Six More Wins


The Dodgers are really gelling as a team now.  They had been bumbling along in the NLDS, losing, then winning, giving up lots of runs and hits, and just not playing well together.  If I could point to one game that changed the psyche of the team, it was Game 5 of the NLDS, when the situation called for all hands on deck.  The pitchers came through, especially Jansen and Kershaw leaving it all on the field.  Also, Dave Roberts made some tough decisions that really paid off.

Now, during the NLCS, the guys really seem to be playing as a team.  To me, it looks like each guy tells Doc – Hey, Doc, just tell me what to do, and I’ll go out and do it.  Nobody cares about individual achievements.  Every player just cares about winning the game.  That’s what it’s going to take to get their World Series rings.

Tonight, it’s Julio Urias (5-2, 3.39 ERA) against John Lackey (11-8, 3.35 ERA).  Go Dodgers!


104 thoughts on “Six More Wins

  1. The newspaper writers have gone overboard with their assessment that the Cubs have choked and the Dodgers are in the driver’s seat. I prefer to be the underdog that no one expects to win. I can understand the Cubs feeling some pressure but I take nothing for granted just because we have a 2-1 lead. Each game, each at bat, each pitch, each defensive chance, each move by the managers and every play could mean the difference between winning and losing. That is the joy of this time of year.

    I have seen some questions about using Jansen for what might have been a 4 out save. We need to look at the situation in real time. When Dayton gave up the double with two out in the 8th inning, the Dodgers had a 4-0 lead. We all know how quickly leads (and games) can get away. Roberts saw the worst, a 4-0 lead turning quickly into 4-1 or 4-2. Doc has already demonstrated he will make the unconventional move to win games in the playoffs and of course he had no way of knowing the Dodgers would score two more runs in their half of the inning. He already had Jansen warmed up and ready to go so that is what he did. Hard to argue with any of Roberts’ moves.

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    • All the so-called analysts still think of us as the underdog…..Urias has no chance against Lackey….well, I think we have a very good chance of taking care of the old timer!

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  2. Well our bull pen should be rested, except for jansen, who may be just adrenalin charged putting up those strikes. The good curve ball gets these cubs out, julio will have to have the punch out pitch with 2 strikes so he can go deep. If not, wood or stripling may come in, but I trust avilian, baez, fields will be awesome.
    The Dodgers have hit righties pretty decent, so Lachey may be vulnerable to get smacked. Score early, score often.! GO DODGERS!

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  3. Kershaw and Hill were both masterful in the way they attacked the strike-zone. This is post season baseball. Pitchers making above quality pitches resulting in an above quality start.

    Urias has the tools to do so as well. It would be quite a feat if he can keep his pitch count low, while touching the edges of the zone for strikes tonight.

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  4. 2 errors.

    One mental (Turner) and the other physical (Utley). One relieved a runner from scoring position, the other assisted in allowing a runner into scoring position.

    Urias pitched his way out of that 2nd inning jam however.

    I think we shall see another big mistake. This one from the other side…


  5. This game turned on Toles throw, a good one should of got the out at home. The bad one allowed runners to move up, no double play chance


  6. Bottom line, the Dodgers are either good enough to advance..or they’re not. No voodoo, no magic. Their lack of QUALITY depth in starting pitching has been an issue all year. It’s all on Maeda now. He was a force in Japan. He needs to muster his inner “bull dog” and refuse to lose.

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  7. Some pitcher not named Kershaw is going to have to step up and deliver for the Dodgers to get to the World Series… Let’s see what the FAZ team can do…Some of these aquisititions need to step up and produce. It can’t all be on Kershaw….

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  8. It seems like everybody, except us Dodger fans, want the Cubs to win. The newspapers were crying all over the place when the Dodgers took over the 2-1 lead and today they were singing with joy and dancing like it was their own team after the Cubs tied it up.
    Today’s game is big. The Dodgers better win or it’ll be a big hill to climb.

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  9. Maybe when we go a thousand years between world series like the Cubs, people will be on our side then.

    Interesting line-up we’ve got tonight. No way its a winning one, but its an interesting one nonetheless.


  10. Yeah shall I start with the negativity. Kike at second??, kendrick and Kike should trade places, in fact, Kike can go to CF and sit Joc vs the lefty, put toles in LEFT, as I think he wants some redemption from the throwing error. But the bottom line, whoever starts doesnt always see the 9th inning, so GO Dodgers! Lets win this one and all will be better in Blue Heaven. Lasorda will be there, Vinny will be there so get this game.
    Did I say GO Dodgers! tequila optional tonight


  11. Wow, Kike gets a leadoff walk, takes a ridiculous lead off first but only gets to second on Seager’s base hit and gets stranded on third. Another wasted opportunity.


    • I wonder if Cub fans think these guys favor the other team? If the Dodgers could hit better and execute the way the Cubs are, would it matter?

