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Game 6



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  1. Interesting post for game 6, is that the local watering hole? Crash you hit it the ball with the barrel of the bat, Kershaw will either rise up and vanquish the naysayers about his post-season history, or that theme will stay with him. He hasn’t had this much rest between starts since returning, so Im hoping for a complete game shut-out, yea Im a dreamer. On other the other side, Dodger defense
    needs to be flawless, something that has been lacking recently. The bats need to be on the barrel, squared up and launched, not popped up or driven to the infield ground. GO Dodgers!

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    • If you call 6 blocks from the front door local…I came home and the kids were here so I didn’t have time to think of anything else…

      But it fits…if the boys want to dance. They better get to scootin’.

      Crash can add to it if needs be…


  2. Once more I have a pair of tickets for a World Series game at Dodger Stadium that will never be played. And yes, this not Kershaw or any one player’s fault. Unfortunately, the Dodger team that began the season struggling on offense and in the pen was the one that finished it.

    I am disappointed for Kershaw because his so called post season legacy still dogs him.

    There is always next season.

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  3. Can’t win any games without scoring. Its the same old same old ad nauseam.

    Every year its something different that this club hasn’t got that championship teams have. This year it was starting pitching. Last season it was the bullpen. Year before that I can’t remember. Point is, its always something. When was the last time this club had a complete team?

    I don’t believe in the playoffs being a crapshoot either. I think that’s a bullshit statement uttered by those that have no other explanation why their team got beat [by the Giants.] I do think this team overachieved this season, and I do think Roberts has them pulling in the right direction. Its just that until the [glaring] holes get plugged, we’re the new Cubs.


  4. What this team currently lacks:

    1. #2 Starter
    2. #3 Starter
    3. A 7th inning guy
    4. An 8th inning guy
    5. A thumper in the middle of the line-up
    6. Speed at the top of the line-up
    7. Hitters who can put the ball in play
    8. A left fielder
    9. A base stealer
    10. Someone who can mash lefties

    Additional things we’ll need before next season:
    1. A closer
    2. A third baseman
    3. A second baseman

    The list is long. I’ll be curious to see how much of it they can fill.

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  5. You know with Roberts dealing with the stuff that went down, I feel good, from the top down. We got out played no doubt about it, congrats to the cubs, I hope kenley stays and turner, joc needs to step up, Puig will be the real off season card. WTF starting pitching, does ryu come back, mccarthy, anderson they are 2nd rate to kershaw, Hill I like, especially if he was going to pitch game 7 tomorrow. ugh not even tequila can kill this pain and banishment through winter till blossoms of Spring Training filter through


  6. Too early for me to think about next year. I was going to say nice choke, but that’s not really true, so I’ll just leave it at business as usual.


  7. Given that I never got to see this team play on TV during the regular season the past three years I really have no clue as to the true nature of these Dodgers. I can’t even play armchair GM. For me, they’re just names. I didn’t even know what Fields and Dayton looked like until the playoffs. 🙂 But tonight is a downer. Luckily I only had to listen to the game on the way home from UCLA’s debacle at the Rose Bowl.


  8. The Beav put together a great list of needs. Let me just add that the #2 and #3 pitchers are not currently in the Dodgers organization, and they better be damn good and not injury-prone has beens.


  9. Unlike our good friend Kahli. I viewed just about every pitch this season. And a fun season it was. I paid the extra money so that I could hear Vin. Why wouldn’t ya right? The youngsters Seager, Toles, Segedin, Dayton, DeLeon, Urias, Fields, Stripling and Brock`em Sock’em Robot all did well during the year. Our beloved team ran up against another group of talented kids called the Cubbies, who hit the ball extremely well. With all the errors that were made during this series. I’m not sure Koufax, Drysdale and Kershaw could have fared better.

    I’d call this one a learning curve…and what they should have learned the most from the season is…neither Kershaw, or anyone else will remain young forever. Time is of the essence…

    I hope the Cubs achieve their goal of bringing the Commissioners Trophy to Chicago. That was quite the scene last evening…

    Get `em next year and every year after that…Go Dodgers!!

    (PS) We play well enough to win 100 games in 2017!!


