Tale of the Tape

Two left-handed pitchers are starting today’s game, and they couldn’t be more different.  Let’s look at the “tale of the tape”:

Pitcher:                   Urias                         Sabathia

Age                           20                               36
Height                      6’0″                            6’6″
Weight                      215                            300

2016 results:
W-L                         5-2                             8-12
ERA                          3.69                           4.27

Career W-L             5-2                           222-141

While Sabathia’s numbers do not show the performance success that he enjoyed in his prime (ages 26-30), he is still a formidable opponent.  Given that he is a left-hander, he is sure to give the Dodgers offense problems.  I, for one, would like to see what Yasiel Puig can do against him.  Puig is 5-for-14 plus four walks plus three home runs since returning from Oklahoma City.


41 thoughts on “Tale of the Tape

  1. Here’s hoping that Urias spins a gem to make up for what could be another anemic Dodgers offensive attempt against an opposing lefty. Here’s hoping I’m wrong about the Dodgers offense. Here’s hoping Charlie’s not in the lineup.

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  2. I was amazed to see all the Dodger fans and banners on the highlights this morning. That must have been big fun for oldbrooklyn, especially with the win. I saw somewhere there was even a dinger hit by one of the Yanks thrown bacl onto the field.

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  3. Vin Sully says he will NOT broadcast any playoff games on radio. So that’s it. Sunday, October 2, in SF will be his final game. Thank you to Channel 5 in LA for carrying the last three home games (Rockies) and the last three road games (Gnats) on TV for ALL of Los Angeles. As for the Guggenheims and their TV deal…up yours! This will be your legacy.

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  4. Y’all were right about the line-up today. I’m gonna lay the blame on crash though. Afterall it appears he talked them out of putting Charlie in there…

    I expect Kershaw will have better stuff tomorrow. Although, it seems like in the past it’s taken him about 5 or 6 games to really find his groove? I think…


  5. Although we lost last night, to another left hander, the pressure will be off again today thanks to the Giants being defeated by the Padres, this morning.
    This will help make today’s game a lot more comfortable as we watch to see how Kershaw will do.


  6. What I really don’t get is how the giants manage to be so crappy this half. According to espn, this is seventh time they’ve lost a lead in the ninth. Looking at our own disabled list I really don’t want to hear about injuries they may have, but even so, how could they be so shitty. I like saying that, “giants, you’re shitty!” They are bad right now anyway, not that it bothers me much. I suppose I shouldn’t say things like this until the division is decided.


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