      I knew when this series began the Cubs would get more attention. Everyone is a Cub fan, or so it seems. By the way, I heard Joe Buck on the radio this morning and while he was talking about football, he talked about the criticism about bias he hears in various cities


  12. so could the umpires, regarding impartial! Blanton and the deja vu HR, what he must be thinking. and my peave with this game is if you are taking a 20 foot lead , then steal the bag while your at it, that is how we got our run


  13. I will say Buck often is Mr. Obvious. And thanks for pointing out how skillful the Cubs have been this inning by hitting little ground balls the Dodgers could not field, as if this was the plan.


  14. You just can’t win a 7 game series with a starter and a half and one guy in the bullpen. You also have to score more than 2 runs a game.

    In all honesty, the Cubs are a far superior team to the Dodgers and should go to the series, and yet our boys may still take them to 7 games. That’s a vast improvement over recent years.


    • Still does not dampen the disappointment but you are probably right. The Dodgers picked the Nationals pocket to get into this series.


  15. I think Kershaw will force a game 7…and then???? But I agree with Beav, this team the last two nights is exactly what we’ve seen all year: crummy starting pitchers not named Kershaw and suspect bullpen pitchers not named Jansen. Either the FO figured the team was really still a year away (waiting on Urias and DeLeon) or they are guilty of criminal neglect. That the Dodgers are still within two wins of a World Series appearance probably makes Friedman smack his head against the wall with regret. As for Joe Buck, make no mistake, the Dodgers 9th-inning rally was a result of Chapman’s mindset, not Dodger bats…??!??!?!?!?!?


    • I think the bottle will be around for quite a while.

      I just don’t enjoy drinking anymore. It took all I could muster to get the two shots down.

      I have been reassessing my devotion to baseball. Mainly Dodger baseball. I’m not sure I will put this much effort into it going forward?


      • I’m invested fully into this season though…and last time I checked…it wasn’t over yet.

        We need the team to play focused smart baseball first of all. Mental mistakes and errors will kill any momentum they manage to achieve. We also need the team to hit the baseball and drive runners across the plate. Kershaw and Hill aren’t going to throw shut-outs. They can wipe that thought from their memory bank.

        Chances are that Kershaw will give us a valid opportunity to win the 6th game.He has the wherewithall to keep the Cubs hitters off balance. He can touch spots that make hitting difficult. We need everyone else to do the same. The Cubs swing the stick too well, especially at this time of the year (they’re young-dumb and full of runs). They will continue to barrel up pitches that go wayward from the intended path.

        Hit your spots…if destiny has the Cubs going forward…make them do it by barreling up solid pitches.

        I still believe!!


        • Hostile environment. Make that hostile environment on steroids. Wrigley will get loud if you let it. The boys are gonna battle this until the last pitch. If they can grab some early momentum though…a quiet somber crowd works in their favor…

          Even Kershaw has trouble pitching his way out of a rowdy and boisterous situation.

          Become Mentally Strong and you’ll hear the song…


  16. Now it all falls back on Kershaw. Again. What’s weird about it, he’ll be rested. We’ve come a long way with one and a half starters and a great closer. We’re not done yet. I can’t really fault Maeda, even though he’s not up to snuff by big league standards, he’s the only guy that’s taken the ball all year.


    • Maeda relies a lot on control. I think his arm/body is tired. He did a fine job as a supporting cast starter during the regular season.

      Kazmir should in my opinion, be gone by Opening Day…Maeda probably wouldn’t be too difficult to move with the way his contract is written up either.


      • I’m lobbying to watch my grandson by myself for a day or so. With my hearing loss and breathing issues this is an uphill battle. I can handle him though. He escaped the play area last weekend when his mom took the gate down and beat me to the stairs. Luckily they slowed him down…I get such a kick out of him.


  17. I’m trying not to look ahead too far, but I can’t help but think there’s a healthy #2 and #3 out there somewhere. Urias could take one of those slots and De Leon should get some consideration. Don’t know what to think about Ryu and McCarthey at this point. After you get past Kershaw, pitching becomes a thorn in the side, or more accurately, a pain in the ass.

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    • RYu’s toast IMO. McCarthy even with a good year isn’t any more than a #4. I think we go through this again next year except we’ll get several more starts from Urias. DeLeon needs a lot of work – he wasn’t fooling many hitters.

      Kersh/Maeda/Urias/McCarthy/Kazmir-DeLeon. Doesn’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


  18. No doubt the Cubs are now the favorite team to get into the World Series, and on paper they’ve been in that position pretty much the whole season. I think few of us thought that our team makeup positioned us for that role this year, and overall we did much better than I would have predicted. So, at least we overachieved for a change compared to some previous years.

    If we don’t pull off the unexpected, I would prefer to see the Cubs win tomorrow against the best rather than do it against somebody who is just a poor substitute in game 7.


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