  10. So last year the Mets and this year the Cubs beat us with a deep pitching staff their management has assembled. And we run a bunch of broken down fuckers ( the Sunday Morning Show ran a segment saying the use of profanity shows higher intelligence ) out there. What’s up with that?
    But in the end it doesn’t much matter what the pitchers do if you cannot score. The game was over last night before we were out of the first inning. Business as usual.

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  11. It would’ve been a lot different if the Dodgers were able to not lose the last 3 games. It all happen in the last 3 games. The Dodgers just don’t seem to win when the chips are down.
    Other than that it was a very good year.


  12. I must admit that I was rooting for the Cubbies, because I don’t see our current team as deserving to be in the World Series. Yes, under the circumstances of all the injuries, I think they played a hell of a good season. I also don’t want to put the onus on Kershaw for not performing what was necessary in the playoffs, again. He would have lost last night’s game if he only gave up one run, and even if it was unearned. I also don’t buy into this garbage about constantly changing lineups, the righty/lefty manipulation, the record number of six hundred some pitching changes – I don’t see the really good teams resorting to that. Not blaming the manager this time, because at least Roberts got everybody playing like the two ex-Yankees never could. I don’t think that the necessary and proper team makeup was there. Not to particularly single out Kike, but what is a guy doing out there the whole season who can’t even hit .200 – FOR A WHOLE YEAR. I don’t care how many positions he can play, if he can’t hit .200 for a whole season he can’t play any of them worth a shit.

    For next year: I’d keep Seager, try to keep Turner, give Toles a chance, and probably hold onto Kershaw and Jensen, but everybody else, especially all of the previously and frequently hurt pitchers ought to be GONE. If I had my druthers, Friedman and Zaidi would be GONE even ahead of everybody else, but that’s too far reaching for this Front Office.

    If I could get me two Seager-like top prospects, I’d probably let go of Kershaw too. The sad and ironic part about Kershaw is that he’s totally unlikely to ever get his championship ring with the Dodgers – partly because he’ll soon have the opportunity to opt out, and I certainly wouldn’t up his contract in order to keep him. His back problem is bound to surface again at some point, since probably only surgery can rectify the problem. So, I would trade him if the opportunity arose for the future of the team.

    Looking forward to an interesting off-season, I’m sure.

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    • I’d hate to see Kersh go, but I can’t say you’re wrong Bear. Given the latter two facts I think it best they get a couple top 5 prospects for him.

      There’s nothing out there FA wise for starters either, so unless they plan on being a .500ish club and start Urias and De Leon 30 times each we’re going to have the same crap we had this season. That means more McCarthy, more Kazmir and a smattering of Ryu trying to make a comeback. It wouldn’t even surprise me if this FO resigned Anderson.

      All I can say is they’d better find a whole lotta offense next year.

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  13. I too thought I was not ready yet to talk about next season but doing so is what sometimes takes the sting off the end of a season that ends in disappointment for most so many fans. I was not able to see yesterday’s game but stopped following it on my phone after the 5th inning. I also choose not to watch the last two innings when I did get home from the UCLA football game (another disappointing loss) but I did listen to the radio. I turned it off after the last out as I did not want to watch the Cubs or their fans celebrate. Unlike most people, I am not enamored by the Cubs’ story or their fans. I have had enough of it. I doubt Cubs fans care one bit about my frustration of the last 28 years. I know it makes a good story and I understand why people, even Dodger fans, root for the Cubs. Just know that if they do win the World Series, they become uninteresting and evil, just as the Red Sox became when that organization finally won. So unlike Bear, I cannot imagine rooting for the Cubs or any team against the Dodgers.

