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The 2016 version of the Chicago Cubs are in town this weekend.  This is not your father’s Chicago Cubs, the Cubbies who could not win pennants not to speak of championships, despite having great players like Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and Ferguson Jenkins.  This could be the version that breaks the curse, the curse of the goat that has kept the Cubs from winning the pennant since 1945 and kept them from winning the World Series since 1908.

This weekend’s series could be a preliminary look at what the 2016 National League Championship Series (NLCS) will be – a matchup of the Cubs and the Dodgers.  Tonight’s game features starting pitchers Bud Norris and Mike Montgomery, a 26 year old lefty who was acquired in a trade with the Seattle Mariners on July 20th.  Given that Montgomery is a lefty, we will also likely see Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz playing for the first time in a Dodgers uniform.  Hopefully, he will be the bat that strengthens the Dodgers ability to hit against lefty pitchers.  Obviously, that was an issue again last night against Matt Moore.


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  1. pulling koufax’ comment forward

    August 26, 2016 at 10:51 am Edit
    The trade of Ellis was a direct impact on a near no hitter. I had mixed feelings when seagers hit came in the 9th with two outs. First I was glad the Dodgers were not NO hit. But later I reflected I missed seeing a NO hitter, in itself is quite a feat. Also the 88 team was no hit towards the end o f the season., so I could of taken that as a good omen. Now in my more reflective move, Could the FO not made this move until the series with the gnats was over? I was hoping to take 2/3 before the series started, then we beat Madbum and cueto, I got hungry and wanted a sweep, oh well, moore had it going, and the Dodgers were just gone.


  2. I’m not saying the Cubs will break their curse this year. But if the Dodgers want to keep that curse alive, they will need to:

    1) Bring it
    2) Get Kershaw going and pitching like he did early in the year
    3) Rich Hill to keep pitching like he did against the Gnats
    4) Win the division
    5) Win the NLDS against likely the Nats
    6) Bring it – and beat the Cubs – all offensive cylinders firing


  3. Prior to July 30th, Bud had two quality starts and three poor starts for the Dodgers. Since July 30th, Bud had two horrific starts.


  4. Of the 16 “original teams” (Before expansion), the only one I’ve never seen play in a World Series, has been the Cubs. Some teams had changed cities before they did it, but they did it in the new town.
    So if it isn’t us, this year, I hope it’s them.


  5. No team that starts Charlie Culberson on purpose in a division race against the team you’re trying to beat deserves to win. Same could be said of Hernandez, especially leading off.

    This righty shit against left handers has got to stop. You put your best 8 out there regardless of which side the swing the bat from and you have at it.

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    • I’ve recently changed my mind on this subject. They are using the numbers to gain an advantage. This also has them using a number of players. Not just on the 25 man roster, but the 40 man roster and beyond. It doesn’t always work, but they’ve shown the ability to adapt.

      Running the organization like a financial institution may prove to be a winner. Not to mention they’ll dwindle the payroll down eventually.

      What they do with the saved money after that is anyone’s guess…


      • I’m not saying you have to agree, nor am I trying to tell anyone here how to enjoy the team, or the blog. As long as you enjoy them both all is good with me.


  6. The problem with Kike last night is that he doesn’t belong in center field. He was so damn lost on that long fly ball. Joc will have to play center field, maybe play Toles there if Joc needs a rest.


  7. Brock Stewart has been called up. I wonder if he will start instead of Bud. Or maybe he will replace Bud when Bud blows up in the 2nd inning.


      • I’m sure you’re correct in saying Bud will be on a short leash tonight. It’d be nice if he could put his experience to good use and give his fellow hurlers a break. We’ve seen others who struggled change pace before. We’ve also seen guys in the past just breakdown and crumble under duress.


  8. Looking at the schedule, we dont play the gnats for about 3 weeks, between Dodgers and Gnats play the same teams, except in Mid September the Dodgers play the Marlins/ Yankees, while the gnats meet the Cards. Interesting as Cards and Marlins should be in a hunt for a WC spot. The Yankees could be throwing all their young prospects at the Dodgers.


  9. Lineup against the lefty – Worst of both worlds – Reddick, Utley and Kike in – Segedin and Joc out

    1. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    6. Carlos Ruiz (R) C
    7. Josh Reddick (L) RF
    8. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    9. Bud Norris (R) P


  10. bad defense – Kike in cf

    bad hitters are at least at bottom of lineup – Reddick and Utley against the lefty

    bad pitcher – Bud


  11. I think the boys stand a fair chance to pick up a game. They’ve been playing hard and having fun. The Giants haven’t proven they can win a series, yet.

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  12. Not sure what happened to Jansen tonight but certainly not what you would expect from a premier closer. He was not comfortable out there.


  13. In a game like this, tied in extra innings against the team with the best record and facing the league’s home run leader, the pitcher has to treat EACH PITCH like the season is on the line. Don’t give Bryant a pitch that he could square up. If he walks, so be it.
    Of course that is easier said than done.


  14. To win a championship a team needs to beat the best pitchers and teams.

    Tough two games for the Dodgers last night and tonight. The Ellis trade may have nothing to do with these losses but I can see people believing it does.


  15. So Chapman comes on and does what Jansen couldn’t do. The Dodgers had him in the bag last year but backed out to be politically correct. Yet this year it was reported that they had interest in obtaining him. What changed? He is still the guy that fired shots into his garage wall in a fit of rage. Nothing changed, other than the news cycle moved on to other things. Had the Dodgers signed him and put up with the bad publicity, he would have faced the Cubs in the 9th and the Dodgers would have won and would still be 2 games up.


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