Dodgers/Reds Game 3


The Dodgers will be throwing Julio Urias in today’s game 3 against the Reds.  Urias will be throwing against Anthony DeSclafini (had to double check my spelling, I sure don’t wanna get in trouble wit da Mob).

DeSclafini is a 26 year old right hander who gives up a fair amount of hits, not too many walks, has a 7-1 record and a 3.10 ERA.  The boys will need to send two or three balls out of the park to beat him.


32 thoughts on “Dodgers/Reds Game 3

  1. Yesterday, the team gave up as soon as Anderson was lifted from the game…you could see the mopey dopey attitude that began with the meeting upon the mound. Sure Anderson gave up 5 runs early…the bully has been overtaxed. But the team gave up…they fucking gave up.


  2. Hoping the Dodgers forget that last night ever happened. Will most likely miss most of today’s game do to the starting time. I also hope the Mets are getting on a roll.


  3. I keep waiting for Urias to pinpoint that high fastball on the upper outside corner. He doesn’t have enough control with it just yet. When he does though he’s gonna do the same thing to batters that Pedro Martinez used to do with his mix of pitches.


  4. I’ve been listening to Boring Joe Davis for a few games now. He has a great voice for baseball. He seems to be a humble voice as well. These are good qualities, especially for someone replacing the greatest ever. I call him Boring Joe due to his inability as of yet to separate himself from the rest. Give your us version of deuces wild ( come up with a trademark)..Rumble your wild horse once in a while…please don’t become another Joe Buck.

    Him and Hershiser do work well together though.


  5. What the hell is wrong with starting Urias every 5th day? Sure it takes him a good day to give you 5, but he’s a damn sight better than Norris and Anderson. Hell, call up Ponce de Leon and let him start too. He’s not going to be any worse then the afore two mentioned.


  6. Good to see the Boys get an early lead and hold it. Urias was better than expected today. I am so hopeful he can become the real deal and I agree, just pencil him in every 5th day and see what he can do. Still a bit frustrating that the Dodgers have a premier closer whose workload is so uneven that he has not thrown a meaningful pitch in eight days but looked sharp today. All in all, a good day and the start of a much needed winning streak.

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