Butter & Egg Man is Back


The Butter & Egg Man, Adrian Gonzalez, is back and has returned with a vengeance.  During his first three full seasons with the Dodgers (2013-2015), Gonzalez could be counted on to deliver big hits and RBI’s.  He delivered RBI totals of 100, 116, and 90; the 2014 RBI total of 116 lead the National League.  His OPS (on base percentage plus slugging percentage) was consistent at .803, .817, and .830.  He hit 22, 27, and 28 home runs.  His hitting with RISP (runners in scoring position) was consistently above average at .323, .333, and .296.

Then something happened in the first half of 2016.  Maybe it was his bad back, maybe it was bad luck, maybe the chickens couldn’t lay eggs and the butter melted.  Whatever it was, his power seemed to be missing as hit only seven home runs through the first 81 games of the season.  Moreover, in June he stunk:  one home run, eight RBI’s, a quadruple slash line of ..223/.295/.395/.614 (BA/OBP/SLG/OPS).

His back must be better or he forgot about any ailment he ever had.  His July numbers improved with an OPS of .864 along with 16 RBI’s.  Then August happened:  slash line of .385/.417/.705/1.122 with 6 HR’s and 22 RBI’s.  Oh, yeah, we’ve still got a week of August left.

The butter and egg man had a special delivery for us over the most recent two games.  On Monday against the Reds, he fired off three rocket homers and eight RBI’s.  Last night against the hated Giants, with the score tied 3-3 and bases loaded, he hit a no-doubter single into center field that scored two runs.  His other RBI happened in the third inning when, with the score tied 2-2, Adrian hit a sacrifice fly that allowed Corey Seager to score.

The Butter & Egg Man is back.

But the big worry for today is what kind of pitcher will Rich Hill be coming off the disabled list?  Hill goes up against Johnny Cueto in tonight’s contest.


41 thoughts on “Butter & Egg Man is Back

  1. Rich Hill – step forward and be judged. It’s been over three weeks when we gave up three good prospects for you and Reddick, now it’s time for you to deliver.

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  2. Current state of the starting rotation: looks like


    If any of these go down, then Jose De Leon comes up? Clayton Kershaw, we need you!


  3. He’s back and I’m glad. Funny how not that long ago we were wondering if he was done, but good for us, he’s got something left in the tank.


  4. I got to say Roberts pushed most of the right moves. Got Segedin in, and he delivered, then got him out to hospital so his wife could deliver. A fantastic story, and a very supportive wife! Toles is the man in RF, if that isn’t noticed by FO, FAZ and Doc, then I have found the problem with the Dodgers. What was disconcerting was the communication break down between Maeda and Grandal. Now on to Rich Hill, He may be able to salvage, the before mentioned, Trade deadline debacle, I hope he pitches well, but I think this will be another Bull pen game for the Dodgers, and how much longer can they shore up a game going out every game.

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  5. Not to be the voice of dissent, but down the stretch, Reddick will find his groove (new team, new league, new pitchers) and his defense is great. A veteran presence will be a good thing. Don’t give up on him and don’t put Toles in the HOF just yet.

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  6. Toles is a better pure hitter, Reddick has more power. Toles has more speed, Reddick is a better fielder.

    Take your pick. I think you’ve got to keep playing Reddick, low in the lineup, until he starts hitting again. That way he’ll be ready for September and the post season. Toles is the fourth outfielder and can spell any of the three starting outfielders (Kendrick, Pederson, and Reddick). Segedin is an important right-handed bat on the bench, can also start against lefties.


    • If everyone used the analogy that rookies won’t help you come playoff time. Bobby Welch would have never struck out Reggie.

      The thing I love about this squad is that they just go out and produce.

      The only thing that works every time is Obama’s executive privilege pen…

      Blue collar success happens by taking the appropriate steps and determination.

      This is a blue collar ballclub.


      • You hit the nail on the head – Puig is not a blue collar player. You gotta put in the work, the work, the work. Then be patient – results don’t necessarily follow immediately.

        Speaking of determination, I didn’t see Utley complaining about his sore foot when he was going from first to home on Toles’ double. When you’re in the game, there ain’t no loafin’ around.

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  7. For Whom the Bell Toles – NOT!

    Utley 2B
    Seager SS
    Turner 3B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Grandal C
    Reddick RF
    Pederson CF
    Kendrick LF
    Hill P


  8. Utley is a stud. Heard he has sore foot, and was taken out yesterday after not starting. Today he is the line up? How long can he last? I guess Segedin gets a day off to be with new family. This is the standard line up to go after Cueto. Go get him boys! and Reddick if you can get some bases on balls, that would help, if you could just grow some balls that would be better.

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  9. I’m kinda regretting the fact that I haven’t bought him any gear yet…I was gonna get us some matching stuff a couple of weeks ago too…


  10. I don’t think anyone is ready to anoint Toles as the next big thing but it is hard to ignore what he has done in limited play. Maybe Reddick will get going and I hope it is tonight as it looks as if runs will be scarce tonight.

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  11. Big win for the Dodgers in an intense game. I know the Giants have had issues but beating Bumgarner and Cueto is a huge lift. Good outing from Hill and the pen. Still a ways to go but the Dodgers are looking good.

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