Magic Time

It’s that time of the year again.  Step 1 – Win the NL West division.  Step 2 – Play the last several games of the regular season like Spring Training.  Step 3 – Magic Time – push the reset button and get ready to play at a higher level.  Step 4 – Playoffs begin.

How and why the momentum can swing like this is beyond me.  But I guess that is a decision for the all-knowing, the top brass of the Dodgers.  Let’s hope it works out better than it has the last three years.


40 thoughts on “Magic Time

  1. Day 1 – Rest (just in case the players didn’t rest enough over the past six games).
    Day 2 – Workout
    Day 3 – Travel to Washington D.C. and get a workout on the Nationals’ field.
    Day 4 – Workout again on the Nationals’ field.


    • Day 5 – watch entire team wait for someone to step up their game and carry them to victory.

      Day 6 – live with the reality than no one stepped up [again], then face LHer with crappy line-up.

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  2. I don’t expect anything to be easy, but this looks like a NLDS series that’s hard to pick a winner. But I guess we don’t have to PICK’EM it’s not an election. Like always, we just have to watch and see what happens.


  3. Its really easy to be negative, and under the recent circumstances, quite justifiable.
    Had three games with “that team” and if the dodgers would of won just one, then the cards could of had a shot, but that was denied. So the Dodgers slide in losing 5 of 6 games to end the season.
    Now the FO has to decide of the 40 plus that helped get through September, which 25 will carry through the NLDS. Every day Dre made it, and the way the logic went, “Andre is a seasoned player who can give us good at bats”; but my thinking is that one hit on sunday gave him the in. a momentum thing, and he wont be on the field with a glove. Do I have a problem with that choice, No, Ethier is good, has been great with much history of great walk-offs, but is the pixie dust there, if not then lets drop him in tinker bell’s house for a big sprinkle. Every 25 man pick must be productive when the ball comes. Our crowded outfield takes away from pitching choices or perhaps others.To carry an extra Catcher takes another arm out. Frankly, I like what Joc provides, but hitting is not strength right now, and I cast my thought to have Toles play C, and you can move Reddick, Puig, Kendrick wherever. although I hear Toles is nursing a wrist, just great the one OF that can hit.


  4. Here’s a stat that may not get noticed because of Kershaw’s shortened season. His WHIP for 2016 is 0.725. The all-time record for a one season WHIP is 0.737 by Pedro Martinez in 2000. Kershaw’s 2016 season does not qualify for the record books, because his 149 innings fall short of the qualifying innings (1.0 innings per game = 1×162= 162 innings pitched).

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  5. I admit using the same strategy as the previous three years doesn’t do a lot for my confidence. The crappy showing in sf was just plain disgusting. I thought a KO was in order, just eliminate the a******s. I would have liked that better, but the only thing we owe the cards is a fastball to the ribs. Preferably Molina’s.

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  6. I kind of wish we would have clinched on the last day of the season against the G’nats… Keeps everyone sharp.
    And most likely eliminates the G’nats..

    Oh well, it is what it is… Let’s take down the Nationals…. Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Says alot when your 16M starter doesn’t make the post season roster… And we are stuck with Kazmir for two more freaking years… Hell, Nedcompoop could have done better.. Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Looks like we’re going to have to start a money wasted chart for this FO. We’ve already got McCarthy and Kazmir. Two oft injured pitchers that, surprise!, are injured.

      Gonna be hard to beat Ned’s half billion dollars though.


  8. Odd that Barnes is on the playoff roster when they didn’t trust him to be on the 25 man roster most of the regular season. It really shows that they have no faith in Kike’s hitting ability and must use Chooch as a pinch-hitter against lefties.


  9. I can’t wait to watch tonight’s Giant/Mets game. I’m really excited to see what the results will be.
    I really don’t have a favorite and it will be a tremendous feeling when we finally get to the outcome.


    • Who knows what to expect from the Giants, now?
      Quite a pitching duel by Syndergaard and Bumgarner. An exciting affair tonight.


    • We’ve got to get thru the Nationals before we worry about the G’nats……..

      However, we should have put them away when we had the chance.. No, we coasted in.

      I just hope we can get that edge back going into the Nats series….

      We will just have to wait and see as OBF says……


  10. I had mixed feelings watching last night’s game. I know how we always feel about the Giants, but frankly we should have put them away the previous weekend. It would be ironic if that came back to bite us in the ass in case we have to face them again in order to get into the World Series. But I have no reason to like the Mets either, so I said at the end, “F Them!”

    Frankly it was something to see that certain left-hander perform in the clutch, as he has done repeatedly in the post-season, as compared to some other vaunted pitchers who don’t have a similar playoff record.


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