Ooooo, Oo-Oo, Oo, Ooooo…


27 thoughts on “Ooooo, Oo-Oo, Oo, Ooooo…

  1. You have to keep searching…you have to believe…you have to full-fill your passion. Whatever that may be.

    Follow your own path, worry not…


  2. Dude if you love her. Take care of your problem. Your problem is not with me. Your problem lies within yourself. I suggest you do the noble thing and treat a lady like a lady. End of our conversation.


  3. Spotted Bananas


    Spotted Bananas: Playful monkey that inhabits a palm tree on the island.

    Sugarcane Kenny: A former drifter who befriended Spotted Bananas and shares the adjacent palm tree that are attached at the trunk. He has dreads made of cotton candy.

    Jammin Jimbo: A wealthy main-lander who came and never left. He sleeps in a hammock attached to both palm trees and plays the ukulele. He fell in love with the movie star who resides on the adjacent property and can frequently be seen serenading her to no avail.

    Jenny Jewels: The movie star that resides on the adjacent property. She is a big fan of the island boys.

    Waddly Rob: The propriter who owns the beachfront where the two palm trees stand. He also owns the islands construction company and employs the island boys.

    Big Island Mama: The energetic and boisterous owner of Trading Post/Tiki Bar on the beach.

    I need to get to work on my cartoon. In the first episode the island boys build a grand stage under and around the two palm trees that can support concerts and festivities.

    They will also need to build a fire station.

    Every episode has a surprise guest that will assist Jammin Jimbo in bringing good music and joy to the island.


      • One day they will construct a baseball park. Maybe we can get Nomar to assist with the episode.

        The local team will be known as the Hula-Hula Coconuts.


        • Doesn’t Fernando play the guitar?

          They can both be managers.

          And sing at the luau/fan-fest.

          Well Fernando can sing and play as Nomar does the native hula-dance while spinning bats of fire.

          Of course Joe will be there to announce the game using the native tongue, while Charley interprets it into English.


          • Ona-ona luka tuck-tuck…nagaba, nagaba, nagaba, nagaba, wooka sawooka!

            He said #65 goes into the wind-up, he delivers the pitch and it’s strike three…no wait a minute, it’s not strike 3. The ball has been hit over into the pineapple grove in dead-center. Sorry folks but wooka-sawooka is similar to sawooka wooka which would indeed mean strike 3.


  4. I just got a message saying that the lady is ok. That makes me feel better. They only know my first name and my phone number. Nothing more.

    I’d like to help her and her family though.


  5. Just for fun…

    And because we believe in Sluggo

    I’ve begun to rewrite this outstanding Tony Basil hit from the 80’s in a show of support.

    Oh Sluggo, swing so fine, you crack every ball on a line. Go Sluggo. Go Sluggo.

    Oh Sluggo, swing so fine, you crack every ball on a line. Go Sluggo. Go Sluggo.

    Oh Sluggo, swing so fine, you crack every ball on a line. Go Sluggo. Go Sluggo

    Oh Sluggo, swing so fine, you crack every ball on a line Go Sluggo. Go Sluggo


      • Ain’t no funnin’ in this series.

        We’re gonna play good fundamental baseball. We’re gonna make our mamas proud. We’re gonna make the Magic Castle get loud.
        We’re gonna play like we’re rewriting history. `Cause we are rewriting history boys. We’re gonna grow old reminencing about this season. It’s Bring the Ring in 2016 or cut your nuts off time. Play like your nutsack’s on the line boys. All the way to November baby. All the way to November.


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