Did the Dodgers give up on the concept of winning home field advantage in the NLDS against the Washington Nationals?  Yesterday, they were only one game behind the Nationals.  Then the Nationals won a game.  Then the Dodgers used tons of substitutes and did not play well.  Today the Dodgers are two games behind the Nationals.  Tonight we will likely find out whether the Dodgers really want the home field advantage, or do they really want to rest the regulars to make sure they are fully ready for the NLDS.


64 thoughts on “HFA or No HFA

  1. Let’s try this playoff roster thingy again:

    Starting Pitchers (4): Kershaw, Hill, Maeda, Urias

    Relief(8): Jansen, Blanton, Baez, Stripling, De Leon, Wood, Liberatore, Dayton

    Lineup v. RHP: Utley 2b, Seager ss, Turner 3b, A-Gon 1b, Grandal c, Reddick rf, Pederson cf, Toles lf

    Lineup v LHP: Howie 2b, Seager ss, Turner 3b, A-Gon 1b, Grandal c, Puig cf, Segedin lf, Pederson cf

    Lineups (11), other bench players(2): Ruiz backup c, Culberson backup infielder.

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  2. 1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Howie Kendrick (R) 3B
    3. Corey Seager (L) SS
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    6. Josh Reddick (L) RF
    7. Andrew Toles (L) LF
    8. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    9. Jose De Leon (R) P


  3. The wisdom guys up in the press box tonight are disecting home field advantage.

    It sounds like an exuse. In order for your theory to play out your ballclub first must lose.


  4. I am sure the Dodgers want home field advantage but just wanting is not enough. I am glad the Dodgers clinched the division prior to this series against the Padres, a team with nothing at stake and a bunch of young players trying to make the most of this part of the season. At the same time the Dodgers have players trying to make the playoff roster. So I am sure Roberts does care about HFA but he also cares about getting his team ready for the playoffs.

    That being said, here’s hoping this Renfoe kid does not become a Dodger nemesis. We don’t need another one in our division.


  5. With Gnats losing the Dodgers can definitely make a statement on who gets in the playoffs this weekend. If they need motivation, simply cue up Joe Morgan’s HR in ’82 to knock ’em out, Bonds’ 1997 pirouette HR, and hell, while you’re at it, Bobby Thompson’s HR!!!!!!!


  6. A huge missed opportunity with the Nats losing…

    De Leon is not ready….

    Another pathetic effort from our offense.

    I hope they can dial it back up in the playoffs… They seem to be coasting right now….

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  7. Apparently this Renfroe kid is going to be someone to look out for. I haven’t a idea what has been thrown to him so far, but obviously some adjustments have to be made.
    These two game don’t bode well to me. If they go into sf and lose and let the giants into the playoffs, odds are they’ll stay flat against Washington. Seems odd. There’s something to be gained, why not go get it.


    • DeLeon threw him a fastball down around the knees and on the inside edge of the plate. He kindly put it on the roof of the building behind left field.

      Orel now calls it the Renfroe Rooftop.


      • Colemans pitch was fastball down the middle-belt high. Coleman missed his target. Orel was saying to throw him a HIGH fastball – middle of the plate.

        I dont remember what Maeda threw him although I do remember Orel saying he can hit a fastball. Just before DeLeon threw him a fastball. So my guess is another fastball in the zone.


  8. I’m not as dissapointed in last nights loss. I thought they played with better focus and I don’t mind the subs so much. At least this season the subs have value. It also gives them a chance to move guys around and see how the team looks from another perspective. Examples: Howie at 3rd (where he made a sweeping tag that was ahead of the incoming runner on a perfect throw from Grandal), Howie at first, Segedin at first. Howie back at second. I’d rather find out these things before hand just in case they are needed in the post-season. Plus the players get a little refresher as well.

    If Toles is healthy he deserves to be on the roster over Andre.


    • I would suspect they will reassembe as a normal group for the Giants series?

      The Nats face the Marlins who want to finish on a high note. Although Arizona helped them get to within one and that has now vanquished back into two.

      So, it ain’t over, till it’s over.


      • Plus as Nomar and Orel explained. If you start on the road with Kershaw and win that game…You’re right back to ona-ona, tuck-tuck, nagabba-nagabba-nagabba-nagaaaaabba…

        But I still prefer to take the route that a Vegas Casino would and stack the odds in my favor.

        But I guess a bankers mentality leans more towards being a free-spirit when the times be good.


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