Dodger Lyrics World Tour

Koufax1963 and the Rockin’ Rally Mummy have just signed an agreement with The Beav and NedCo Broken Records and will set out on a World Tour with their manager and writer, Crash24. Starting with the World Series Bash at Dodger Stadium in October.

Woo Hoo – Win Streak!!

Boston invades the Ravine for a weekend series




32 thoughts on “Dodger Lyrics World Tour

  1. I don’t know about the rest of you but, to me, the Dodgers look good sitting pretty in the wild card standings, just in case they fail to catch the Giants.


  2. While the Red Sox visit Chavez Ravine, the Gnats are visiting the Washington Nationals. Sure would be great to pick up a game on the Gnats this weekend.

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    • Such is true.

      He just finished a road trip to Cleveland and Texas before arriving in LA to play the Angels for the Dodgers. I’m inclined to give him some time. He did seem bothered by this fact though.


  3. Pitchers for the Dodgers against the Sox: Kazmir, Bud, and Rich Hill. Bud with the bad back – what if he’s not ready? Hill’s blister is all better? We’ll see what he’s got Sunday.


  4. That’s what I like! If you’re going to lose, lose big! I had another thought: Maybe no one will win the West.
    I wouldn’t bet the farm on us doing it, the offense is shut down too often and frankly, we’ve run out of pitchers.


  5. New Thread.

    Crash I’m pressed for time and have trouble copying and pasting from my phone. If you want to put the lyrics to the title in, or anything else…the stage is all yours.


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