99 Inept GM’s



It sure the hell ain’t Chavez…


33 thoughts on “99 Inept GM’s

  1. What does Tommy say?

    You’ll win 54 games and you’ll lose 54 games. It’s what you do in the other 54 games that makes the difference. Last night began the final 54 game stretch…the boys failed to capitalize on a Giants loss, yet again!

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  2. The town’s having their annual birthday party, two blocks away. I’m rocking out to a fifties band. JR and the Stingrays…

    1- to nothing Dodgers!!

    I have reserved a cab for 5pm…


  3. That’s one more win than I thought they’d get this weekend.

    With all the talk of Urias and JDL as starters next year, how come you never hear Stripling’s name mentioned? When he’s on he’s just as good as Norris if not better, and probably on a par with Kazmir and Wood too.


  4. stipling settled. some goood defense, and AJ was in to it. Reddick got a hit, finally, but no not when he came up with RISP, I give a pass, but not for another 1-16, only 3rd time this season boston been shut out, good stuff, since speaking of strasburg we gave him his first loss for the season.
    Hey D4 – prudence dear, dont need a trip back to nurse land, although….. hmmm Im 2-0


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