Dodgers/Reds Game 4

May today’s game look more like Game 3 and less like Game 2.

Today’s starting pitchers:  Homer Bailey for the Reds and Scott Kazmir for the Dodgers.


116 thoughts on “Dodgers/Reds Game 4

  1. Kazmir going today against Bailey. I am not very optimistic about the outcome… We will need to score at least 5 runs to win or be in this game. Kaz at his best will give us 5 innings and give up 4 runs. I hope he overachieves and opts out of his contract.


    • We hafta hope for as much “good” Kazmir innings as he can possibly give us. The better he pitches and hopefully the offense can put enough runs on the scoreboard, the better.

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    • Kaz will earn $17.7 million from the Dodgers in 2017 AND $17.7 million in 2018. He would have to pitch like a healthy Kershaw the rest of the year to want to opt out of those dollar figures. So, I too hope he overachieves.


  2. Reddick needs to start producing soon.. FAZ seems to have stepped in another pile this year. I didn’t think they could fail any worse than last years trade deadline deals… Good Grief!!!!!!!!!

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  3. You would think Reddick would run into one once in a while.
    Let’s send Kazmir some positive something or other and hope we get six or seven strong innings…. Sorry, I got carried away with that seven.

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  4. Sluggo is on the pine today against a right hander!

    Utley 2b
    Seager ss
    A-Gon 1b
    Grandal c
    Pederson cf
    Kendrick lf
    Toles rf
    Segedin 3b
    Kazmir p

    JT also getting the day off.


  5. Kazmir has nine “quality starts” out of 24 total starts this year. “Quality Start” defined as six or more innings pitched with three or fewer earned runs. In total, Kazmir has gone six or more innings eleven out of 24 starts.


  6. Sluggo not playing today because he has a jammed right middle finger.

    There’s your straight line, guys, I’ll let you do the rest.


  7. A-Gon gets us started with a 3-run homer. With A-Gon hitting again, that’s a real powerful middle of the lineup with Seager, Turner, A-Gon, Grandal, Pederson.


  8. Enjoy first place now, from Sunday’s win till end of Tueday’s game, the Dodgers will be in First, perhaps not alone, but do enjoy. If we lose today’s game, that does not bode well, but not a death knell. But I would rather have a one game lead than a tie, SO GO DODGERS!

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  9. If Kazmir couldnt come out and pitch the 4th, that tells me he might be going to the DL. This Chavez guy doesnt fool anyone, how about we let kershaw pick the next pitcher, Dayton? Fein?


    • I’m glad the Giants outbid us for Moore. Hill hasn’t helped any to this point. The teams stayed afloat in the meantime. If he can pitch like they say he can. Things might work out after all.


  10. Bolsinger was traded to Blue Jays for this Chavez guy. Think I would want Bolsinger back.
    and that made go back to HILL/Reddick deal with Oakland for young arms the dodgers could use NOW!


  11. This team has battled from being an assumable lost cause, to leading the division. The Giants have been going backwards sure, but that doesn’t take anything away from the determination and effort our boys have put forth.

    Anything can happen going forward…


  12. I got so feed up with the kazmir/Chavez pitchjing I walked away in deep thought, I returned to this, My how a bit of time away improved things. Song coming! you have been warned!

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  13. Submitted to the Comittee for musical madness and lyrical relevance, to the tune by the Dire Straights: Money for Nothing:

    Hey what’s that a little blister on your finger, and you cant be working
    Look at these yoyos throwing the baseballs, and swinging that lumber
    You call that working, when You’re gone after 5 innings
    You call that working with an 0 for four

    We want to see hitting up and down the order
    Want to see starting pitcher go 7 innings
    Want to see a Bullpen that shuts down for the win
    And have defense that wont let a run in

    Whats that you say, I got to come out after the first inning
    Well yea look here there is blister on my finger
    Oh my, a tight muscle after I ran to first
    Better take me out or it will get worse

    Wish I had Chase Utley determination at every position
    These Pitchers need to get the killer instinct
    The batters need to hit based on the situation
    And anybody blowing the save should be extinct

    I cant find the strike zone when I throw
    Oh Honeycutt, you want me to Pitch?
    But there is pain in my elbow
    And I cant get the mechanics right with this itch

    You call that working, not on my field
    Tape your blister or go back to AA
    We got a season to seal, so learn how to deal
    Or we will have the kids play

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  14. Indeed, Our Bullpen is toasted, the Gnats BP gets a rest today, that may be the hinge that Tuesday’s Game pivots on. Although the gnats BP has been troubled. and if the Dodgers continue to swing the bat like this, we can out slug the gnats, but here comes their Two headed dragon of madbum and Cueto.
    I sure do miss kershaw in these situations, gave the BP a rest every 5 days.

