Despicable I’m Telling Ya’! Just Despicable!!

Imagine Puiggy sitting on a lonely island watching his former teammates play last night. Channeling his inner Daffy.

The Boys have dropped both games since Puiggy flew south for some R&R.

I don’t know what to say that wasn’t said on yesterday’s thread. The thing that’s stuck in my head this morning though. Is Joc getting caught in a rally-killing, run-down on a bunt by a minor league pitcher. They have to be smarter than that. I read lips and I’m almost certain Pederson was muttering the words “Thufferin Thuccotash” all the way back to the dug-out.

I have to agree Joc…”Thufferin We’re Using Up Our Nine Lives Thuccotash!!”



33 thoughts on “Despicable I’m Telling Ya’! Just Despicable!!

  1. Mornin’ y’all…

    The rookies are about to head over to Starbucks the dispensary for some “Meditating Till We Forget About It Blue Crush.” I hear it’s on sale

    Just Win One!!


  2. A few thoughts:

    Friedman and Zaidi seem to favor their former teams for hidden talent, and the pundits seem to give them the advantage in knowing who they are trading for. I personally think that’s bullshit; in fact they’re both bullshit. Just what is it that their former teams have won recently? Exactly NOTHING. Their former teams are not winners, and neither are Friedman and Zaidi, although they certainly conned the Guggenholes into thinking that they’re both really hot shit. No doubt they know how to speak metronomics, although making it work is another matter.

    I think it’s time for Pederson to be sent down to triple A as well. What’s holding that up?

    Why didn’t they send Gonzalez somewhere else before the trade deadline? He might have been worth a couple of decent prospects. In another year, not so much.

    I am thinking that there are two possible finished careers on the team – Kershaw would be really scary, but things like that have happened before; Ethier would be rather understandable, because he was on a decline from a somewhat mediocre level to begin with. So, somebody better look to the future and see what there is to replace them rather than wondering how soon they can come back. Urias has the potential, but only time will tell. I’m not so impressed so far, and this is the same team whose talent searchers considered Zach Lee in the same category. I’m having little faith in our talent searchers under Friedman and Zaidi.

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  3. Just a few words about the division race – Wake Up!

    At the all-star break, the Dodgers trailed the Gnats by 6 1/2 games while the Rockies trailed by 16 games. Since the all-star break, these three teams have done this:

    Gnats 4-13 fallen apart
    Dodgers 8-8 treading water
    Rockies 14-5 on fire, looking to repeat their 2007 Cinderella year

    Look out for the Rockies, they are catching up to us while we twiddle our thumbs. Let’s beat them today and keep them in third place.

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  4. Kershaw’s back problems do not bode well for the future. Sports pundits always talk about the “window of opportunity” opening or closing. In retrospect, the failure last season to fortify a starting staff which already included healthy, productive aces in Kershaw and Greinke may represent a huge lost opportunity. Back problems don’t just disappear. This roster is a hodge podge and a world championship seems like wishful thinking. The stark reality is that losing a vibrant, dominant Kershaw may be the beginning of a window closing. So much for Front Office genius and sabermetrics.

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  5. I’d bet my Chiropractor could get Kershaw back on the mound. Yeah, I know
    …Chiropractors aren’t doctors…When your hanging 100 sheets of gypsum board a day for peanuts, or taping (which is is just as bad, with the bending over and standing up motion all day) they are. My back problems reoccur, but with rest and treatment I can get back in the game…well back before I turned 50 and had my hernia surgery anyhow.


    • I also played golf with a pro who’s had several back operations. Poor guy swallows 80mg oxycontins like Norm Peterson swallows beer nuts. He’s still golfing though.


  6. Here’s another problem as I see it with trying to stay competitive and rebuild at the same time. Chicago has premier talent because they went ahead and tanked for a couple years. If you’re not willing to totally commit to a rebuild and accept tanking, you’ll rarely if ever get elite top 5 or 10 talent. You stay competitive you don’t get those picks.

    This team also isn’t marginal talent away from a championship. Obviously neither was last years. You can’t improve the margins enough to make up for an average core. We have one elite player in Seager. We had one elite starter in Kersh. And will have had one elite closer in Kenley. That’s not enough to build around.

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  7. Rockin’Rally Mummys got a bat song, come on y’all, sing along.

    Let’s rap! Lets rock! Let’s roll! Let’s go-let’s go-let’s go…

    We gonna stop digging a hole, it’s time to show, the whole world, what our cryptic bat rap can truly bestow…

    Rockin’ Rally Mummy has a bat song, come on y’all, sing along…

    Let’s rap! Let’s rock! Let’s roll! Let’s go-let’s go-let’s go…Let’s rap! Let’s rock! Let’s roll! Let’s go-let’s go-let’s go…


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  8. Hopefully the Dodgers can hold onto this lead. Once again Maeda can’t get out of the sixth inning. It is up to the bull pen.


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