Power Up


I don’t think we’ll repeat the four players each hitting 30+ home runs this year. But one thing is certain:  the offense has gotten more powerful as the season has progressed.  Here are the Dodgers as a team in 2016, by month:

Slugging Percentage:

April  .368
May   .383
June  .406
July   .451
August  .494

Is it the home runs?  That’s only part of the story.

April 17
May 34
June 37
July 30
August 22

Another part of the story is the doubles:

April 44
May 35
June 43
July 57
August 33


25 thoughts on “Power Up

  1. Pulling koufax1963’s comment forward to new thread

    August 18, 2016 at 1:31 pm Edit
    Wow we spend a lot time with Puig, I guess he is polarizing figure, Dodgers tried to trade him, but couldn’t, they got a substitute with Reddick, and he has not impressed me, waiting though. I guess the same thing I would say about Puig, Im waiting. The tell will come on expansion day, if Puig is not invited up to the big show, then it is clear that he was not well received in the dugout, and he will be traded to a lower tier team, for a lower tier player, who the dodgers hope develops in to something, anything. The Win was getting rid of Puig. On the other hand, a team like the dodgers, who are in a race with an opponent who on paper seems to have better SPs, would need a bat that could clobber. Puig could be that. DRE could be that. Bruce, Beltran or Reddick could be that bat, but FAZ chose Reddick (at the expense of young arms).
    All I can say it is fortunate that the other 7 hitters in the line up have healed, got their work in, have the training down, and are mashing the ball, because I LOVE BEING IN FIRST PLACE, and that would not of happened if those magnificent seven hadn’t done their work. and our discussions would not have Ice Cream or Shots, except maybe I screaming about bad decisions in the FO and shots fired at a lack luster bunch of overpaid veterans and our Ace going down. Corey Seager would be the only high point of this season.
    The season is getting fun now.


    • Agreed. If we don’t see Puig come September that’s a bad omen for Yasiel. Not to belabor the point, but being as young and relatively cheap as Puig is, if they trade him they must really be fed up. On the flip side, I could very easily see him end up in a Gnat uniform, somehow, some way; they seem to bring out the very best in Latin players, for whatever reason. Now how would that sit with the Dodger faithful?


      • If he hits for shit and wears that Andruw smile while wearing a Gnats uniform, we’ll all enjoy it.

        If he hits and fields well while wearing a Gnats uniform, we’ll likely all groan.


  2. OPS for what looks like a “regular lineup” (note OPS = on-base percentage plus slugging percentage)

    Utley .717
    Seager .892
    Turner .846
    Red dick .417 (or do we call him “Sluggo”?)
    Gonzalez .809
    Grandal .832
    Pederson .865
    Kendrick .754



  3. Turner doubles with two outs, then Sluggo leaves him stranded. Just another example of why Sluggo has zero RBIs – from the cleanup spot!


  4. To be realistic, this team’s pitching is not built to run away with the division. We all know that. It will be a dog fight right to the end. I believe the difference between the Gnats and Dodgers will fluctuate no more than three games either direction the rest of the way.


  5. The magic didn’t work tonight and I agree with Kahli about how the division race between the Dodgers and Giants will go. Neither team can afford to lose many games down the stretch. It would seem the Giants have better pitching but even that has been a problem for them lately. At least things will be interesting, something that did not look that way at the AS break.


  6. Nice to see Reddick is consistent.. Bad!!! Geez!!! When is our new wizard mangager going to move him down in the order? Give me a break… Sometimes I just wonder what in the hell these so called baseball experts are thinking… Pathetic…. From the ownership on down… I am not impressed with our leadership…. Dumbasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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