Getaway Game

Tonight’s game is the last of the home stand.  Tomorrow, the Dodgers will be on the road and on Friday will begin their ten game road trip.  Tonight’s pitchers are rookie Brock Stewart vs. lefty Robbie Ray.  The left-hander Ray gives up lots of hits, but not quite as many as Shelby Miller.  The lineup that I’d like to see against Ray is:

Kendrick lf
Seager ss
Turner 3b
Gonzalez 1b
Grandal c (substitute Chooch if Grandal needs a day off)
Puig rf
Pederson cf
Kike 2b
Stewart p


42 thoughts on “Getaway Game

  1. Actual lineup

    1. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    2. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    3. Corey Seager (L) SS
    4. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    5. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    6. Carlos Ruiz (R) C
    7. Rob Segedin (R) 1B
    8. Charlie Culberson (R) 2B
    9. Brock Stewart (L) P


  2. We may not see Kazmir again this either. Didn’t get out of the first inning for OKC today with neck problems. How long is he signed for? Damn good thing we’ve got some good kids in the pipeline.


  3. This right handed bullshit lineup is pathetic (as usual.) Only guy that has a hit is a lefty. Hernandez and Culberson might as well be Laurel and Hardy. I don’t get it. It hasn’t worked all year, yet they still try it.


  4. Ugly win, but I ain’t gonna throw it back.

    I’m glad to see our young pitchers pick up a win here and there. They’re getting good experience heading into next year. Maybe then we won’t have to see the likes of a Bud Norris or a Hans Christian Anderson in the rotation.

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    • Not so ugly, just a good pitching performance by Stewart and the bullpen… Just enough offense to get it done. Not pretty, but not ugly. Just a blue collar, get it done win…. IMO

      I do agree with the latter part of your post. I hope we never have to endure Norris and Anderson again..

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  5. I don’t see Kazmir opting out either. He could join Crawford on a park bench somewhere, but he’ll probably be at spring training competing for a job. Trade bait?
    Interesting Roberts had Grandal come in to catch Jansen in the 9th. You’d think Ruiz will have to catch him at some point, though it’s good that Roberts is taking nothing for granted.
    I certainly agree about the young pitchers. We’ll need them to be successful for the rest of the regular season and the playoffs.


  6. Look out! There’s a chilling, new horror movie coming to theaters near you……”The Curse of Puig!!!” Yes, as Yasiel continues to re-invent himself it occurred to me that the Dodgers have a full-blown curse on their hands. Exhibit A: Scott Van Slyke’s daddy, Andy, shoots his mouth off to the press in the off-season about Puig’s teammates not exactly warming up to him and how the team would be better off without him, effectively throwing his son, Scott, and his friend, Clayton Kershaw, under the bus. Result? Scott Van Slyke has a miserable year, ineffective and continually injured, finally ending up on the DL for good. Kershaw experiences his first major injury (perhaps even career threatening) and spends a couple months on the DL himself….the long-term effects of his injury still unknown. Exhibit B: AJ Ellis, Kershaw’s good buddy and fellow Puig basher, has a miserable year and is finally banished to Philadelphia, to spend eternity with our old buddy Phan (wherever he is these days???). Exhibit C: Zach Greinke follows the dollar sign to Arizona (the same Zach Greinke who tossed Puig’s bags off the team bus last season because his precious patience was wearing thin) and proceeds to have a mediocre year, landing on the DL himself for a few months for the first time in his career, and when last seen, was being shelled by his former mates. Exhibit D: Puig’s former manager and all-around swell, nurturing guy, has no patience for Puig and even intimates his displeasure to the press. His reward? A one-way ticket to Miami.

    So friends, be very carful dissing Puig on this Dodger blog lest you find peril at your doorstep!!! Chilling………

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  7. Enjoy the day off everybody. It’ll be good, for me, to have some early night’s (except after the Yankee games, which, I’ll attend), while the Dodgers are here, on the East Coast.


  8. Kahli’s post above is funny, interesting perspective, Curse of the Puig!, perhaps Yasiel dabbles with voodoo! So following the fun, if we trade Puig the entire Dodgers organization will collapse. I dont know what the demeanor is in the club house, what the reception to Puig is by his teammates, but to win is the goal. After going a month with Reddick, Puig is fresh blue sky with no limits, I can dig it. Now the team goes on a road trip with Puig, if his welcome is short lived, it will show on this road trip, especially going in to Miami (where he lives), perhaps a short leash is needed here. Then again perhaps Puig has been humbled, and he will just walk over to Donnie and shake his hand or stick a pin in a doll of mattingly’s likeness. BOOhaha


  9. GEEE!!!! Isn’t Puig just the most wonderful player and team mate?

    Like I said before, I don’t lean one way or the other, concerning the guy. If he continues as he has since the call up, you won’t be able to keep him out of the lineup. He can be as colorful as he wants, there are just some things he’ll have to do within the organization. If he returns to being a mediocre distraction, get rid of him. Fast.

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  10. Okay! Now we are all behaving ourselves. ? ! Just a couple months ago we were pirates, arrgh.

    Since I am on my best behavior, let’s compare Puig (notice the lack of the “-gy”) to Reddick (notice the lack of the nickname). During September, their slash lines (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS) are:

    Puig .444/.538/1.111/1.650
    Reddick .583/.583/.917/1.500



    • Right Field much improved in September than August. But its only the 8th of September, let hope it trends upward as the month goes on.


    • I am just happy he is gone and with him the last remnants of the McCord, Colletti, Torre Dodgers… That was a dark age in Dodger history for me. I hated having those Yankee castoffs running our Dodgers…
      Torre was/is an overrated POS.

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