Dodgers 1, Giants 0

Like it or not, that’s my prediction for tonight’s game.  Clayton Kershaw will spin a beautiful game for about six innings, then the bullpen takes over and shuts it down.  Meanwhile, the Dodgers offense will scrape for hits against the lefty Madison Bumgarner.  Eventually, one of the Dodgers will hit a solo home run that will provide the necessary run to win.  That’s not a far-fetched prediction.  But it probably also will not happen that way.

This much we do know – the Dodgers lead the Giants by five games with thirteen games left to play, six of which are head-to-head against the Giants.  The Dodgers’ magic number is nine.  The playoff rotation most likely begins with Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, and Kenta Maeda.  Vin Scully will call his last game on October 2nd.

Win for Vin.


53 thoughts on “Dodgers 1, Giants 0

  1. Usually in sports, when it comes down to crunch time at the end of a season, I tend to side with team that needs the game the most. We all know who needs this game more. The Gnats are actually only one game ahead in the Wild Card. If the Dodgers actually do a number on them the next few series, they could be out of the playoffs altogether. But somehow, some way, the Dodgers will take us right to end of the season, fans kicking and screaming. As Vinny might say, it’s the Dodgers and the Giants, and the Dodgers never do anything the easy way…


  2. Yea Lets give Kike a chance to mash a HR vs Madbum. Joc can sit. I would imagine only lefty’s in line up will be Gonzo and Seager. Kendrick may get 2nd base. segedin to LF. Of course, I default to Roberts for the real team of the day. Honestly the gnats are flat, they could of taken the Cards out of the race, but just a split.
    Now the Dodgers can take the Gnats out of it, but if not a sweep (either way), then then three games pass and the Dodgers at worse are 4 games up. We are hitting the gnats with what I project to be our top 3 SPs, the play off rotation. Not sure how Maeda will go, on 4 days rest. But Tonight Clayton should take care of business.


  3. Too bad we were scrapping the bottom of the barrel last night for relief pitchers. Was going to be a great come from behind win.

    I look for the boys to take the game tonight, then drop the next two. It’d be nice to see our boys take 2, great if we take 3. I’d love knocking the Gnats out of the playoffs entirely.

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  4. Lineup

    1. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    2. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    3. Corey Seager (L) SS
    4. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    5. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    6. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    7. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    8. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    9. Clayton Kershaw (L) P


  5. Here we go the PUIG / Bumgarner fight I been waiting 3 years for. Its very important that kershaw be economical with his pitches, the BP is gassed out. first pitch- strike, first batter-out, game one- win. Go Dodgers!

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  6. I expect a close, hard fought series. The Dodgers talked about the energy they felt in New York last week from the large contingent of Dodger fans. We can only hope the fans can do that this week at Dodger Stadium. As for me, I will be at Vinny’s last game at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. Until then, I will sit back and enjoy him, knowing how fortunate I have been to listen to him since 1958 and wonder like him, where did all the time go.


  7. That was the most action of this game. If Bum doesn’t say anything, nothing happens. At least I got to see Vin read lips once again. No “fertilizer” this time.


  8. Wow, what an ending! On a night when it seemed each hitter came to the plate with an 0-2 count, the Dodgers take advantage of a struggling Giants bullpen for a walk-off win. Is this really a team of destiny?

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  9. That was an exciting ending, and pence cant handle it, wow what hitting, toles started that. Im so glad they didnt lose on a kershaw wail pitch. and getting mad bum out of the game was on puig. I love LA

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  10. Last nights rally was the stuff you dream about growing-up as a youngster. Agons deep crack to cause the walk-off was big as oldbrooklynfan stated. As were each hit before that. Tip of the cap to Toles for hanging tough. He handled that lead-off bat like seasoned pro. A seasoned pro in a pressure cooker.

    Ya’ better put some of that in a Mason jar, Doc. We’re gonna need some later.

    Call it:
    Doc’s Tolesy Preserves!



  11. well being in gnat territory, the locals here told me “get rid of that puig>>****”” I said, “we’re trying”, of course gnat fans think puig instigated that. I told hem “Mad bum should of just got the out and walked off the field, instead of opening his mouth ” dont look at me, dont look at me man, dont *explecitive* look at me”
    Missed that fight.
    Other take a ways, Kike cant hit the curve ball. Kershaw looked good, the BP was nails, and this team does not quit till the last out of the last inning.
    Tonight Cueto lets get them Dodgers GO GO GO

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  12. The “all-lefty but Turner” lineup is sure to show tonight against Cueto. The indian summer heat wave is afloat in Southern Cal and I think the boys’ hard hit balls will ride that heat wave over the outfield fences.

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  13. Not trying to be like the ornery woodpecker here.

    In all fairness Kike was instrumental in helping erase the 7-1 deficit the night before. He just about took a Mad-Bum curve to the cleaners out past the LF wall last night.

    Hershiser and Nomar explained that hitting looks easier from the seats than from the batters box.

    To me the team as a whole is and has been doing a bang-up job.

    That is what impresses me the most about Mr. Roberts and the job he has done. That and he seems to have a good feel on when to make changes and how to propel his guys forward.


    • I haven’t read the article yet. It’s loading at a speed two notches slower than a Mattingly stroll to the mound, but with the same uncertainty expressed in the approach.

      Andre has done what Toles pulled off last night countless times. Y’all have a much better grasp at constructing the play-off roster than I. But they still have 12 games left to figure it out. Personally though. If Ethier can prove he’s not in one of his slumps. I like him in these type of situations. He has proven to be a warrior when someone doubts his ability in the past, time and time again. He still has the image of the heartbreak against the Phillies in the back of his mind.

      Tolesy is the future. He has done everything he’s been asked of. He’s also presented this body of work in an extremely elevated manner.

      I’m proud of them both.


  14. Hitting also becomes more difficult with each rung of success.

    Im just saying, when I was merely a year old I was the Fisher Price King of backyard baseball.

    I’d be estacic just to be in charge of stocking the bat rack now.

    Of course I’d get fired for insubordination. But we should save that Fisher Price story for later.


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