Short thread to Rally the Dbacks to Victory.

The Dbacks are playing the Nats on this off-day for our boys. It’s a fairly significant contest as it evens the up the number of games played by Washington and the Dodgers. With 7 left to play, being down 1 vs 2 games is huge.

Go Arizona! Go!!


12 thoughts on “Short thread to Rally the Dbacks to Victory.

    • Rockies are so different at home vs the road. The giants are either going to regroup, Bochy takes charge, and him and Pence rally the team OR the giants are just a bunch of nerves reacting to the bouncing ball.


  1. I hate this having to ~WIN~ homefield advantage stuff. I missed the old days of playing meaningless games after a clinching, when the schedule was already made out.


  2. With the Nats playing games on the East Coast against Arizona and Florida (the latter a team playing with extreme emotion.) The boys will know where they’re at before taking the field.

    Arizona came up big for us last night.

    Doc said – He’d have his guys ready to play again on Tuesday and it’s Tuesday.


  3. My giants fan in-law is here and I don’t say too much because he’s a good fellow after all, but I’m hoping the Dodgers put their foot on their neck and eliminate them. Enough of this even year bs. Home field advantage would also be nice. Just as it says, it’s an advantage.

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