Bums defeat Bombers at Yankee Stadium!

It don’t get much better than that!

(At least not during the regular season!)

Except to defeat the Giants at Pigeon Poop Park or whatever they’re calling that pen by the bay these days.

But the Dodgers have plenty of time before they need to worry about being bombed by Seagulls.

So I say, we press forward with the Shock & Awe maneuvers that have our boys up by 5 games, as they head into Arizona and the final stretch (19) of this 162 game battle…

Let’s wrap this thing up in a professional and expeditious manner…


51 thoughts on “Bums defeat Bombers at Yankee Stadium!

  1. It sure was great to see Kershaw looking really good yesterday. You’d never know it was only his second outing after his long DL stint. I never expected him to come out after the second rain delay, I doubt if anyone did.
    What a wonderful series to be present at. Taking 2 out of 3 gives us a happy memory.

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  2. After the Kershaw’s fourth inning, I pondered sending in this comment: “Oh no, I can see it now – Doc Roberts is going to “Rich Hall” Clayton Kershaw – he’s gonna take the best pitcher ever out of a perfect game in the seventh inning due to pitch count”.

    I didn’t submit the comment cuz I didn’t want to jinx Kershaw. Doc was saved by the thunderstorms. Kershaw did great. The Dodgers offense, not so much.

    Playoffs rotation: Kershaw, Hill, Maeda, De Leon. Doc needs to use the second half of September to get De Leon ready for the playoffs.

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    • I was thinking Doc should have taken Kid K out and told him to take a short nap. I was just thinking about the long plane ride across the country and how he might not get enough rest.

      If Hill and Kershaw didn’t have the ailments…I’d say Doc made the wrong move. Although, I think Doc said the same thing after taking Hill out.

      Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
      Ever Since 1989…


  3. Tonight’s pitching matchup: Rich Hill (Dodgers record 3-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. Archie Bradley, right-handed pitcher (Thank God!) Arizona record 6-9, 5.10 ERA.

    Get ‘er done!

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  4. I know! I know!

    That’s not a fender…

    But it sure ain’t what I’d call a wasted day either…

    I am gonna call ’em…

    The Washing 1989 – 2015 Away
    Rally Bums

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  5. Hey D4, what time in the morning was it when you put the post on the disappeared?
    I wouldn’t have let Kershaw go beyond the seventh perfect game or not. Personal opinion is there’s more at stake. A play off or series game would be a different matter. That’s just what it looks like from here in SE Utah, I’m not in the dugout. Hill didn’t seem to think blisters were going to be an issue though Doc and the medics did. Tough call. I think Kershaw coming off the injury needs to be brought along slowly, trying to get him to peak come October. That would have been another tough call that I don’t have to make.

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    • Same here. Doc’s getting paid to make those decisions. I’m glad I don’t have to, just like you.

      Kershaw looked like he’s ready for the playoffs. He just needs to be brought along, lengthened out in a careful manner.


    • I sent the post to the trash bin Griz. I was having trouble editing the thread. So I chose to start over. My internet connection is spotty at times and that has been the case all day today..


  6. I’ve been thinking about the line-up dilemma, but before I go any further…I’ve heard the argument from both sides. Play the kids! Play the regulars! Usually from the same people, including me. However, I’m not too old to learn a new trick and I like the fact that they shift players in and out. Play the hot bat! Try and manipulate the numbers! I’ll tell you why too. In this day and age of mega-dollars and mega ego’s…it keeps everyone’s head in the game. If you don’t produce, your gonna play less, or even worse. You’ll get sent someplace else. The players understand this and it keeps them from getting complacent. It also works I think because they have unselfish players and good camaraderie among the troops. Plus a very likable, positive, attentive and up-beat manager. So until you can field 9 All-Stars everyday…It’s a smart thing I believe.


  7. My thoughts on the rotation are still evolving as well. At the present time my top 3 are Kersh, Hill and Maeda. I don’t have all the info that one should require to make this decision, but going by how Urias struggled in the atmosphere of the Bronx. I’ve chosen to bump Maeda back up. Also for that reason, I don’t have a clear cut choice to be the number 4. I still think Anderson, if healthy and dialed in, would be the best option. He’s got a big row to hoe here though…and hoeing is difficult on the back and creates blisters…


    • I wouldn’t let Anderson or Kazmir anywhere near a mound, lest it was high enough they could do some great bodily harm by jumping off it. I agree with you’re top 3, but I’d just as soon let DeLeon start a game. He’s going to [in reality anyway] be the #4 starter next year [though they’ll slot him as #5 I’m sure], so let him have at it. He’s got a better and more lively arm than any of the other stiffs they’ve trotted out there lately [and I’m talking to you Norris, and you Anderson, and you Kazmir, and you McCarthy.]

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      • I wont disagree much with any of that…The thing that has me looking for another #4, is… a) This isn’t next year. B) DeLeon, as lively as his arm and stuff is, lacks that 3rd pitch, or at least an above replacement 3rd pitch.

        Unless Urias is showing signs of breaking down. He’s my #4. Put the guy with the live ball (DeLeon) in the pen. Otherwise at the moment he’s the #4. I’ve seen enough from Kazmir and Norris. Plus, the other youngsters still need work to climb up to that rung of the ladder without falling off. I think the players you speak of…could fall and get hurt at an elevation below sea-level. What do you say we all pitch in and send them to Nawlins for the weekend?


  8. As far as hitting lefties. Come play-off time…it’s hard to hit everyone. Sure, you try and put the squad in the best possible spot to be successful, but weird stuff happens in post-season play too. It may only take one hit to win a game and that hit may come from the least likely source. You do what you can…but it’s up to the players to find the magic at the opportune time.


    • At some point in time, somebody (probably me) will go off and say something like “Put Maeda or Kershaw in the lineup against the lefty – they’ve got a better chance of getting a hit than our position players”. Whoops, I just said it.

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  9. And if the magic doesn’t come at the opportune time…It eventually falls on the front-office. But hey, they produced well enough to raise ticket prices, parking and yes even that $13 dollar beer.

    I’m sure messagebear has a nice comfortable word for that last statement!!

    Take it away bear…


  10. I applaud Mr. Scully’s decision to forego any play-off games. At least in a working capacity. I wonder if he wants to sit back at home and watch the beloved Dodgers win this World Series in the company of all his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and of course his lovely bride?

    That be the way I’d want to see the team win…

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    • The best thing about this site, is they allow you to change your zip code…

      Saves the reindeer from having to do all the leg work…



        • The elves got me back on…This may be my best idea yet. I’m currently making the rounds through Sun Valley. One girl had a list of songs she liked…i told her she she should add Santa Claus is Coming to Town to her playlist. Another one said at the end of her profile, well that’s just a taste message me if you’d like more. I asked for more than opted out cause i was watching my figure. I sign off as Bubble-Bath Santa. Another said she couldn’t stand dis-honest people. I told her I couldn’t fib, that I did indeed photo-shop the bubble bath, but the abs were all me…


  11. Everyday “Let’s Get Andre Healthy” Lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    6. Josh Reddick (L) RF
    7. Andre Ethier (L) LF
    8. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    9. Rich Hill (L) P

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  12. Bubble-Bath Santa has just agreed to go on his second date in 25 years…

    I’m telling ya’, soak that lumber in some Mr. Fuckin’ Bubble, son!!

    You’ll be hittin’ lefties and righties from anywhere on the map…

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