Kershaw Take Two


Let’s look at today’s game as Clayton Kershaw’s second MLB tuneup coming off his back injury.  In the first tuneup, Kershaw went three innings, threw 66 pitches, gave up five hits, two runs, one home run, zero walks, and got five strikeouts.  Today we will look for eighty pitches, five innings, four or five hits, zero walks, six or seven strikeouts, and hopefully zero runs.  He will be tested by the Yankee Stadium short porches down the left field line and down the right field line.

Kershaw’s opposing pitcher will be right-handed Michael Pineda, who is 6-11 with a 5.07 ERA in 2016.  Thank goodness for right-handed opposing starting pitchers.  The Dodgers are batting .214 against left-handed pitchers this year, while batting .263 against right handed pitchers.

The left-handed opposing pitcher bugaboo will continue to haunt the Dodgers the rest of this year, up through the playoffs (as The Beav pointed out).  During the off-season, the Dodgers will need to find somebody or some bodies than can hit against lefties.  Following are the batting average splits for 2016 by position player (vs. LHP/ vs. RHP).  Warning:  It’s not pretty – cover your eyes if you dislike bad numbers – you’ve been warned.

Utley .156/.267  Seager .255/.346  Turner .196/.298  Gonzalez .245/.306  Grandal .238/222  Reddick .152/.316  Kendrick .260/.270 Pederson .096/.271 Puig .256/.263 Hernandez .194/.202  Toles .375/.343 (3-for-8 vs LHP)  Segedin .231/.267 Culberson .303/.071 Barnes .286/.111 (2-for-7 vs LHP) Ruiz .241/.258

Looks like Dodger4life was right.  I caused yesterday’s loss by convincing Doc Roberts to not start Charlie Culberson (CC) against CC Sabathia.  I said C, CC Ryder Oh, see what you have done!


37 thoughts on “Kershaw Take Two

  1. Just to show you how confident Kershaw is…He continued to throw stikes knowing his arsenal of pitches weren’t as crisp as they usually would be.

    This will be better today. I think we shall see more spin and better control.

    Nice touch with the CC Rider thing crash…

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  2. Note on facing left-handers in the playoffs: The Nationals only have Gio Gonzalez, the Cubs only have Jon Lester, but the Texas Rangers have three lefties.


  3. Hell. I’m still shocked from seeing the Gnats lost yesterday. I went to bed top of the 9th and they were up 4-1 so I figured we had a 3-game lead again.

    Too bad the boys are somewhat sputtering or they’d be close to clinching already.

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  4. I’m about fed up with trying to refurbish Ethier at the major league level. The guy is past his prime and certainly doesn’t belong on a playoff bound team.


  5. Oldbrooklynfan may not get home until breakfast time tomorrow.

    Gonna be a rough night for the blue…

    A win would sure lower the stress.


  6. Good to see the offense come through in the ninth inning and take advantage of Yankee mistakes. And even better to see Kenley close out the game for the save. And thank you to the Giants for the help.

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