Padres Game #2


Hopefully, this is Rich Hill’s second start for the Dodgers.


19 thoughts on “Padres Game #2

  1. Maybe it will turn out Hill was worth the wait and will help stabilize the rotation. Kershaw faced the minimum amount of batters for three innings at Rancho Cucmomga and seems to be OK. Ethier and Anderson are also there rehabbing. With a little luck, we”ll get these guys back ready to compete on the major league level.

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  2. Maybe a win behind De Leon will take a little more of the sting from my Sooners loss yesterday. Talk about an under performing o-line. But in reality, we had some friends over last night who brought a sister with them. The sis who has terminal cancer is still very full of life and full of appreciation for living, growing things. It seemed as though there was a lesson in there somewhere. The Dodgers and Sooners are the only teams I follow and to me they play more than “just games”, but it occurred to me last night a loss is not going to bring on the end of the world.

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