The Hill of Dreams…

Chavez Ravinechavez_ravine    It’s time to do work our native sons…

More to follow…


 Game 3

Jake Arrieta vs Rich Hill


Game 4

John Lackey vs Julio Urias


Game 5


55 thoughts on “The Hill of Dreams…

  1. Nice to see the boys putting up a fight. There’s no doubt the Cubs are the class of the league and there’d be no disgrace in losing this series, but it is after all baseball and its why you play the games because anything can happen. Unlike years past, I’m satisfied this year that the boys are leaving it all out on the field. The clubhouse culture has definitely changed for the better.

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    • Okay, well that’s nice, but you are not off the hook for your responsibility of riling up the boys by calling them useless assholes before tomorrow night’s game.

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        • I used to be much better at stirring up hate & discontent than I do now.
          I’ve mellowed out quite a bit as the years have gone by.
          If I actually ever used twitter, I would be in some seriously deep kim chee. . .

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      • Hill? HILL? He hasn’t pitched worth a damn since the first three games he pitched for us. And NO ONE is hitting. Jake Freakin’ Arrieta? PUH-LEASE, these assholes don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell tonight.

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        • I think the Hill/Reddick trade has been a huge bust so far. The players we gave up are in Oaklands top 20 prospects…
          We get rentals that have basicallly not done shit….

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  2. There has been some talk wondering if the Dodgers have enough starters to match up with the Cubs deep staff. The answer, of course, is no. On paper. We’ve had to mix and match all year and we’ve gotten this far, so why not think we can go a little farther.

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    • I actually pick the Cubs to win this NLCS because I didn’t think the Dodgers had enough starting pitching. Nothing has changed so far but, if they can continue to play the way they have so far, they just might prove me wrong..

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  3. The odds makers are all picking the Cubs in a one run game, either 3-2 or 4-3. I’m looking for six shutout innings by Hill and lots of Dodgers offense.


  4. Hopefully the Dodgers will defy the odds makers and come out on top tonight. I will be there at Dodger Stadium and there is nothing worse than leaving a playoff game when your team has lost, especially if it is a close game. The atmosphere is so much different than a regular season game.

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  5. Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!!

    If you would have told me that Hill outpitched Arrieta and gave us six shutout innings, I would have thought you were crazy… Kudos to Hill. The trade is looking better…

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  6. What a waste of Tequila.

    I poured myself one shot then opened one beer.

    My plan was to drink them when the wheels fell off. Only the wheels never fell off.

    They are still sitting in the same place as they were when Hill threw his first pitch.

    Way to go Hill and crew…

    6 more wins boys! 6 more wins!

    That shot of Tequila may have mysterious magical powers? So it shall stay where it’s at for now.

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  7. Last night was a true team effort. Seven guys were involved in the scoring, while Hill and the bullpen combined for the shutout.


  8. Good job, Beav.
    It’s been along time since I’ve seen the Dodgers that dominate in a playoff game. I also wondered if it was necessary to use Jansen in the ninth. Still, I hesitate to second guess Roberts. He’s doing pretty good with his moves so far.


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