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  15. The starting “staff” to go up against the Gnats is expected to be:

    Kenta Maeda – okay – probably a #3 pitcher
    Rich Hill – really??? how’s the blister boy?
    Brett A. – probably not, more likely Stripling


  16. Dodgers have nothing close to their Dragon, Maeda can hang, but we need to get the lumber burning vs the gnats and just outscore them. Rich Hill may be the X factor.


  17. As tru pointed out, it was a good thing the pitchers had all those runs to work with. How many times are you going to give up nine runs and win? Much of the time it seems like we don’t have enough good pitchers to put out there, especially when our starters are lucky to go six innings.
    At the end of Sutton’s career when he returned to the Dodgers there was talk about how he taxed the BP ’cause he could only go five. If he was on this staff only Maeda would have more innings.


  18. State of our pitching rotation:

    1. Missing in Action
    2. Kenta Maeda, but he’s really a three
    3. Julio Urias, but FAZ wants to control his innings
    4. dunno dunno dunno
    5. Scott Kazmir – a 5F starter if I’ve ever seen one.


  19. Anderson isn’t as bad as y’all say…

    He has been to this point, so far this season. But he’s only got 6 innings under his belt.

    He will be a different pitcher after a few starts. If he can stay healthy. Kershaw and Hill if healthy give us a chance…heck, Urias gives us a chance. The kid has matured tremendously. Anyhow…there’s 5 plus weeks left before any playoff games.

    You could make an argument that this squad, or any squad that has battled this hard to stay alive, through this much adversity, will take advantage of their opportunities come crunch time.

    We’ve all been wrong about this bunch all season long…

    The Giants have lost 2 out of 3 games in every 3 game series with the exception of one, since the break. The one series they didn’t was against their old nemesis Donny Baseball’s team. They swept his Marlins.

    Baumgartner has been bested recently, Cueto has been bested recently, Smardjia has been bested recently, Cain has been bested recently. The closer has been bested recently.

    Robert’s is a better motivator and manager in my opinion than Mattingly.

    The sky is falling attitude doesn’t register with this group. We’ve asked for a bunch to take this mind-set for some time now.

    Embrace it. You might enjoy yourself in the long run.


  20. I updated Sluggos photo as well

    Notice his Room Service finger

    This might be a new low for us all Josh…

    All joking aside…

    Get Well Soon


  21. Regardless of what has happened in the second half to date.

    You can bet the Giants will show up ready to battle.

    So shall our boys…

    They just need to keep finding ways to win.

    They have to produce between the lines no doubt. But this is a job for these guys, just like sheetrocking was a job for me.

    A lot goes into preparation, mentally and physically. The thing that makes me believe the most and I am a believer. Is that they’re working hard to obtain wins. This is a blue collar season, gone are the days of entitlements…we haven’t heard many excuses this season. And if you think about it with all the injuries and roster changes good and not so good, they’ve had ample opportunities to complain. In saying that, this team just keeps forging forward.

    I like this squad.


  22. I think Kershaw will come back. I know the pain…I’ve played through it myself, albeit in a different arena and for a whole lot less accolades…He’ll have struggles between now and November. But he’ll persevere.

    He’ll probably need some work done in the off-season though.

    What they’ve described sounds pretty similar to my struggles. Sleep, rest, exersise…all these things alleviated my issues. They do crop back up again. They’d only get real bad if I’d fail to address the issues along the way. I had a Chiropractor that did 600 sit ups every morning to strengthen his stomach muscles, which helped support his back. He was in his 50’s, but you couldn’t tell.

