Hill vs Bumgarner


24 thoughts on “Hill vs Bumgarner

  1. I am never happy when the Dodgers lose, especially to the Giants. I do have to accept that it is more important to fans than the players about keeping the Giants out of the playoffs.


  2. The Dodgers persona has been half-ass since clinching. We’ve seen this movie before…and the ending isn’t pretty. Roberts doesn’t help by staging an audition two days before the end of the season. Tony Gwynn Jr. said it very nicely on post-game Dodger talk, commenting that the Dodgers played this like a game in late-March. They’ve got a chance to knock the Giants out. In a week and half, they may wish they had.


  3. I had thought McCarthy had a shot at being #4 in the playoffs but last night surely ruined those chances. He should just sit the rest of what’s left of the season and get right for a chance next year.


  4. Stumbling into the playoffs as usual. They may rue the day too when they didn’t try and take the Gnats out of the playoffs when they had the chance. We already know HFA doesn’t mean anything to them.

    They may rue that day [again] too.


  5. It is a bit puzzling that the brain trust that runs this team thinks it is a good idea to turn long time starters into relievers quickly and during games that do mean something.


  6. Other than the game after the celebration. The team has done fairly well when the regulars play. The starters including Urias surely didn’t disappoint. The errors and sloppy play from some guys came at key spots. They call it the hot corner for a reason. Toles, Segeden, Ruiz and Andre put good wood on the ball when asked.

    I know we hate to lose to the Giants. Plus I realize under Mattingly’s tenure, resting players didn’t exactly work out. Again though, the difference this year is key players have been maintaining business as usual. And that’s a good thing.


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