Sluggo vs. The Toy Cannon

Two left handed outfielders, each of whom arrived in Los Angeles to play for the Dodgers at approximately the same time, have had widely different offensive results.  The first, Josh “Sluggo” Reddick was acquired on August 1st in a trade with the Oakland A’s in which the Dodgers sent three pitching prospects (Jharel Cotton, Frankie Montas, and Grant Holmes) to the A’s in exchange for Sluggo and Rich “I got blisters on my fingers” Hill.  The second, Andrew Toles, who is the same 5’10” height as Jim “The Toy Cannon” Wynn, was brought up from the minor leagues to play for the Dodgers on or about July 8th.  Each has played in 25 games for the Dodgers.

Sluggo has been played consistently in right field.  Dave Roberts immediately placed him in the cleanup spot, then after three weeks of little production and zero RBI’s, dropped him to sixth in the order.  Sluggo’s quadruple slash line (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS) with the Dodgers has been an abysmal .161/.223/.172/.396 over 94 plate appearances.  He has further contributed one double, one RBI, one stolen base, and two caught stealing.

Meanwhile, The Toy Cannon has been played sporadically, as a pinch hitter, a spot starter, in left field, center field, and right field.  When he has started, Roberts usually puts The Toy Cannon eighth in the lineup.  The Toy Cannon’s quadruple slash line with the Dodgers has been an outstanding .397/.463/.690/1.152 over 67 plate appearances.  He has further contributed six doubles, one triple, three home runs, thirteen RBI’s, one stolen base, and zero caught stealing.

So my question is – when will The Toy Cannon get the credit he so richly deserves?  When will Dave Roberts begin starting Toles in every single game?  By the way, Toles’ slash line against left-handed pitchers is 1.000/1.000/2.000/3.000 (3-for-3 with a home run and 2 RBI’s).


15 thoughts on “Sluggo vs. The Toy Cannon

  1. I think the window to trade Puiggy has passed (I think there’s a 40 something hour deadline here?) I’ve been thinking if they intend to trade him in the off-season. They probably should put him back on the big league roster. Otherwise, one would think his value would fail to increase. Hard to get equitable value from a player who was demoted and failed to return?

    I do suppose they could bundle him like the picker guys do on the History Channel.


    • I think the opposite D4. I think they’re leaving him in the minors to increase his trade value this off season. I think by playing at AAA they’re rehabbing his counting numbers, which is all fans of other teams (and some GMS) are going to care about. He shows he can play nice and beast out on AAA pitching I believe will pump up his value to a lot of teams, especially with the contract he has. I think he’s there as long as they can keep him there, and are hoping OKC makes it through to the AAA finals. That ought to take them most of the way through September.

      They do that and OKC wins a title, they give Puig a pat on the head and a, “have a nice vacation.” If OKC bows out early, then you’ve got that awkward, “he really should be called up” dilemma they’d probably rather not face.


  2. The best thing Reddick has done is extend the 9th inning last night. He seems worthless.
    yes I am a CUBS fan today. The Bullpen can use the rest today. and can I comment on Rich Hill, been with the team one month, 3 weeks with a blister to heal, then a one fine performance vs the gnats ( I loved it!), and now back to blister again, What gives? for a deadline trade deal, this Reddick / Hill deal is one of the worse since O’Malley gave up ownership of the team. As the last month of the season zooms in, the Dodgers have a bunch under performing starting pitchers or ones on the DL not performing, and a glut of outfielders, and the irony is one one the most consistent and regularly used OFs in Left was a second baseman for the previous 10 years! what is better about this team than last season at this time:???
    Remind you that Seager was just called up last year and replaced the anemic Rollins, yes SS is improved, but that started last year.

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  3. Looks like Puig comes back tomorrow. I for one–and probably a minority of one or two–applaud the move. Great interview on Dodger radio yesterday with the AAA Oklahoma City manager, Bill Haselman, talking a little bit about Puig. Said he brings an energy to a team that few can bring. Reiterated he’s been contrite, a great teammate, and a 25-year-old trying to figure it all out. Of course, Dodgers can always but Sluggo in right field….!?!?!?!?! But with left-handed hitting Toles emerging, Sluggo and his left-handed bat seem to more and more replaceable, especially with Puig’s return.


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