Shufflin’ Off to Da Playoffs

Dodgers:  Hey!  Look at me!  I’m an NL West Division winner four times in a row!  Aren’t I great?  Aren’t you happy?  We’re all happy in here!  Woo hoo!  Home field advantage?  What’s that?  I thought that’s what the All-Star Game is for?  Why you cry?  Why the sad face?

Dodger fans:  It’s been 28 long damn years since you won a championship.  Get over yourself.  Win, damn it!  Win the NLDS!  Win the NLCS!  Win the World Series!  Don’t come home without those championship rings!

Hmmm.  What other NL team won a lot of division titles, but had a hard time getting a World Series Championship?  Wasn’t too long ago, let’s see?  Oh yeah, the Atlanta Braves won 14 division titles in 15 years (1991-2005), but only won one World Series Championship (1995).  I wonder who was running that club?  Oh, geez!  Stan Kasten was the president of the Atlanta Braves from 1986 to 2003.  What have we here?  Freaking Stan Kasten, the president of the Los Angeles Dodgers beginning on April 30, 2012.  He has proceeded to lead the Dodgers to four straight NL West division titles from 2013 through 2016.  Stan says:  “World Series?  What’s that?”


48 thoughts on “Shufflin’ Off to Da Playoffs

  1. GEEZ! Just to prove my point, Stan mailed in this lineup. Charlie batting second? REALLY?

    1. Howie Kendrick (R) 1B
    2. Charlie Culberson (R) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    5. Carlos Ruiz (R) C
    6. Enrique Hernandez (R) 2B
    7. Rob Segedin (R) LF
    8. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    9. Julio Urias (L) P


  2. I have to say, Seager needs a couple days off, but who in the hell bats Hernandez above Segedin and Joc? Who in the hell bats Charlie 2nd? Who in the hell made this line-up?

    Well, HFA is for pussies evidently.

    Got bored last night and watched a few frames from the ’81 championship. Over the years I was able to put Monday’s ugly swings out of my mind. Geez he was painful to watch. I was at that game where Guerrero and Yeager went back-to-back on Guidry, but I’d forgotten Cey got beaned by Gossage.

    Funny to hear the announcers oohing and aahing over pitchers hitting 90mph on their fastball. Goose hit 94. Looking at some of the clips, it was certainly a different athlete back then.

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    • Back in the day- Young Dre – I love LA – ballin’ with heart & desire – under the lights – day & night – sweet swing – helping Vinny paint the scene up in the box – #16 – with a scraggly beard – bestowing fear- say what – it’s a long deep fly-ball – she’s gone folks- Mr. Clutch- y’all hear `em proclaim- that’s the way- I love LA –

      Let’s go out and Play Today!!

      Let’s go out and Win Baby!!

      We Love It!!!


  3. Hope the boys bring their A game and knock these bastards out of the playoffs. I’d actually be worried the Gnats could knock off the Cubs because they do know how to play when it really counts.

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  4. In watching a lot of the old ’81 World Series the last couple nights, it had to be one of the sloppiest, worst played series of all time. Lopes made something like 6 errors, 3 in one game. After game two, the Yankees totally looked like clowns. We sure slopped our way to a few runs with some chops and worm killers too. And it was back in the day when Steve Howe would pitch 3-4 innings in relief until his arm was about ready to fall off.

    Such a vastly different game than today, yet I remember it fondly. I honestly don’t think too many of the players back then could play with the guys of today though. The pitching would eat them alive, let alone the speed and the fielding.

    Nice trip down memory lane though if you ever want to check it out.

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  5. That photo of the shuffle guy, resembles some of my relatives. Back in the day my grandmother forced my father and his brothers to take tap dancing lessons. She even had this recorded to some vinyl. I was privileged enough to hear this vinyl one day when I was about 8. I laughed so hard.


  6. OK a couple of thoughts before the Gnats fans start surrounding me, they have been quiet, but this WC contention has them ready for a party.
    As the season progressed, I heard about depth of our Roster, well looking at this season on the last weekend, I agree the FO did do that, and names like Kendrick(who was sitting at home through January), Segedin, Urias, Toles, Thompson, Culberson and Stripling all came from the out of the blue, or actually in to the blue to contribute. I hope this continues for the next 3 days; because soon some of these 40 will be back to 25 only. A tough call on many levels, glad I don’t have to make that decision.
    Doc Roberts impressed me, I had very few disagreements with what he did, and he really impressed me with what he did with Puig benching him and calling him out for lack of hustle and not getting with the program. The FO supported Roberts and down to AAA, and the results have been positive.
    The Dodgers have gone through so many injuries, that if they folded in August, I wouldn’t of been surprised. Credit to the organization that the Dodgers clinched the west with a week to spare.
    Only one SP out of ST has gone the distance, Kenta Maeda, our pitching iron man at 175 pounds!
    Chase Utley really impressed me. As did Seager, now with the team a full season.
    The character of this team is amazing, never die, till the final out. That has not happened in Years, dare say decades!
    This Dodgers team has weathered a Grienke pull out (hey did that work out for you Zack?), SPs that never delivered much, an Ace put on the shelf, yet returned!, the long wait for deadline trades to deliver, yes thank you Reddick and Hill (and I hope certain prospects traded dont get a CY young years from now) and the trade of our popular AJ.
    We may have a ROY for the first time in years. Perhaps a Manager of the year, I mean cmon what difficulty did the Cubs, Nationals, Mets or Gnats have that came close to what Roberts had to deal with?
    It was a very satisfying season as I see it at the last weekend of the season. Now FO, Roberts and Dodgers need to step up, get past the NLDS with the Nationals this time, Win the NLCS for once in the almost 3 decades and get to the WS. Progress would be made, but I would not be satisfied or happy if we Lost that WS. But I am getting too far ahead, so I will calm and enjoy the last 3 games with Vinny, and hope his proximity in the phone booth, will induce panic in the gnats dugout, and they drop from playoff contention like pop-up in foul territory in Gonzo’s glove.

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