Dear Doc

I hope this is not too bold of me, but today’s post is a reprint of koufax1963’s letter to Doc Roberts.


Dear Doc Roberts: As a loyal blue bleeding Dodgers fan, I want you to become my favorite Manager, You have a long way to go to vault over Alston and Lasorda, but I’m certain you can attain that with your knowledge, instinct and motivational persona. Please use your limited Bull pen wisely, unlike Monday’s game, yes, perhaps Stripling coming in after Baez for long relief would of been the choice, I will never get an answer or understand your pitching selection Monday. Regarding today, If the young Julio falters take him out quickly, I cannot bear the personal pain or the demeaning effect on young Julio in his last appearance of the season. The quick hook is essential to the morale of this team. You are aware that Kenley is tired, only in save situation should he be used, if he has anything left after his previous 5 out save and the taxing show performed yesterday. I know you and the FAZ discuss “match-ups” frequently and probably have them all set for today, but unfortunately the opposing team does not care, listen or agree with the trending analytical methods, you see poise, concentration, determination, precision and opportunity will motivate the players today. Please motivate my Dodgers, whatever match up is chosen, that this is best situation for success, not only intellectually, but emotionally. Manage well for my Dodgers, I do take this personally, it has been much too long mired in divisional despair, The Dodgers are better than this, Vinny is watching, the ghost of Alston is there, so do win, it would stop Lasorda from rolling over and having about 55K fans at the stadium think you don’t have what it takes to manage. I believe. Go DODGERS!

[Editor’s note:  Young Julio has been replaced as the Game 4 starter – Clayton Kershaw will start Game 4, and Young Julio will start Game 5.]


68 thoughts on “Dear Doc

  1. Let’s say by some miracle Kersh pitches like himself and not that imposter that shows up during the playoffs and they actually win today. That leaves Rich Hill vs. Scherzer for all the marbles.

    I know who my money would be on.

    And it ain’t Hill.


  2. yeah, I agree. Kershaw didnt have it Friday, he usually recovers well after a “bad” game, but short rest with a ailing back, why would anybody expect a different outcome. NO sense debating it now, the decision has been made. Urias would of been my choice, yep and I would expect some early inning jitters, like he did when started in NY, then went to Chicago, but I think he would settle with his nasty stuff. Kershaw didnt have any of his stuff last Friday. We just have to out hit this Nat team. Because I dont want to see Jansen come in to protect a One run lead.

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    • The triple P – Piss Poor Planning. I dunno about prior years, but this year’s plan of building a starting rotation out of injured pitchers was not a good idea. I’d like next year’s rotation to be:

      1. Kershaw
      2. Urias
      3. Jose De Leon
      4. Brock Stewart
      5. Maeda/Stripling


  3. We have no way to know how Urias would have fared today as the starter because it didn’t happen.

    And I would still like to argue with Beav but once again, the facts speak for themselves.


  4. Sweet win. We still have our work cut out for us…
    Gonna be all hands on deck for the pitching.. I think we can take these guys….

    Go Dodgers!!!!

    And, F the G’nats!!!!!

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  5. Thursday, Hill gets the start. This will define the deadline trade. If he comes up big, it was a pretty good trade. If he bombs, well, we gave up some good prospects for shit…… As OBF says, we will just have to wait and see.


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