    We all knew this team had a lot of issues going into Spring Training. While we agreed with the decision not to pursue Greinke at his asking price, we might have been surprised at the effort the Dodgers did make to retain him. The fact that the Diamondbacks made a last minute attempt and surprised themselves when that attempt was successful perhaps caught the Dodgers a bit by surprise. I believe they had a plan in place in case Greinke did not sign and they implemented that plan. Management believed it could piecemeal a staff together by taking chances on pitchers who when healthy were good and just hoped these pitchers would stay healthy. Why did they do this? What alternatives did they have? Because the Dodgers were not willing to make drastic moves in 2015 that would have meant giving up prospects including Cory Seager, Urias, De Leon and possibly others, the pitchers fans wanted to see wearing Dodger blue that many believed could have helped the Dodgers win now went elsewhere. I do not believe current management does not want to win but it is clear to me they have begun implementing the plan Friedman laid out after he was hired. The Dodgers wanted to go younger (and cheaper) and not rely on high priced (and older) free agents. They wanted to reduce payroll even though we all know the Dodgers can spend as much money as they want if in fact they wanted to do that. They want to draft better and develop players from within, something that is so obvious but also quite difficult. At the same time, management understood the Dodgers are not the Padres, the Astros or even the Cubs that asked their fans to accept losing in order to build winning teams. It remains to be seen if the Dodgers can do what the Cubs have done or even what the Giants have done. So the fact the 2016 Dodgers went as far as they did is remarkable.

    The Dodgers do have a lot if interesting and challenging decisions to make. Clearly the organization does not have enough position players ready to take over at second base or third base. At least I am not aware of any. Therefore, it seems a no brainer to resign Turner, a player who has already disproved every objection the Dodgers had to him going into the 2015 and 2016 season. He has proven he can play every day and he is popular with fans and teammates. He is marketable. The big question: how much does he think he is worth and how much do the Dodgers think he is worth, and for how long. Will he want the security of a longer term than the Dodgers might be willing to offer or accept? Would he accept more money but for a shorter time? What alternatives do the Dodgers have if Turner does not return?

    I think much the same can be said for Jansen. The Dodgers already miffed Jansen by trying to sign Chapman. Will that be a problem? Will Turner and Jansen be willing to test the free agent market and will the Dodgers play that game? Do the Dodgers have an alternative for Jansen should he decide to play elsewhere?

    Second base is a much bigger problem. Not sure about Utley’s contract stratus but his bat was certainly missing during the playoffs. And yet, where would the Dodgers have been without him? Do they roll the dice again and hope he can remain the mostly everyday second baseman? And what do they do if he cannot? My take on Kike Hernandez is he is not the type of player who can be productive playing infrequently but there still is the question of can he do it on an everyday basis? Would the Dodgers be better off with Kendrick back at second base? Having Andrew Toles makes that decision interesting as I believe most of us think Toles played well enough to deserve strong consideration to become the everyday left fielder (assuming we are not concerned about the lefty-righty matchups so preferred by management).

    It does seem Joc Pederson, even with his offensive flaws, had a good enough season to be a strong candidate to retain his centerfield position. He did cut down on his strikeouts and perhaps he can become the hitter the Dodgers need to spark the offense. There is no doubt he fields his position very well. I doubt Ethier will ever be an everyday player for the Dodgers again barring injury but he could be a valuable bench player. He has already demonstrated he can pinch hit. We all know every team needs an experienced player who can come off the bench and by next spring he should be back to full strength. I know the Dodgers still have Van Slyke but he also seems destined to bit parts should he be retained. As someone already said, Puig once again is the wild card. What do we do about him? Can he play everyday and produce? He does not do well in pressure situations. He seems to have improved his approach to at bats and defense but is it enough?

    At first base Gonzalez will be back. He is an aging player who is showing signs of decline but is good enough to still be productive. The Dodgers should be planning on his replacement but I think they have some prospects that could fill that position in a few years. The other bit players from this past season are just that; role players who had moments of great success and interesting back stories and just as many moments of why they have yet to become everyday players.

    We all know the biggest challenge the Dodgers have going into the offseason. Kershaw remains number one and hopefully will benefit by offseason rest and rehabilitation. Management seems willing to try again with the stable of oft injured pitchers who they accept as at best 5 inning starters. I believe baseball is moving in this direction. I look at box scores of other games and see teams using 4-5 pitchers a game almost every game. The starter who goes deep into games is disappearing. Pitch counts rule the day. Bullpens will be expected to pitch a lot of innings. Game times have increased because so few pitchers throw enough unhittable strikes, meaning more hits but also more walks and more pitches. Managers seem willing to pull starters earlier and make multiple changes to get the matchup they want. We still do not know if Urias or De Leon have the talent but it seems these players have earned the opportunity. Could it be any worse than what the Dodgers put out there in 2016? The bull pen seems more set, depending on what happens to Jansen. Blanton had some rough outings in the playoffs but for the most part was good during the season. I think he is the so called set up man. Pedro Baez is an enigma; he has great stuff but his style is troubling. the rest of the pen seems to be moveable parts. At least we know a lot more about how things will look if Jansen returns.

