Rich Hill for the Win


We finally have the answer to the question:  was the trade with the A’s worthwhile?  We could not answer this question until Rich Hill pitched for the Dodgers.  He finally did last night after a three week wait.  His performance last night was one of the best non-Kershaw starts in quite some time.  Hill has a sweeping 9:00 to 3:00 curve ball that can freeze a left-hander in place,  while against righties it keeps them guessing whether it will be a ball or a strike.

For now, I would re-state the rotation as follows:

#1 place-holder waiting for Clayton Kershaw
#2A  Rich Hill
#2B  Julio Urias
#4 Kenta Maeda
#5 Ross Stripling
#6 Bud Norris

Notice how easily Bud falls out of the rotation once Kershaw returns.


61 thoughts on “Rich Hill for the Win

  1. As I said about Toles, don’t put Hill into the HOF just yet. He’s a blister waiting to happen… I’ve been “stealing” games on-line to watch on TV by hooking up my computer. But as I listen to Vinny winding down his HOF career, with the Giants vs. Dodgers as a wonderful backdrop, it strikes as horrible that the majority of L.A. STILL can’t watch the master at his trade. For me, this will be the Giuggenheim legacy…wins and losses notwithstanding.


  2. Rich Hill was impressive. Great curve ball, that came out at different looks, quite the compliment to Cueto.
    BAEZ, libertore, Blanton and Jansen all did well. Lets go for the sweep.


  3. Baez made me nervous as usual. The Brandon Crawford vs. Blanton at bat had me coming out of my seat. That almost changed the game, but thankfully the fly ball landed on the right side of the wall.

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  4. Don’t put the eraser away just yet. You’ll have to shuffle the rotation again in the near future. Probably as soon as Andersons blister heals.


  5. The camera panned in on the dugout the other night and caught Ellis. I remember thinking his expression looked off-beat. Kinda like when Kershaw was lite up in St. Louis. Makes sense now.

    Good luck, Mr. Ellis.

    Until we meet again.


  6. For one night, at least, Hill was as advertised. Kershaw at 100% backed by the Maeda and the Hill we saw last night would make it interesting for us in October.
    As far as the rotation goes now, I think Maeda has to be #2. He’s taken the ball all year for us. Of course Kershaw is #1 even if he had one foot in the grave. He’ll be #1 when he’s a great grand father 95 yrs old.


  7. Ellis struggled last season too, but was the man in the post-season. They must have noticed something about his swinging abilities. I’m not sure I agree…

    If you Google search…guy who played for the name on the front of the jersey

    You’ll get A.J.

    A true Dodger in every sense…


  8. The Phillies made the trade to get Bergjans (an A league minor league pitcher). Their long range plans do not include a 35 yr old catcher whose best batting years are behind him.


  9. The Dodgers made the trade because they believe the older guy will get more hits in September and October than the younger guy. The future beyond 2016 does not figure into this trade (other than giving up on a so-so minor league pitcher who may or may not ever get to the big leagues).


  10. What was AJ Ellis’ biggest contribution as a Dodger?

    A) Handling the pitchers
    B) Kershaw’s personal catcher
    C) Knew how to take a walk as a hitter
    D) Thirty-six home runs
    E) Between Two Palm Trees


  11. The other day I noticed an article about AJ describing what he’d tell his son, about Vin Scowee…

    I said…I’ll read it later and pushed it forward.

    I just read the article.

    It brought tears to my eyes…

    All I can say is from now on when young Luke walks into Dodger Stadium. There will be countless Dodger legends, all of them great in their own rights, explaining to him why his Father is one among them.

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  12. OK, Mr. Negative here…and I’m ready to be bombarded by the board here. But I posted this thought previously. When AJ laid down the bunt that Puig brain-farted on (not advancing to third), Ellis threw his hands into the air and stared down Puig–in front of a stadium of 40,000+ people, a semi-huge TV audience, and all his teammates and coaches. Now for any/all of us who have ever played a team sport, this is a big, fat, giant No-No. Say what you will about Puig–he’s a goof, a truant, fundamentally unsound, careless work habits–but he NEVER showed up a teammate.