    Just my thoughts…


  23. I agree. shared ownership of wins and losses, this team is good, Im very impressed with many of them, you know who I mean, and Roberts has kept them upbeat despite many DLs, losses, and whatever. You are totaly correct, i think they rub off on us!, ahhm each other, a never die attitude, …. what do you think of putting kike at left, move kendrick to 2nd (Utley has one hit) and of note Reddick has a 667 BA vs madbum??

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    • I don’t do stats much. Toles has impressed me. I think hes got a decent shot to be the lead-off guy next season. I know Reddick can hit…Not much has been loss from his performance to date. He’ll come around. Everyone else has. Hill is gonna be a major factor, so is finding two more solid arms. But the sky ain’t falling…it’s just a little hazy from the all the devastation that taken place.


    • I look at the bright side cause that’s my personality most of the time. I’ve had enough negativity to last two life times…I also want to see these guys win. I don’t care about being right, or funny. I get on them, I make jokes sure, just like everyone else. It’s entertaining, I get it. I’m not knocking the way anyone displays their passion. To each his own.

      But deep down, I want to see these guys win. I want to see them win bad…no other year matters, but this one. If you ask me I still think they can win 100 freaking games…


  24. Kazmir got issues. He’s getting looked at in the morning.

    I think Norris had some discomfort as well. Can’t prove it, but something was amiss.


  25. We once said this squad didn’t have anyone that could strap the club on it’s back and carry them to a victory. Then it was Kershaw’s carrying the team. It hasn’t been one guy, it’s been a mix of a bunch of guys. Sometimes like today all at once. Things started to change back when OBF said no one was hitting. 270 something. I remember changng that too, not a soul in blue can hit .282. Since then they’ve been balling. Balling like mad…


  26. My life is consumed with 3 hours of Gunsmoke…and 3 hours of Dodger baseball. With a lot of music in between. Oh yeah and chasing tail. If you think Reddicks in a slump…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I ain’t been laid since the Nixon years it seems like. But tomorrow’s a new day and I ain’t a fucking quitter. I also ain’t got enough money to visit Wells, Nevada…yet!

    Paid my child support off earlier this month though and the old hoopty, she be ready to run…I just hope my engine can still run a lap or two…if and when it does though. I’m gonna be like Ricky and lift that Dame up over my head and proclaim to be the greatest to ever play the game.

    Vinny will be inside my head calling the play by play too…Deuces aren’t the only thing wild here in Wells this afternoon, Ole D4 is going at it like Super Sluggo in a band box folks.. He’s thrown all 454 horse’s into this project.

    It might be a wise idea to begin sewing the black D4 onto tomorrow’s uni’s…He just continues to smoke the tires in this endeavor.


  27. Just a thought, but, Roberts may have mismanaged Reddick… He threw him right into the cleanup spot as he was just coming into a new league for him.. He should have started out in the 7 hole. To much pressure taking over for Puig and being thrust into the cleanup spot… I am hoping a day or two off and batting 6th or 7th will snap him out of whatever funk he is in right now.. He is really a decent player. Although we haven’t seen it yet…. Perhaps playing against his one time cross town rivals will wake him up. He should be very familiar with them and their ballpark…. I hope he starts producing soon….


    • Wally. Reddick got his middle finger caught in the hotel door after ordering room service. I’m not sure he’s even available?

      I hear you though. The guy stepped off of a flight from Cleveland with his old team and onto another flight bound for Colorado with his new team. A team that had presumably thrust him into a savior role. Like I said…no real damage has been done by him going into a slump. But if he steps up to the plate in this series, it’s go time. He should have some recollection from facing familar Giants arms. Albeit Cueto came from the NL., and Moore Tampa Bay.


    • I could change the thread. However, this is a big series, so I’m gonna let crash throw something up. He’s done such a good job up to this point.


  28. Seagar has 483 at bats and is hitting .321. Gonzo has 441 at bats and is hitting .299. The two rookies in Toles 46 at bats .326 and Segedin 31 at bats .290. How incredibly nice is that. Turner can turn up the heat with his big bat as we’ve seen and so can Grandal.

    Kendrick has been steadily improving and I can’t speak highly enough about the overall job Utley has done…he may not have a blistering hot average, but the guy steps it up at the right times…and him a Seagar are a better fit than me and a whorehouse…


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