Eight More Wins


Here’s our chance to take out the loveable losers, the Chicago Cubs, who have not been to the World Series since 1945.


68 thoughts on “Eight More Wins

  1. Managerial Genius!, but when culberson came in to bunt for urias, Im thinking WTF, Julio can lay the bunt down, and keep his arm in the game, but wow, after that the game plan was like fly fishing in a waterfall.

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  2. I remember Reggie Smith being much more lethal from the left side than from the right, just like Grandal. Wonder why that seems to be the case with most switch-hitters………… Oh, by the way, GO DODGERS!


  3. Maeda is going to have to come up with a real gem for them even to have a chance in Game 1 tomorrow.

    I’m calling 8-1 Cubs. Maeda barely makes it out of the 3rd giving up 5. Strip comes in and takes one for the team going 4 and gives up 3 more. Turner wrecks the shutout in the 7th with a solo shot.

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  4. We need to get used to the Cubs being the big story even though this edition is far from the loveable losers the world has come to love. The Dodgers are underdogs on the field and off as even some casual fans I have spoken to recently have said they won’t mind if the Cubs win this series. Do the Dodgers have enough to win? We will see.


  5. Maeda needs to stay away from the middle of the zone. Get the ball down around the knees, use movement inside and off of the plate. Touch the corners…this is the post-season. Teams can hit.


  6. That sure went to hell in a hurry. Blanton has done a good job for us all year but he’s just throwing some spinners up there tonight. Any of us could have hit those balls out.

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  7. This goes to show, no matter how ‘weak’ you think a hitter may be, this is still the big leagues.
    You can’t hang a weak assed BP cookies right down the middle. . . 😦

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  8. The Bubs absolutely, positively had to have this game. At home, against a wimpy pitcher, with Kershaw looming tomorrow. No way they can even ponder going back to LA down 0-2. If they had lost this game Bub fans would have been jumping off the El trains into the lake. If the Dodgers can split in Chicago with Kershaw, they have the momentum going home. Blanton may seem the goat, but sometimes baseball surprises you; I don’t really blame Blanton.


  9. I can’t blame Blanton either, he’s done a good job this year and he’ll be called on again. The score doesn’t look good, but I believe we were close to winning that one. That’s assuming Jansen does his part in the ninth. We were one good slider from getting out of the eighth.


    • I agree, one swing by Montero, made the difference, making the score look bad. A lot of runs on that one swing.
      It was a well forth battle and could’ve went either way. We should be proud of our team.

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  10. Nothing is ever easy with these guys! Solid defense, A-gon Jansen and especially Kershaw bring it home.
    I was afraid those stranded runners would return to bite us on the ass, but our two big ones made A-gons dinger stand up.
    Ditto lbirks last post.

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  11. Cubs got the game they had to have, Dodgers got the game they absolutely had to have. Now………….someone not named Kershaw or Jansen has got to step up on the mound. In a seven-game series there’s no other choice. The onus is on Hill. As for Maeda (talk about the yips), I’d rather have lbirk or Beav out there.

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  12. Two nail-biting games! Kershaw dodged a bullet with that fly ball to the warning track. If the wind was blowing like last night, it might have landed in the seats.

    Time to win the ones at Dodger Stadium.

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  13. I do not disagree and my feelings would not be hurt if Ethier and Toles started. Perhaps it’s partly because Reddick has hit the ball hard with nothing to show for it. We’ve seen recently the hits start to fall for him. I think Ethier may be a little different as he has really come through as a pinch hitter. Speculation on my part.


  14. Ethiers legs are fresher off the bench…
    Reddick had a stretch where he was very productive.
    Toles has been outstanding…
    Puig should play more at home…

    New thread…
    Be Good!


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