Snooza Palooza


Day off.  Hope the boys get some rest.  Pirates coming to town tomorrow.  Arrrgh, mateys!

Dodgers will throw Ross Stripling, Dan McCarthy and Brett Anderson at the Pirates.  Literally.


3 thoughts on “Snooza Palooza

    • Excellent question!

      Ross Stripling will likely pitch today unless Rich Hill’s blisters on his fingers magically go away.

      Brandon McCarthy will only pitch on Saturday if the Dodgers are confident that his pitches can find the strike zone. In his last two starts, McCarthy had some pitches that were ten feet away from the strike zone. If McCarthy doesn’t start, then it would be Julio Urias.

      Brett Anderson is being rushed back from the disabled list because the Dodgers don’t have other options. If Anderson is deemed unable, then the Dodgers may need to call up Jose De Leon.


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