  13. Magic got on his teammates all the time. It happens in every sport. I think it shows the frustration with Puiggy that was prevalent in the past, if anything.

    Ellis doesn’t deserve this at this juncture.


  14. D4, all I’m saying is, that for me, and only me, I would not want to play on the same team with a guy like that. In my own trivial history of playing sports I’ve played with those kinds of guys and they’re a pain in the a**. I’m not excusing Puig–he just happened to be the recipient. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach a teammate…for me, anyway.


    • Maybe you have a point. Ellis could have overlooked the mountain of frustration that lead up to this and handled it more professionally during the heat of the moment.

      Ellis brought this organization and every team, his all. He is well respected by his peers and teammates. He was just given his walking papers in order to improve this year’s squad. They assume. He deserves better…


  15. Its surprising at this stage of the season, BUT Ellis:

    1. Couldn’t hit.
    2. Couldn’t run.
    3. Isn’t great defensively.
    4. Wasn’t playing.
    5. Barnes is hurt.

    Given that they’re riding Grandal like an old plow horse, I’m sure they want to give him a few breaks in September, but are still playing for the division. Ellis has nothing left to give on the field. Ruiz does.

    As a purely between the lines baseball move, it makes a lot of sense.

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    • Grandal hits better against right-handed pitchers.

      Ruiz has an extremely nice average against lefties.

      Ellis has great numbers in the post-season.


  16. I admit the Ellis trade caught me by surprise but I understand why management made this deal. Fans get emotional sometimes and do not always want to part with a popular player. It would be different if AJ was an everyday player but he seldom plays. I wish him well and hope one day to see him return to the Dodgers as coach, manager or in some other capacity.

    Meanwhile, the Dodgers still do not have a hit and are down by three.


  17. Bochey made the right call letting Moore try for the no hitter. I am happy the Dodgers did not get no hit but they still were shut down. Let’s hope this is just a blip and the hitting returns for the Cubs.

    I was listening to sports talk radio late this afternoon about the Ellis trade and the question came up about the Dodgers being flat tonight because of all the emotions going through the clubhouse. Certainly not an excuse but Moore had the Dodgers off balance the whole game.


  18. That was a great Dodger debut for Rich Hill. I hope it’s great start was not a fluke and he’ll help us during September and hopefully into October.

    The AJ Ellis trade came out of the blue. I’m sorry he had to go but it looks like Carlos Ruiz will help out much more in the remainder of the season. AJ is a great guy and I’m sure he’ll be back in the future with the Dodgers like somebody else said as a coach, manager or maybe even as a broadcaster.

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  19. Well, out of the four possible outcomes from this 3 game series, we took the second best. Winning the series taking 2 of 3. If we just keep winning each series we will win the NL West.

    Not real sad to see Ellis’s feeble AB’s go away. However, I’m hoping this will not disrupt the team chemistry.
    Time will tell….

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  20. You will run in to these better pitching performances from time to time. Need to be ready for the Cubs tonight, though I’m wondering if trading Ellis had anything to do with last night. We’re going to see how close we are to a play off worthy team over the next couple of days.


  21. The trade of Ellis was a direct impact on a near no hitter. I had mixed feelings when seagers hit came in the 9th with two outs. First I was glad the Dodgers were not NO hit. But later I reflected I missed seeing a NO hitter, in itself is quite a feat. Also the 88 team was no hit towards the end o f the season., so I could of taken that as a good omen. Now in my more reflective move, Could the FO not made this move until the series with the gnats was over? I was hoping to take 2/3 before the series started, then we beat Madbum and cueto, I got hungry and wanted a sweep, oh well, moore had it going, and the Dodgers were just gone.


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