Brock`em – Sock`em & Hit Your Spots

Tonights match will require run-support as well as a valid effort from the pitching staff in order to knock the D-backs block off.


Brock Stewart RHP (1-2) 6.55 ERA

Squares off against 

Shelby Miller RHP (2-11) 7.12 ERA


130 thoughts on “Brock`em – Sock`em & Hit Your Spots

  1. It appears the Giants may have their block screwed on straight again. So restoring the 5 game lead will in return, go a long, long way towards attaining the regular season goal..


  2. According to something I read in the newspaper the Dodgers are in effect holding tryouts for roster spots as far as outfielders are concerned. This means giving Dre a chance to compete for a spot even though he has not been able to play until last week. But will he even have enough at bats to really know what he can or cannot do since he is not playing everyday? And the same could be said for Puig. Perhaps it is still too early to talk about playoff spots but it has to be a concern for Roberts as he tries to win the division.


  3. I would assume that as long as Puig doesn’t screw up mentally he gets a spot. Dre needs to hit the ball when the oportunity arises regardless of how many plate attempts he gets. Just my two cents.

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    • I’m thinking, Sluggo, Puiggy, Kendrick, and Pederson. Are pretty much on the post season roster. Dre has expierence in which to draw from and in an analytical system that is a plus. However. We’ve seen him go into a slump in the past and struggle to get out of it. So, it’s imperative for him to show that isn’t the case…heading into the post-season. Toles is hitting at an unbelievable clip so far, but started to taper off a bit as of late. He needs to keep on truckin’…Puiggy has all the tools to be an above average player. He just needs to act accordingly on and off of the field. I will say I’m behind the 8 ball though as far as contructing a roster. I need to learn more in this area. So that again is just my take on things…


  4. Kazmir has developed a blister in a sim game. I guess there are a lot of questions as to who the #4 starter will be in the playoffs. I think that will clear itself up over the next two weeks, besides we need to get there first.

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  5. They should make all the right handed batters, bat left handed and all the left handed batters bat right handed the first time through the order, when facing LHP. Then when they revert back it will feel natural to them and awaken the hidden skill-set they possess. I’d bet they would’ nt do much worse.


  6. Speaking of player numbers, I suppose we all have our favorite players with whom we identify uniform numbers. My other number is 30 for Maury Wills.

    I am ok with how the Dodgers only retired numbers with the exception of Gilliam are for players selected to the HOF rather than sentimental favorites; otherwise they might run out of numbers.

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  7. Looks like the lines were a bit fizzy on that one

    Doc’s gonna rewrite the order to reflect more awesomeness…

    Senor Stripling now on tap.


  8. Come baby let’s put this one to rest…

    Everyone raise a glass and sing…

    It’s closing time…

    Bueno to the Plane-O
    Let’s go home.


  9. A long road trip, at the tail-end of the season. They were down 7-1 and made a game out of it. I salute the effort. They had to be a little worn down, but they all kept fighting. Nothing to be disappointed about today.


  10. Dre had an opportunity to strut his stuff today. I know he’s doing the best he can. I’m not saying anything other than with the season going the way it has for him. He needs to step up and shine. He needs to manufacture a moment, or a series of little moments. I believe he can do just that. I love Andre and I’d love to see him get some redemption for all the heartbreaks over the years. I know he remembers them cause I do.


    • How bad can this be?

      I survived the bar fight with the neo-nazi sporting the swastika tattooed on his head. I survived the black mafia member that chased me down with the gun.
      I survived my ex trying to stab me 6 times. I survived the hollow points she had in the bulldog special one day.

      He’s just a disorented meth head right?


  11. I fully intend to make that future tee time with Mr. Hershiser and Nomar…

    Just like I did with Mr. Zimblast Jr., Mr. Charlie Daniels and Mr Jack Kramer.


    • All 3 were extremely nice people. Mr. Kramer claims I hit the longest tee-shot he’s seen on the first hole. This hole was on a course he’d owned since the 50’s. He estimated it to be well past 350 yards.


      • I’ve never bested my youngest brother. He carried a plus 4 or some rediculous number. The kid beat from day one. Beat me with a putter one time. He almost holed a shot with it on a 165 yard par 3.


  12. Before y’all jump to any conclusions. My ex has that fiery latin temper…as do my daughters.
    I was lucky…

    The guy chasing me with a gun was attempting to scare me out of the neighborhood. Because my ex had a big mouth or so he stated.

    The skin-head hit like a pussy.

    And this guy, has left two kids and two women sitting in a house with no power because he kyped his old ladies debit card to buy drugs.


  13. Oh by the way…if it weren’t for our beloved buddy shad. I wouldnt be able to understand what this disoriented and foolish individual was attempting to relay my way.

    Shad I hope everything is good with you.

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  14. Tomorrow I think I’ll head to the batting cages and work on my swing. And the range to further develop my skills with the 1 iron.

    Then change my biological clock to that of a meth head as to not be surprised in the dark.

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  15. The school tried to get my folks to put me in a school for the mentally gifted as a kid. They said if they didn’t I’d lose interest. I did.

    If I’m passionate about something, I’ll die trying to achieve it’s greatest height. If not. I ain’t got much to give.

    I’ve lived in some unusual places in my years. I’ve spent a lot of time around some pretty interesting people along the way.

    On both ends of the spectrum. I converse daily with Mrs. Sally Kirkland. I also converse daily with the farmer down the street.

    I’m a knucklehead…

    But I’m my own knucklehead and as Mrs. Kirkland will tell you. I’m a real nice guy.

    I’m also a guy that enjoys making people laugh.

    Sure. They say what an idiot at first. But generally they come around. I’ m a real patient guy that tries not to let things bother me.

    I battle with depression from time to time…

    But I’m good at making the adjustments needed.

    There’s a saying…

    The smartest guy in the world can become the dumbest if he so choses. The dumbest guy won’t ever become the smartest.


    • Did I mention some meth head tried to intimidate me earlier.

      Been there done that pal.

      You have to wake up pretty early to fool a fool.

      Yep, during my darkest moments it succumbed my mind. I went to bed one night or attempted to go to bed. Only I was fidgety and sweating buckets. My heart was about to jump right out of my chest. And that’s when he showed up…He was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. He had a mustashe, a goatee, two sharp horns and a long red pointy tail. Which matched the rest of his body’s color. He would just stare at me as I lay there sweating bucket, upon bucket. I was scared like I’ve never been scared before. I thought he was gonna eat me alive. He was as real as all get up too. Or, So I thought. The next morning when my heart beat subsidided. I swore that crap off. I got rid of all those I associated with. I swore never to touch any of that again. I haven’t. That was 15 years ago.

      This fool does not scare me. He concerns me. I have concern for the lady trying to escape his house of horrors.

      But I’ll deal with that accordingly if needed.


  16. In the mean-time. Bubble-bath Santa has more deliveries to make. So I’m off to fetch the reindeer and log into another zip code.



  17. Oh yeah. When he showed up. The devil that wanted to eat me alive. I prayed to Jesus, like no ones ever prayed before. I made him a promise and I’ve kept that promise.


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