One Game Lead


Well, that game sucked.  The boys need to bring their hitting sticks today, and that includes Sluggo Reddick.  Sluggo has just one hit over the past week, and I for one am damn tired of it.  Somebody needs to sit that guy down and tell him to get with the program.  If not, well, there’s a right fielder in Oklahoma City who knows how to hit a baseball.  There’s a left-handed right fielder who will be coming off the disabled list who knows how to  hit a baseball.


43 thoughts on “One Game Lead

  1. Wow Like you said that sucked. Kenley has got to get use to pitching with traffic on the bases. I was surprised we had the lead in the 9th, then poof. Sluggo did get one hit though. I was watching another game earlier, and all they were talking about is Puig, playing well in AAA, and how would that be IF the dodgers brought puig up to replace who they traded for to play RF. Must of been a slow game???


  2. Sluggo hit air with the bases loaded.

    Jansen found the door to be too heavy to slam. Ya’ can’t close it gingerly against the Cubs.

    Time to man-up today…

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  3. I don’t think anyone needs to tell Reddick to “get with the program”. I am sure he knows quite well he has not produced as expected or even as needed in critical at bats. I am also sure the front office has discussed behind closed doors the irony of Puig doing well in Triple A while the player that has replaced him has not done well at the major league level. But wouldn’t the front office want Puig to do well at Triple A? And does it really mean anything? We might never know unless the Dodgers bring Puig back up and put him in the lineup on a daily basis.

    We have to be realistic. The Dodgers had a good thing going by beating the Giants 2 of 3 but the scoring and hitting that preceded the Giant series has vanished after the first Giants game. The Dodgers gave back two games of the three game lead. The Dodgers also lost yesterday to an elite team in the same way they have failed in the playoffs: unable to hold leads. There is no shame in losing but there certainly is a lot of disappointment. Can the Dodgers bounce back from the past two games (and the emotion from the Ellis trade) and get back on the winning track? The offense will have to come out strong for that to happen.

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  4. Tough inning, tough game. Still wonder how good Urias might be if or when he figures things out.
    The Dodgers need to figure out how to win these type of games, especially against superior talent. These mistakes are hard enough to overcome against any team let alone one that could very well be in the Dodgers way come playoff time.

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    • He’s working on that high outside fastball he throws to righties. Did you see the expression of disgust on his face when he missed to walk that Cubby.


    • He’s working on that high outside fastball he throws to righties. Did you see the expression of disgust on his face when he missed, too walk that Cubbie.


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