Dodgers in Cincinnati


Tonight the Dodgers begin their three-game series against the Reds in Cincinnati.  Bud Norris is back from the disabled list and will be pitching against rookie right hander Tim Adleman.  Tim is 28 years old.  He was drafted out of college by the Orioles and gave up a ton of hits in A league ball.  He then played for independent minor league teams before Cincinnati signed him into their system in 2014.


60 thoughts on “Dodgers in Cincinnati

    • What did we learn from Brandon McCarthy? What did we learn from Hyun-Jin Ryu? McCarthy had Tommy John surgery – replaced his elbow ligament. Ryu had a bad shoulder that didn’t get better.

      Anderson had a bad back, that doesn’t seem to bode well for Kershaw. I hope I’m wrong on that one. Anderson doesn’t look like he’s going to perform well, just based on his first inning back from disability. Norris had a back muscle problem, maybe that’s not as bad as Anderson and Kershaw? Rich Hill is an enigma all in himself, he’s never pitched a lot of innings, I just have a bad feeling. Again, I hope I’m wrong. When Hill is on, he is very good.

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      • Funny…I’m feeling the exact opposite.

        Kershaw when healthy is the best pitcher on the planet, or any other planet for that matter. If he wasn’t. The front office would have dispatched a space vehicle to retrieve the best by now. Hill it has been said was the best in the A.L. when healthy. Anderson ain’t bad either when healthy. I’ll give Andersons last start a do-over…that’s 3 pretty solid arms if the planets align. My gut feeling says they will.


        • I hope you’re right. I seem to place more “faith” in Kershaw than the other two, only because I’ve seen his determination to get better every single year despite the fact that the prior year was so damn good.


  1. I think Reddick will hit, sooner or later. The way the offense has perked up he hasn’t hurt us too badly yet. It would be awfully good, though, to see him start to chip in and score more. we’ll need that before this is over.
    From what I can tell, sf’s bull pen has been sucking as of late. There’s a switch for you, our bull pen is better that what they’ve got.

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  2. Someone wondered why De Leon hasn’t been called up. Look at his numbers when he’s behind in the count, with runners on and in scoring position. If he has trouble pitching his way out of trouble in AAA. I don’t think he has matured enough. Just my opinion?

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  3. I have a bad feeling about Kershaw…both short term and long term. Curious, if Kershaw is unable to pitch, who would pitch a play-in Wild Card game? Not a lot to choose from….


    • He was the best player in all of AA in 2013. Why wouldn’t he be the best player in all of AAA in 2016?

      Too bad he doesn’t play nice with the guys in the clubhouse.

      Too bad Sluggo can’t hit.

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    • I’d say fairly good considering he has the potential to be one of the top players in The Show. I think the FO failed to trade him, because they didn’t like the return. Knowing full well how he would respond to being sent down. It’s only a matter of time before his value goes back up…just my two cents.

      I wonder what will happen during September call-ups? Will Puiggy actually go home at the end of the AAA season?


  4. Aside from Voto’s HR, Norris is doing a lot better than in his last outing.
    That wasn’t hard to do but…………ya’know.


  5. Only thing I can think of that makes sense is that the front office is gambling these guys can hold onto one of the WC spots and have Kersh and Hill ready because they sure as hell didn’t put together anything for the stretch run.

    First place was fun while it lasted. All two days of it.


    • I wouldn’t give in just yet. After the Cubs. The Dodgers play only one team other than Giants with a winning record. The Marlins. The Giants have the tougher schedule.


      • Plus the way the Giants have been playing. Teams from the division such as San Diego, Arizona and Colorado may turn out to become tougher than they appear. The Dodgers are finished with Arizona as well. Who always seem to play better in September.


      • When you’re throwing the likes of Anderson, Norris, Kazmir and a cast of thousands that can’t even go 5 innings most nights, ALL of the games are tough.


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