Dodgers/Reds Game 2


For today’s game 2, the Dodgers are expected to throw Brett Anderson (good luck) against lefty 23 year old Brandon Finnegan (again again).  Finnegan was pitching for the Kansas City Royals, until he got traded to the Reds for Johnny Cueto.  Oh, the Reds also got John Lamb and Cody Reed, but you know.  Finnegan’s record this year is 7-9 with a 4.54 ERA.


78 thoughts on “Dodgers/Reds Game 2

  1. That didn’t last long.

    I keep thinking Reddick will hit, start doing his part, but I am starting to wonder. If he doesn’t crank it up soon, he should be dropped in the lineup or benched. There’s over five weeks to go, though I’m starting to wonder if we got FLEECED FOR our RENTALS.

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  2. I can’t remember which one of our original and old friends used to play this tune on the blog? My memory is hazy these days…Let’s just say I’ve been assisting Dr. Feelgood and Betty Crocker through some relationship/bonding issues as of late.

    Anyhow y’all non-counselors may remember this tune…

    Too legit to quit!!


    • Another two weeks waiting for a blister to heal ain’t gonna help get him regain his mid-season form. What’s he have 5 innings this season?


  3. Either Anderson is as bad as he looks or the Dodgers drew the Reds at the wrong time.
    Good to be back tied with Giants but it doesn’t look like it’ll last too long.


  4. At least the Giants lost today so the Dodgers will not lose any ground. However, Dodger fans have a reason to wonder how much longer this team can rely on starting pitchers who clearly are not ready to get major league hitters out on a consistent basis. I think the front office knew exactly what it was getting when it signed Anderson, McCarthy, Maeda, et al and just hoped these guys might last long enough to allow the minor league talent to develop. We have seen some of this minor league talent and while there do seem to be some bright spots, that talent is just not ready to pitch deep into games and keep the score down. Of more concern to me right now is the offense has disappeared these last three games (including today’s game) although the pitching has certainly not been the sort to give the team much of a chance to win. And yet the Dodgers are tied for first place.


  5. What’s with these blisters anyway?
    The conservative approach is what’s supposed to be happening with Kershaw. He said he felt good after the modified bull pen today,and I wonder if he’ll feel just as good tomorrow. But my point is the Dodgers ought to be ULTRA conservative with him. We are only able to put two starting pitchers out there with anything that even approaches consistency, so why take any kind of a chance with Kershaw. We didn’t do crap last year in the play offs with arguably the two best in the game and I do not see how we can be expected to go very deep this year with what we’ve got. Just don’t screw around with Kershaw’s health.


  6. We need to get Faz and Boy Wonder Freidman on a DemBumsBlueToybox conference call so we can ask them to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses. Beav, JHall, Crash, lbirk, Dodger4, Koufax, Griz, Tru Blue, Old Brooklyn, any of you have their personal phone #s?

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