Tied for First

Phillies Dodgers Baseball

Lineup – Game starts at 12:10 pm PDT.

Utley 2b
Reddick rf
Seager ss
Gonzalez 1b
Grandal c
Pederson cf
Kendrick lf
Segedin 3b
Kazmir p



25 thoughts on “Tied for First

  1. I guess Reddick wants to get in the hitting party. good stuff. yep the gnats won 1-0, that crawford guy on their team is keeping that gnats flying.


  2. Hmmmm, tie for first didnt last long. This game certainly had Dodgers chances. I didnt think reddick would be a liability on the base paths though, did he really try to steal home? Dont understand Jansen coming in the game, as the dodgers were losing, not even tied, obviously Jansen was not prepared for his non-save appearance. This goes on Roberts.


  3. Don’t see Jansen lifted very often but he didn’t have it today.

    I also agree Kahli has a point about Puig but there has to be more about this situation than his personality. When Puig came up most of thought we had a superstar in the making. He has not turned out to be a superstar. Perhaps we expected too much. He is a fun loving emotional player who I believe does care about the game and wants to do well but may not live baseball 24 hours a day. The injuries have hurt his development as well. It seems to me management finally had enough of the drama and sent him down because there was no where else to put him.


  4. We might have to get used to being in first or tied one day and behind the next. The Dodgers need to continue to score a lot of runs almost every game because the pitching will give up a bunch of runs. Today the Dodgers could not score a lot of runs and they lost.


  5. well if we are still discussing Puig, it is up to him, I would want a healthy, productive Puig, since he isnt that productive, some AAA training which he never had could benefit him, and if productive put him in the line up. This reddick guy shows no improvement over puig. This makes me circle back to the trade of 3 prospective pitchers for this guy and Mr. Blisters, when perhaps a Bruce or Beltran would of been a better target. I dont know, the team is doing well (except for today), and I guess with a day off tomorrow, Jansen can get some rest. But these SP only going 5 innings, this going to impact the BP, they will be dead tired in September, and we have less pitchers to help replace the worn out. Ah Phooey, turn the page and wait till friday.


  6. That’s it. No more posts from me titled “Ice Cream is Nigh” nor “Tied for First” nor anything that mentions first place or any resemblance thereof. It’s a jinx, I tell ya. If you see any more posts with dumb labels like that, just rip them down.

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      • Yeah, just too much time spent in second place. We’ll get there, the Gnats are still weak. Unfortunately, FAZ did nothing to improve this team. Except maybe, to Wally’s point, remove the cancer from the clubhouse named Puig.

        Can’t believe I just said that. I used to be a big Puig fan. It’s an odd thing, Puig’s inability to prepare and keep himself fit and ready. The guy had all the talent in the world. An interesting comparison could be made between Puig and Pierre. The latter had no talent, but worked hard all day and night. Pierre would always be the first one at the ballpark, but still had a noodle for an arm.

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  7. Trying to stretch Kazmir for 7 innings was a mistake. Our bullpen does not do well at keeping inherited runners from scoring.


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