This Little Puiggy Came Home

One of the Dodgers most controversial figures is coming back to Los Angeles this weekend.  What has he learned?  What will he do?  How will his teammates react?  How will the fans react?  Will the Dodgers offense improve?  Will Puiggy help the offensive struggles against left-handed starting pitchers?

These questions and many more will be answered as the Dodgers take on the Padres at Chavez Ravine starting tonight.  Julio Urias will be pitching for the Dodgers.  Lefty Clayton Richard will be pitching for the Padres.


44 thoughts on “This Little Puiggy Came Home

  1. I’m rather surprised they recalled Puig. I really thought they’d leave him in OKC through the playoffs to get his stats nice and shiny again for an off season trade. This tells me they haven’t given up on him totally. I for one hope he succeeds. He’s got talent. He just needs to not take it for granted and put some real effort into maximizing it. He’s never going to be a Harper or Trout, but he could be one of the top 10 OFers in the game, maybe top 5.

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    • This front office is always evolving.

      Hopefully, so is Puig. At least for the next two months. The guy plays good defense. He has superb speed and a great arm. He gets to more balls than any of our outfielders except maybe Joc. He’s cleaned his mistakes up out there some too. Making the proper throw, calling people off and allowing others to call him off as well. When his mind and body are in the right place and when he can differentiate between a team celebration chock full of fun and being an egotistical jackass. He’s a hell of a ballplayer.

      When this is prevalent every team should salivate like the Big Bad Wolf to obtain him [The Puiggy.]


        • He will accept responsibility among his teammates. He’s done this in the past. We’re talking two months and part of the off-season here. His teammates will forgive and forget for the greater good. Afterall they themselves are fighters who continually overcome adversity…


  2. As news worthy Puig’s return to the ravine will be, I for one, am much more excited about Kershaw’s return.
    Now that is awesome, Kershaw with rust has to be better than anything on the roster (except a Jansen Cutter), now I am prepared he may only go 5 innings because of that wild rust. But with reinforcements in the bull pen I think the Dodgers have a shot to win this division. Honestly, Puig has got to be an improvement over Reddick. Ever since Reddick came over, RF has been the dead zone in the line-up, unless Toles or somebody else has been there. And yea I will be realistic, Puig will now face the Big Show Pitching, more adjustment needed, but as long as his attitude is adjusted correctly, gets along in the club house, keeps the salsa music down and meets the chase utley approval of getting game ready, that will be the best news about Puig. Its a WIN/WIN for the Dodgers if his ‘tude is on the ring for the team, and not himself.

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  3. Would Puig be on the 2017 team? Who would be the five outfielders, what would be the platoons, who starts when?

    1. SVS is done. Too many injuries, no longer reliable.
    2. Kike (R) is an infielder and should stay out of the outfield, at least stay out of CF. Hit tool is where?
    2. Trayce Thompson (R) may be back. Trayce is athletic, can hit, hit for power, play the defense.
    3. Joc Pederson (L) should be the everyday starting centerfielder.
    4. Howie may or may not be back in LF, depending on who else is around to play 2B. Chase?
    5. Sluggo Reddick(L) is good defensively, but still needs to find his hit tool.
    6. Andrew Toles (L) should be given a chance to win a starting spot. Defense needs work.
    7. Puiggy (R) – ahhh. Does he stay or does he go? If he works his butt off and shows that he can continue to do that next year, then there may be a place for him.

    Without Puiggy: Joc CF everyday, Reddick/Trayce platoon in RF, Toles/Howie platoon in LF.

    With Puiggy: Joc CF everyday, Puig RF, Toles/Trayce platoon in LF, Howie as infielder/fifth OF.

    Puiggy and Sluggo seem to be on a collision course. If the Dodgers sign Reddick as a free agent, then Puiggy is gone. If not, Puiggy stays. Just use September to measure which is better.


  4. Reddick has played himself into letting him be a FA, so adios to 2017 for him with us. Kendrick may be playing a lot of 3B if they don’t re-sign Turner.

    Its the big IF, but all things being equal and IF Puig is still around, my outfield would be:
    Toles/Joc/Puig L to R with Andre and Trayce on the bench.

    SVS sucks and I’d non-tender him. Kike sucks period and I’d release him. If Toles can’t hack it full time, then you have an Ethier/Trayce platoon. You’ve got Verdugo in the wings at AAA as well as Bellinger.

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      • Didn’t say they wouldn’t re-sign him, but if they don’t, Kendrick’s going to see a lot of time at third.

        As for re-signing Turner, I think he’s going to test the FA waters (he be stupid if he didn’t), and I’d be reasonably certain someone will give him a guaranteed 4 years, maybe 5, and that won’t be the Dodgers (he is 32 years old after all.) I can see them re-signing him to a 2-3 year deal at an inflated yearly salary so they don’t have to go that extra year or two. I can also see this FO cheaping out and trying a Kendrick/Segedin patchwork. Third alternative would be trying to trade for a younger, longer term cost controlled solution.


  5. This weekend really has to be separation in the NL west, if the dodgers come out of this weekend only 3 up, that would be disappointing. Chase Utley sign him up, he fields, hits, runs and is smart, dedicated and works hard. How else do you still stay in the starting line up of a first place team at 37 years young. It wasnt the hair dye!
    Reddick can go, if the FO is concerned about improvement (even incremental) via Ruiz, then they must give Puig a chance, and for that matter Dre, if ready should be in the mix.


  6. PUIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kendrick 2B
    Seager SS
    Turner 3B
    González 1B
    Puig RF
    Grandal C
    Hernández LF
    Pederson CF
    Urías P

    trublu4ever is looking for the “Unlike” button.


  7. I’m out and about here in Boise, Idaho. I’ve seen 4 Dodger caps. I haven’t seen 4 Dodger caps in the 20 years I’ve been here. We now have more Dodger caps than moose.


  8. The one thing I have learned about this front office is it is not predictable. I have no problem with Puig if he can help the team win.


  9. I’d be flabbergasted if BOTH Ethier and Reddick (left-handed hitters) are on the roster next season. The only way I see them paying Reddick free-agent money is if Ethier is not here in LA. Reddick will be 30, Ethier 35. On a semi-similar note, radio guy the other night was mentioning the Friedman-inspired sabermetrics all-righty batters against a left-handed starting pitcher. That means your bench is all left-handed hitters…and what happens late in the game when you need a pinch hitter against a tough lefty reliever? Your righty bats are already in the game, that’s what! That’s why I hate “percentages” baseball.

    GO PUIG!!!!!


  10. Apparently, the Brewers were the team that claimed Puig when he was put on waivers… was for Braun. I’m not crazy about Puiggy but, I detest the cheating Bug Eyed Brewer!


  11. I don’t know about anybody else, but this becomes damned frustrating to me at times. Nobody else in this division wants to win it and whenever the Dodgers have chance to take charge we get something like the series in Colorado and last night. This coming on the heels of two good series against sf and the Cubs. I mean JESUS CHRIST!!! Puig’s back. Oh wow. What did he do when the bases were loaded?


  12. I personally think it will be a battle of survivors for the rest of the regular season with the Giants. The question is Who will survive?


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