The best friend a soul will ever find.

A true leader


23 thoughts on “Vinny

  1. He’s been with me since he started in 1950. I was just 12 years old and he was the “young red head” placed next to Red Barber, the “old red head” and the mellowed voice, Connie Desmond.

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  2. Im just pissed about last night, seems the gnats found arms in the Bullpen. Damn. Perhaps they were motivated by the their injuries to crawford, cueto, a la kershaw for the Dodgers. Not really having a good feeling about tonight as Meada on 4 days rest is not as good as five, and that moore guy nearly NO hit us last time. This series seems like the reverse of the Yankee series. game 3 there we won in the (th as this game one, game two we lost on solo HRs like this game two, so Game 3 should be the Dodgers romping and gnats making errors, lets hope. Regarding Vinny I am going to the Saturday game when the Dodgers come up, some ways disappointing I wont hear him, but perhap a see, perhaps a meet? I could present him with the “Dem Bums Blue Box Toy song collection? of course in a blue box!

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  3. My best memories of the 70s were lashing a transistor radio to my 10-speed handle bars and just riding all over the city during the summers and listening to Vinnie call the games. No TV was necessary. He was my faithful companion, almost like a second dad.

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  4. Sorry if someone already posted this – its a must read:

    I remember waiting all winter for that first spring game just to hear Vin’s voice and know that baseball was back. My best memory though was when I was a young teenager because it also brings back a memory of my mom. I used to score all the games listening to Vin on the radio. Sometimes though I’d go out with my friends to the movies or something so I taught my mom how to keep score. Sometimes when I got back, there would be my mom with the radio beside her scoring the game for me. It’d be Vin in one ear and a TV program in the other.

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  5. I’ve never shed a tear when thinking of Vinny. Even know he’s delivered some of the greatest and not so greatest Dodger moments of my 50 years on earth…

    Until this week.

    I’m gonna save the rest for later…

    I want to enjoy the moment.


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