Power Surge


Delta Airlines suffered a power outage early yesterday morning in Atlanta.  When the power came back on, it must have created a power surge that traveled all the way to Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles.  This surge resulted in the Dodgers hitting four home runs last night against the Philadelphia Phillies.  When asked to comment on the surge, Corey Seager (2 HRs) said “I’m not used to that one for sure,” Seager said. “I’ve never really had this much success hitting home runs. It’s new for me and I’m just learning how to handle it.” [source:  http://www.espn.com/blog/los-angeles/dodger-report/post/_/id/20955/corey-seager-powering-his-way-through-a-special-season].  Chase Utley and Yasmani Grandal provided the other two home runs.

Tonight, the Dodgers try to continue the powerful offense against right-handed starting pitcher Vincent Velasquez.


44 thoughts on “Power Surge

  1. I’m pulling forward the last couple comments into this new thread:

    August 9, 2016 at 9:27 am
    I hope Grandal’s okay after taking that foul off the right side of his chest. We can ill afford to lose his hot bat, at the moment.

    August 9, 2016 at 10:09 am
    What an tell tale night. The Dodgers want to take over first place. Their performance both Sunday and Monday show that determination. But the Giants, were on the mat, yet managed to pull out the desperate win in extra innings, The giants dont want to give up First place.


  2. Grandal was whacked pretty hard by that foul ball. I was surprised he stayed in the game.

    If the Dodgers continue to win, they will eventually catch and pass the Gnats. Hopefully Maeda will give us seven very good innings tonight.


  3. In other news, Josh Ravin threw some nifty 97 mph fastballs last night, one of which found Cedar Hernandez’ bat for a triple.


        • Pretty obvious that either the guy is the biggest dolt ever and doesn’t get it (and never will), or he was saying a big FU to the FO. I’d be afraid of his influence on the younger guys. Its also obvious no one is willing to give anything of value for him, so here’s what I would do if I was the FO: bust his ass down to Ogden where most everyone is under age and can’t go drinking, and let him rot there for the next two seasons until his contract runs out. You don’t want to play hard and don’t want to learn, you don’t play anywhere meaningful for the duration of your contract. Just want to walk out? – we own your ass to where you can’t play anywhere else until you fulfill the contract with the team.

          I had hoped he’d humble himself and actually buckle down. Some men you just kaint reach…

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          • Wonder if he’d be of any value to the cartel that helped bring him into the country.
            On the other hand, I wonder if you’re deportable if you’re a proven asshole.


            • “On the other hand, I wonder if you’re deportable if you’re a proven asshole.”

              I think that just gets you elected.


  4. I wonder when the Dodgers will DFA AJ Ellis and bring up Austin Barnes as the backup catcher. I would do it today. But the Dodgers FO will likely wait until the season is over.


  5. I would hope the Dodgers find a spot in the organization for Ellis when his playing days are done but right now I believe he is more valuable as a backup than Barnes.


  6. DL or no DL Scott has outlived his usefulness. I was very high on the guy, probably based on his pedigree, a year or two ago, but he’s not lived up to his potential. It may be his propensity for getting hurt, or it may be that management wanted to slot him into being a platoon player – something he was not throughout his successful minor league career. I also don’t like his full beard on this team. So, they might as well get rid of him. There are plenty in our minors who could fill his place and who have a higher ceiling to reach.


  7. Lineup – same ol’ same ol’ – let’s hope it works again tonight!

    Utley 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner rf
    Reddick rf
    Gonzalez 1b
    Grandal c
    Pederson cf
    Kendrick lf
    Maeda p

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  8. Just printed my tickets for tonight’s game and noticed Puig is pictured on the tickets. I wonder if Puig will ever be back in a Dodger uniform. The Dodgers have used Puig as a marketing tool and people have spent a lot of money on his jerseys.

    Too bad about Van Slyke. We will never know what kind of player he might have been had be been given a chance to play everyday but that probably was never in the Dodger’s plans. Hard to say he is injury prone as everyone seems to be these days.

    The blister on Rich Hill’s finger is the most troubling news lately given the lack of innings starters have thrown. So far the new guys have not done much, save for Sedegin and really, does he even fit in the long range plans?


  9. I see no hit Reddick (or is it 2 hit) is batting 4th, guess they want to surround him with hitters, so he sees how it is done. Blister boy is the other half of the great trade, just waiting, and waiting, to see what he can throw.
    And SVS on the DL, did that tie a Record for most DL stints by a team? I better change my attitude, maybe I should go party with puig? at least Kershaw is throwing a baseball, hopefully our savior for September!?

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  10. This whole Puig thing rubs me the wrong way. When he came up as a wild stallion, he was a force. Then he got mixed up with party-poopers like Mattingly, Greinke, and Freidman and BAM–he goes into the toilet. I doubt guys like Babe Ruth and Joe Namath would be welcome today. The “Fighting A’s” hated each other and won championships. Garvey and Sutton go to blows in the shower–and win championships. Puig drinks beer, break dances and whoops it up. Oooooooh…bad boy. BFD. This day and age baseball is played by statistical robots, the fruits of sabermetrics. I was trying to think of really “colorful” players today…who are they? Remember, you’re “colorful” when you produce…you’re a “distraction” when you don’t. Pity.

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  11. Yeah, the team is better without Puig. He just doesn’t seem to get it. I think Alex Cora, who did a good job for us, has the right idea and that’s focus on the job at hand, the NL West. Puig’s gone, forget him for now.
    Maybe he’ll be productive in the future, doubtful, and welcome him back then. Apparently he does not listen. I think Gonzalez tried, Uribe is gone, and I wonder if Manny Mota is still around and tried to reach him. Culturally or what ever, he’s not prepared to be in a big league club house or on a big league team.
    kahli has point, but the guy isn’t cutting it. We all lose in this deal. What a waste of talent.
    The new rentals from Oakland have yet to make a contribution, but fortunately the bats have come alive and we keep finding enough pitching to stay afloat. Just maybe…. I still think those two will contribute. Starting this week would be good.

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  12. Oh say can you see…most everybody hit over .273 for the month of July.

    Utley .253
    He’s been solid from the get go, though.


  13. Giants won. So we need this game. And, it appears that management wasn’t happy with Puiggy’s antics…..removed his merchandise from team store. Seems like his days with us are over.


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