World Series • Game 3




19 thoughts on “World Series • Game 3

  1. I doubt the Lakers “tanked” on purpose. They stuck with Kobe at too much money for the past two years and went after every decent free agent. The also flailed at trying to hire the “right” coach. The losing helped them start drafting higher but it seems to me the Lakers did pretty well for many years while still putting championship caliber teams on the court. If tanking really worked the Clippers would have been more successful before the commissioner voided a trade that would have brought Chris Paul to the Lakers instead of the Clippers. Do you think things might have been different for the Lakers if that trade had been allowed to happen? I have said this many times and I will say it again: the Dodgers have never told fans to be patient as so many other organizations have done without results. I would much rather have hope at the beginning of each season that the Dodgers can win than know going in there is no chance. The luxury taxes and TV revenue have helped the so called small market teams keep players and even the big market deep pocket Dodgers have said they do not want to rely on high priced free agents.

    The Cubs have finally taken advantage of futility. They also have really good talent in the front office and manager. The Dodgers still have a ways to go to prove they have the same.

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    • Therein lies the rub Birk – you have to have the right people doing the scouting and drafting. Something I can probably say with relative certainty the NedCo would’ve screwed up.

      Don’t know what’s worse though. Knowing your team is going to tank and hoping they can at least derive something good out of it, or competing and being frustrated year after year because they can’t follow through at the end.


  2. With AT&T buying Time Warner, perhaps the lads will finally be on my television. lbirk, I don’t really follow the NBA, but I can tell you’re a Lakers fan. From afar, it seemed to me that Kobe’s ill-conceived contract very much adversely affected the Lakers…the seeming antithesis of Friedman, who will never lavish “sentimental” cash on a player at the expense of the greater good for the organization and the team’s competitive future. That said, he will be up nights pondering what to do with Turner and Jansen, two talented players looking for a big pay day.


    • For your sake, I hope you are right about the Time Warner deal but Time Warner cable was purchased and is now called Spectrum. From what I have heard from new management, they have no interest in dropping prices to other systems in order form them to take on the Dodgers.

      And as far as the Lakers, I cannot say I am a big NBA fan (I prefer college sports) or a huge Lakers fan for that matter. I do follow them in the paper and I listen to sports talk radio, so much of what I know I get from those sources. However, their situation does bring up an interesting conundrum for pro sports organizations about what to do about older longtime stars. The Lakers chose to overpay Kobe and therefore prolonged the rebuilding process we all knew was coming. They did this out of loyalty. Of course, the fact they messed up coaching choices certainly did not help. Maybe they did this on purpose in an attempt to fool the fans into believing the team could still be competitive. Now management has to ask fans for patience. We will see if this pays off but it looks as if they are on the right track.


  3. Here are some BOLD early hot stove predictions:

    1. Don’t get too attached to Verdugo, DeJong, Calhoun, Puig, Barnes or JDL. All will be traded.
    2. Turner will be a Dodger next season.
    3. Jansen will be a Giant next season.
    4. Melancon will sign to be the closer.
    5. Our #2 next year will be Archer.
    6. Ruiz’s option will be picked up.
    7. They re-sign Utley.


  4. That damned goat must’ve been around somewhere near Wrigley Field, last night.
    Must’ve heard about the Cubs breaking the 71 year jinx and now is trying to prevent the big one from happening.


  5. Wouldn’t bother me if the cubs had to wait another 71 years. But, if they were to win, that would be ok, just so people could shut up about Chicago’s drought.


    • I sure hope it ends because we’ll never hear the end of it, until it does.
      Teams are going to have to try to keep the Cubs out of the postseason, because ever time they’re in the curse will build. I hope they end it now.


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