgers try to resign Hill? These and other decisions are not so clear cut.


  11. To help me get over the playoff elimination of the Dodgers and to a lesser degree the Indians, I’ve booked a trip to Hawaii in January, when it’s cold and dark here. I feel better already.


    • Sounds like a good time Griz. Would you mind swinging by and picking me up?

      I took some time this early and bright morning to change the thread…

      Have fun everyone…


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