    So there you have it. Let the offseason debate begin. The Dodgers lost to a much better and deeper team in the Cubs. Even the Nationals were probably a better team than the Dodgers but not that much better. The Dodgers will need to figure out how to hit left handed pitching better in 2017. They will need to figure out how to drive in runners in scoring position at a higher rate and especially with the bases loaded. If anyone knows how to accomplish these goals, please feel free to offer your knowledge.

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  14. It will be interesting to see what FAZ does to fix this team… I don’t have alot of faith in them to do anything to get us a championship… They are overrated to say the least… I think FAZ sucks….


  15. I have to say, I’m rooting for the Cubs to win the World Series and get it over with after more than a century.
    I’m sick and tired of playing a team that is a lot more desperate than we are to finally win one.


  16. As a big Puig fan, my biggest fear is that the FO will trade him. Devoid of right-handed power, the FO has already shipped away Kemp. I believe Puig when he says he’s a changed man; I think the death of Jose Fernandez really affected him. The almost two-month-long outfield platoon we saw in September/October benefitted NO ONE, Puig included. I can’t think of one outfielder who was nails going down the stretch. So, Andrew, please don’t let me wake up one morning to read the Dodgers now have Ryan Braun or some middle reliever instead of Puig. Play Puig every day. See if he’s the game changer we once all believed he was.


  17. Kahli, while we do not know for sure, it does seem as if the Dodgers tried to peddle Puig but could not get value for him. Perhaps the same thing happened with Andre Ethier. So rather than get nothing in return these players are still with the team and each contributed something to this past season even if not much. I asked the question above about what to do about players who at least so far have not demonstrated they can be very productive as part time players. I believe Ethier can do it but I am not sure about Puig. I am also not sure he handles big moments very well. We were all encouraged by his offensive approach once he was called back up from the minors; he seemed able to lay off the bad pitches and took walks. I would love to see him play everyday, hit around .280 with 15-20 home runs and steal bases. Can he do that against both righties and lefties? The Dodgers have a lot of outfielders with Toles, Reddick, Pederson, Ethier, Puig, Van Slyke. Someone will be left out of the mix.


    • I think they let Reddick walk. I wasn’t impressed much by him and if he keeps Puig from being an everyday player, retaining him is a bad move. Not that I’m a believer in Puig, but I do believe he’s better than Reddick both offensively and defensively no matter what handed pitching they’re facing. Besides, they’re stuck with Ethier anyway, so he can easily take Reddick’s spot.

      I believe Toles is going to get a long look in ST as not only the LFer, but at leadoff. I suspect SVS will be on the team at least for awhile until someone like Verdugo or Bellinger forces him off the team. I think both the latter start out at OKC and I’m certain we’ll at least see Bellinger by September. Trayce will probably be a 4th-5th OFer again.

      I think they’ll re=sign Utley, but give him a lesser roll as Kendrick moves back to 2B full time. I think they’ll re-sign Turner for 4 years with an opt out after 2. I think they’ll pick-up Ruiz’s option. Seager and Joc are locks, both of whom I can see improving in average next season.

      Tenuous position players – Culberson, Kike, Barnes.

      No chance position players – Taylor, Segedin, Johnson

      What worries me is the pitching staff, 3/4 of which you could dynamite right now and no one would notice.

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  18. This team needs a lot of work. They basically have a bona fide ace in Kershaw and then a bunch of crap. #4 (at best), and #5 starters. I think Urias could end up being a #3. I haven’t seen enoeugh of DeLeon to make a judgement. We desperately need a real #2 starting pitcher.

    And, the offense needs some right handed mashers so we don’t get dominated by lefty pitching…

    FAZ has their work cut out for them this off season. I’m not sure they have the baseball acument to get it done. Just numbers guys.


  19. I’ll be for the Indians. That was my little league team in El Segundo and we had a reasonable copy of the Cleveland uniforms. Rocky Colavito was my favorite. I have one of their hats I bought recently, though my Dodger head gear is my favorite.
    I think Reddick will be allowed to go quietly. I think he eventually did OK and would do better for the club if he were to go to ST with the Dodgers, but this glut of outfielders says he walks. Unless they trade all of them that are under contract for a #2. Ha ha.

