Play Ball – Play Solid Dodger Ball!


The Boys failed to capitalize on another Gnats loss last night dropping the 1st game of the series, 7-3 to the Rockies at Coors field. This is at least the 3rd, maybe 4th time in recent memory that they haven’t taken advantage of a prime opportunity.

They have to be more consistent, they need more from the front line starters. And they need to make things happen on offense.

The Championship drought in the Ravine needs to end this season. The Boys need to chase a little love and get it done…


54 thoughts on “Play Ball – Play Solid Dodger Ball!

  1. Bear- when I switched things around on the computer, I had a tough time finding my way back on here too.
    I got to watch some of the game last night on the Rockies feed. The rain delay may have messed him up some, but McCarthy was missing his spots by a wide margin, a whole lot. Threw behind the batter at one point.
    The Rox seem to be a team on the rise, with wild card aspirations. We already know they have some hitters and their pitching is improved. Vinny excepted, of course, I wouldn’t mind watching their announcers more often if they called Dodger games and I could see them. They are knowledgeable, upbeat, and objectively call the game.

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  2. Still I am talking trades, and where the beef is. Funny(not) the giants got TBs SP moore ( who beat in TB recently) I take it as pointed jab/ attack at the Dodgers, and of why not, when you are competing, but Moore is not a rental with 3 years left with options. and the gnats bolstered their BP too.
    So I feel the dodgers FO more like FU, sending 3 young arms, for rental property Reddick and Hill. I would like to see the FAZ group think about the future, so many holes coming up, and with kershaw as uncertain for the remainder of the season, this is what they did. Yes I would of felt better giving up young prospects for a Moore or Sale type, but for rental, and that rental property may not collect better rent than what was there. Maybe FAZ can impress me in the off season, but for now, and I will wait patiently for Hill and Reddick to impress me, because FAZ certainly does not.

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    • I think the FO (as I do too) believes this team is far too flawed to be worthy of letting the top prospects go for better players in order to go for it this year. The trades they did do were more to placate the fans rather than putting a championship team out there. In the end, I’ll be surprised if this team even makes it to the wild card.

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      • Good chance you’re right. Only one team will win it all. If Kershaw sits on the sidelines much longer he may not be able to get into peak shape in time for the post-season. However, we’ve seen the Giants fare well in seasons the Dodgers have outbid them at the trade deadline. This squad fights hard every given day and every given night. They need to limit mistakes… this should be easier without Puig. Having Kershaw back healthy soon would be a big boost to maintaining consistency. They need to win this year, just like they need to win next year and every fuckin’ year after that. Or die trying… you know what I mean.

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      • I’m glad we didn’t overdid. Urias alone would be a good haul for anyone but maybe Sale. Just think by years end in 17. Julio should be a gem on the mound.


  3. The trades they made did not placate the Fans, personally they infuriated me, and Dodger faithful..
    FAZ: we wanted a middle order of the bat and to bolster our pitching. which we did.
    Fans: Ah Bullshit, you got mediocrity, either as no improvement or worse, or DL bound, plus you gave up highly regarded future pitching or excellent trade chips for the off season..

    So in my take, the FO did not pursue a division win this year, and that is fine, stay put, hope Kershaw heals, send Puig down and have him improve (use SVS, KIKE, TOLES, Thompson, The Beav) as RF. Wait for Dre to be healthy. But they did exactly what I wanted them not to do and trade good stuff potential for rental stuff. Wouldnt Beltran been better? how about the 3 pitching prospects to the white sox for Sale, add something else.
    Last years trade for Latos I understood, we had a two ace starters and needed a good 3 or 4 SP, but hey Latos was just shit, who knew.
    But this year: we need an ACE, because in a WC game, The dodgers dont have a chance without someone like Kershaw.
    I think this trade deadline did more to deflate the team morale than Kershaw going on the DL.
    Thank goodness for this BLOG site, so I can vent my vacillating thoughts, I still hope, but barring a “team of destiny” mindset, I feel the FO is not too sharp, and perhaps even sabotage their own strategy. Two heads better than one, perhaps, but in the high offices on Vince scully parkway at the Ravine their is a multi headed Hydra looking in the mirror because it cant bear to see the Medusa in the next room. stone cold and not in a good way. Light them up.

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    • I understand your frustration. And perhaps I should’ve said, placate the masses (of generally casual fans.)

      Only one I’m a little sad to see go was Holmes. Montas was a great unknown with that rib injury, and Cotton wasn’t getting people out in OKC (at least last I looked his ERA was over 5.) Holmes is 3-4 years away though, so who knows. He had the highest floor and ceiling of the bunch, but a lot can happen too. The FO at least dealt from the farm’s strength and didn’t send away the few hitting prospects they have in Bellinger, Calhoun and Verdugo. I agree though that the haul wasn’t exactly overwhelming, and rental pieces at that.

      IMO even an ace like Sale can maybe only get them past the WC game. Then you still have to throw messers McCarthy, Kazmir and Maeda out there. Even if Kersh makes it back its still the same scenario except maybe you throw Hill, McCarthy/Kaz and Maeda, which is still uninspiring against the likes of Chicago.

      The hitting is inconsistent. The bullpen is inconsistent. They have virtually no running game. The bench is meh depending on who’s starting. They’re left handed heavy. It would take a miracle like ’88 for them to win, and that was a once in a lifetime happening. And I don’t see any Gibson’s on the team.

      I’m not defending the FO. They’ve screwed the pooch several times already.BUT, I just don’t see this team as worth it to push in all the chips. That should’ve been done one of the last three years.


        • From what I could gather reading various takes, many of the big gets were overpay. Moore certainly isn’t anything to brag about. Gotta be mindful too that the Cubs are going for it this year, and the Gnats just have better pitching and win when it counts.

          I just wish the FO would be a little more truthful in the fact that they are indeed rebuilding and not trying to win now instead of giving the illusion that they are. But then, they want to keep butts in the seats also, so a little shell game is in order for them.


  4. Lineup – Against lefty Tyler Anderson

    Kendrick 2b
    Seager ss
    Turner 3b
    SVS rf
    A-Gon 1b
    Kike lf
    Joc cf
    Ellis c
    Stewart p


  5. 99 GM Buffoons

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  6. So our new everyday RFer isn’t in the line-up.

    Given the next 5 games, I’ll be very surprised if this team isn’t back to 5-6 out.


  7. Shocking results. Drop a raw rookie that started the year out in Cucamonga into Coors against a good hitting hot ballclub. Who would’ve thought this would be the outcome?


  8. Fortunately the cable is screwed up tonight and I don’t have to watch this one.
    Don’t know what to think about this. Certainly not encouraging to have to put rooks out there to get hammered in Denver.

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  9. A couple teams need to get hot and put our team out of its wild card misery. Otherwise its going to be miserable watching this team’s death spiral the next two months.


  10. This is the second night in a row Orel has made golfing references. He’s label to employ a flop shot comparison here before too long.


  11. Different Day -Different Thread.

    And hopefully a different outcome. Let’s hope Mr. Maeda packed his high altitude breaking ball for this trip.


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