Jaded Trades


How are those shiny new toys acquired by the recent trades doing?  Not so good.  Rich Hill, who arrived with a big fat blister, now has another blister and won’t be able to pitch tomorrow.  So Brandon McCarthy is going instead.

Josh Reddick has batted one-for-sixteen (.063) for the Dodgers so far.  Nuff said.

Jose Chavez?  A 19.29 ERA.  Uh-huh.

Josh Fields?  The best of the bunch.  Got five outs while giving up a hit and a walk.

I know, I know, it’s only been five days since the trades, but Geez Louise!


40 thoughts on “Jaded Trades

  1. The next time the 99 Inept GMs wanna give away some prospects, maybe they should get something useful, like a bucket of balls.


    • To anwser The Beav’s thing about about the youngsters. I just met two blond girls…and I think they have a wonderful shot at brining home the championship….

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  2. The injury parade (and path between the minor leagues and major leagues) seem to have no end. And yet somehow the Dodgers still are in the race for a playoff spot. Can’t even imagine how high their health insurance premium must be.

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  3. With the Giants keeping pace with us last night, we just have to look forward to another day, tonight. Of course, the Jints get the jump on us this afternoon. I’ll be at Yankee Stadium with my daughter today and I should catch most of tonight’s game.


  4. You’ve got to give Stripling credit for keeping the staff together one more day.
    As far as the trades go, the new guy in right field did mash one that Ortiz came up with and his numbers suggest he’ll hit. Maybe something clutch once in a while would be nice. The new starter? Who knows?
    Fields did OK, but Chavez looks like he wants Hatchers old spot. Not enough of a sample, got to give them some time.


  5. Lineup against lefty David Price:

    Kendrick 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    A-Gon 1b
    Kike cf
    Reddick rf
    Grandal c
    Segedin lf
    McCarthy p


  6. Notes from the doctors office on pitchers:

    Kershaw playing catch today.
    Julio Urias will be the starting pitcher tomorrow.
    Rich Hill will be the starting pitcher on Friday.
    Yimi Garcia is done for the season.

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  7. Vin Scully brings back my childhood when Brandon McCarthy reminds him of Rex Barney.
    This is what I’ll miss about Vin.


  8. Quick hook by Roberts.

    Having never see. Rex Barney I don’t have any reference but it certainly could not have been about tonight’s performance.


  9. And your reward for going 2-3 in long awaited major league debut (and driving in 3 runs) is being subbed out because your pitchers have trouble holding a four run lead.


  10. The Great and Powerful Ned always said the first two months of any season are to find out what you need, the second two months to go it, and the last two months to win it all. Strange that Friedman, et al., would follow suit. When you add pieces midway you get a Reddick, gripping the bat until it breaks, trying to fit in. Why not acquire difference-makers during the off season? Is it all about contracts?????

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  11. McCarthy had another wild day and apparently you can expect this coming off Tommy John. I’m hoping he’ll settle down as the team continues to cobble together a rotation.
    Love it when we out slug other teams. I hope Segeden gets to stick around a minute or two.

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  12. Regarding Rex Barney – he pitched six seasons for the Dodgers, was 6’3″ and weighed 185 pounds, had one really good season, and…hit .162 as a hitter. McCarthy’s career batting average is .054 with five career hits. I don’t think he’ll ever have another hit.


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