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    • I don’t necessarily agree with his analysis, but I do agree with his conclusion. As this team sits today, I don’t think they make the playoffs next year. That’s not to say a month from now they won’t have made moves that change my mind, but given the fact that all of the vets will now be another year older and their pitching staff sucks big time, I don’t see much room for optimism. I think its also a given that the Gnats end up with one of Chapman, Jansen or Melancon, so the back of their pen won’t be dropping games in the 9th at the alarming rate they did this season. Plus you’ve got to admit, their starters are a helluva lot better than ours.


      • With all the kids that hit the bigs in 16. You’d have to think they have added value, plus Puig added value back to his portfolio…

        Lots of wiggle room in the off-season?


  20. I think once a team makes the postseason, whether as a division winner or a wild card and has gotten there several times in the last decade, there must be very little wrong with it.
    I’m just hoping the FO, knows what this “little wrong” is and finds a way to correct this.
    As I have always said, very little change is necessary so long as they make the right changes that will lead to more success in the postseason.


  21. The article by Howard Cole Jhall posted has some funny, good lines. Like Greinke is more of a threat with the bat than Hernandez, and pitching, not oil, is the most precious commodity.


  22. I continue to wonder why fans think they are smarter than the people getting paid to make all these decisions but then again, we all think we are smarter than people in public service, many whom we elect. In sports it is part of being a fan; we can second guess with no repercussions.

    I think management is well aware of the problems but let us not forget they come at solutions from a much different perspective. We can certainly disagree with the decisions and I admit to getting tired of the same old answers to the same old questions about those decisions. But does anyone really expect Dave Roberts or any of the many front office minions to come out in public and say we know we took a huge gamble on oft injured pitchers or let Kike Hernandez lead off in a critical playoff game was a silly attempt at jump starting a fading team?

    I do understand the frustration. The Dodger weaknesses, or “holes”, are well known. I still think management wants very much to win but still makes decisions based on finances. We gave Ned Colletti a lot of grief for doing the same thing but with much stricter restrains.

    So would management now give up players to get Greinke back with a contract they were not willing to tender in the first place? Does that make any sense? it may for baseball purposes but any deal that does not come with some contract relief makes management look silly.

    The real issue is not whether management knows how to resolve all the obvious issues but whether they have the ability to judge talent and make moves that make the team better. Remember, the Dodgers still put competitive teams on the field even in years many of us believe are rebuilding years. I have to believe that is not good enough for them.


  23. My psyche paid a lot of cash to the Dodgers when they gobbled up the TV money and let the fans dangle in the air. So pay Turner and Jansen with that blood money, thank you very much! And if I see Braun in a Dodger uniform (especially if it’s at the expense of Puig), I’ll scream. Talk about a unified clubhouse. How can anyone respect the ground Braun walks on–not because he took PEDs, but because he threw the poor test-taker under the bus and lied and lied and lied and lied about even that! And speaking of Puig, his splits against righties and lefties were pretty much the same. Platoon ball is for the birds. Seager’s splits were way down against lefties, yet he’s the odds-on favorite for ROY and damn near the MVP. For me, platoon baseball becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, basically telling a player that he will fail if he starts against certain pitching, so….given so few at-bats against that certain pitching, he fails?!?!?!?!?


    • I agree whole heartedly with your analysis of platoon baseball Kahli.

      I could see getting Greinke back IF AZ ate his annual contract down to what the Dodgers offered him per year AND only took a couple of middling prospects back for him. That said I believe the FO is trying their damnedest to get under the luxury tax, and if you’ve got Kersh and Geinke taking up $64M a season, that doesn’t leave much for the rest of the team including trying to re-sign Turner and Jansen (though frankly I think Kenley ends up in SF and we end up with Melancon.)

      I haven’t been overly impressed with this FO, but then I haven’t been horribly depressed either.


  24. I certainly agree taking on Greinke’s salary AND giving up players to get him back would be foolish, but that comment about him being more of a threat than Hernandez cracked me up. The way the season panned out, I’d be more of a threat than Kiki. We’ll have to look for pitching elsewhere.


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