Kershaw vs Blach


Game 161 – Dodgers @ Giants


37 thoughts on “Kershaw vs Blach

  1. Puig surprised Adrian by throwing to 1st on the Blach single. I wonder how close that play may have been had Adrian stretched for it?


  2. Unless, by some miracle, which I doubt…..this was a piss poor way to end the regular season! I hope we snap out of it when we play the Nationals.


  3. Exactly what I expect when they play the Nats – nothing. When has this team ever gone into the playoffs playing good ball? 1988?


  4. I was there. TY pitched a fantastic game. tip your hat and get them tomorrow. kershaw looked good. bring on the nationals and the gnats!


  5. Well, the Giants should be heading into the Wild-Card game on a high note.

    Turner blows a play at the hot-corner now…



  6. I hope we are all making more out of this last week than necessary. The chase for home field advantage and the opportunity to keep the Giants out of the playoffs made the last six games interesting for the fans while the Dodgers appeared to be more interested in getting ready for the playoffs. We can only hope the lack of energy and the aweful offensive and spotty pitching performances of the week mean nothing.

    Still, I am disappointed at losing to the Giants no matter what, and wondering why the Dodgers have had so much trouble at AT&T recently.


  7. I suppose our guys will remember these games matter by next Friday, but I honestly have got to wonder at times.
    oldbrooklyn does have a point, though. The only good thing about the cards is they aren’t the giants.


  8. Not the way I would have liked to see Vin call it a career with the Giants celebrating on the field but since Vin grew up a Giants fan, perhaps it is only fitting. Thanks for a great career.

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  9. It’s amazing. 67 of my 78 years Vin was working for the Dodgers. I remember when he started in 1950. At the time Connie Desmond was my favorite. Andre Baruch did the Lucky Strike Hit Parade and filled in as a Dodger play by play announcer also. Red Barber was the old red head.
    Scheafer Beer & Lucky Strikes were their top sponsors.

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        • Except for that time a friend gave me a pack of Virginia Slims. It was while I was visiting my 20 year old daughter in Huntington Beach. My daughter laughed at me and asked if I liked women?

          Even after I broke the filter off – those things looked longer than a normal smoke.

          Come to think of it?
          Good thing!
          I didn’t get any Lucky Strikes!


          • I wasn’t aware of the earlier start time, so I picked the game up in the 2nd.

            I’ve been re-arranging the furniture, because the prescription eye-glasses I found (I literally found them), weren’t exactly a perfect match. I can see far away now, but everything’s blurry up close.


            I had to move the boob-tube closer. I like boobs, tube or tube-less, so closer…do we now be.

            I stopped watching the game briefly, too purchase a supper table and 4 chairs that I found browsing through Craigslist. I hope to make better use of the recently vacated space.

            The man that sold me the table was retired. He asked, if I was a Dodger fan and I told him yes. I was! He said, the only time he was in LA. He saw the Dodgers play the Steelers.
            I told him about it being Vinny’s last day, and he said, “Vinny was probably there!”

            This makes sense if you think about it…Only Vinny could majestically pull off describing a game like that!

            “Don’t look now folks, but Mean Joe Green is eyeballing Puig!” Right after Yasiel recovered a fumble that stayed just fair, by bouncing down the first base line and hopping over the bag.”

            “Don’t look at me!
            “Don’t look at me”, proclaims Mean Joe.”

            “It looks like Yasiel is mouthing something about Coca-Cola and a t-shirt?”

            “Yes that was it! Yasiel has ripped off his #66 jersey, before extending his magnificent right throwing arm, and motioning it towards Mean Joe!”

            “I think maybe we shall avert our eyes now and get back to this one folks! Gordy Howe might skate out next and pull that shirt over both Mean Joe and Yasiels head if we don’t!”

            “Would you belive that?”

            I arrived back home just in time to hear Vinny say goodnight. I truly, truly, am going to miss the future descriptions my friend. Luckily, and you can strike this down with some ink. There’s tape…



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