Dodgers in Philly

The Dodgers have arrived in Philadelphia for a three game series.  Each game starts at 7:05 pm EDT (4:05 pm PDT).  The current thinking on starting pitchers for the Dodgers is Kenta Maeda tonight, Scott Kazmir on Wednesday, and Bud Norris Ross Stripling on Thursday.

Bud is coming off a rehab start in Rancho Cucamonga where he pitched into the sixth inning.  His totals:  5 2/3 innings, four hits, one run, one earned run, one walk, four strikeouts, and no homers.  He threw 59 pitches, 46 of which were strikes.  Sounds like lots of young anxious hitters who didn’t work him deep into the count.  We’ll see what he can do in Philly Cincinnati.


35 thoughts on “Dodgers in Philly

  1. The Bud-man has been pushed to Friday. Stripling starts on Thursday. Fixed it in the write-up above.

    Anderson supposed to “go” Saturday. Really? Go where?

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  2. Tommy going after that stupid mascot is a classic.

    I was concerned early in the game about the offense but that changed quickly enough. Isn’t it great we celebrate 5 innings from a Dodger pitcher? And kudos to Phillie fans for the way they treated Utley.


  3. Reddick is starting to look like Latoes.. If this asshole doesn’t get his shit going, we traded away decent arms for nothing. I am not impressed with FAZ.


  4. I didn’t think FAZ could top the trade deadline fiasco of last year. Now, I am not so sure. So far, we have not gained anything from their latest effort. Freidman is an egghead idiot…

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  5. Miss Kiitty? NO brainer.OMG, The gnats fans are all quiet now, they were a bit upset during their game last night, but the facts have settled in, I trust the Dodgers are still first after they play the gnats next week.


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