World Series 2016


Progressive Field

Cleveland, Ohio

Game 1

Chicago Cubs


Cleveland Indians


13 thoughts on “World Series 2016

  1. I suppose I should join the Cubs bandwagon just to end all of the hype over how long it has been since their last appearance in the WS. I still have a problem that the Marlins and Diamondbacks have won since the last time the Dodgers were there.


  2. Can’t root for the Cubs…wanted to, but can’t. I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for the National League if the Dodgers aren’t in it. But now that I have no real pony in the race it was interesting to observe that the FOX boys are covering this series just like the last one–pro Cubs.

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  3. Well, I’m in Ohio, so I am all in for the Indians. It would be a great story if the Cubs finally win a WS after 108 years. I will be alright with that also. But, I think the Cleveland Indians will win it.

    Our Dodgers have alot of big questions coming up in this off season. It will be interesting to see where FAZ goes with it. I am not very optimistic. I don’t think they really have a good feel for building a championship team… I hope I am wrong…. Go Dodgers!!!


    • Baseball is not just a numbers game. It has a pulse, a feel..

      Switching lineups to match up against lefty or righty pitching didn’t work. It’s bullshit….


  4. Indians. Still wearing my Dodger hat, though. We watched last night and said unkind things about the Cubs. Looks like our guys aren’t the only ones having trouble scoring with the bases loaded. It will be interesting, the cubs have shown they can rebound in a big way. After watching Shwarber last year and last night, you’d think an AL club would grab on to him for their DH. I don’t know if the cubs have a spot for him in the field.


  5. I’m rooting for the Cubs, mostly because I’m sick of hearing about the failing to win a World Series since 1908. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I seen everyone of the 16 “original teams” win a pennant since I’ve been a Dodger fan, thanks to the Cubs finally doing it this year, alas, at our beloved Dodgers’ expense.
    It must be hell not ever seeing your favorite team win a World Series as it’s tough enough after going on 29 years for us.
    I think this Cubs team as it’s stack up right now will have plenty of chances to win it all, but I can’t wait till they finally get it over with.

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