The Dog Days of Summer


The Dodgers should depart Los Angeles a couple of hours after todays non-waiver trade deadline passes.

Will someone be left behind?

If so…

Who will join the team in Colorado?

We’ll all know shortly. Tick-tock, Tick-tock, 4 hours and counting…


81 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

    • It’s odd that MLB TradeRumors doesn’t have much on the site about the Dodgers. Might be hard to get a read on what’s actually going on with so many irons in the fire?


      • Maybe it’s 100 inept GMs. Reportedly the Mets are getting Jay Bruce, so we can cross that one off. Unfortunately for TruBlu, that means we will likely keep Puig.

        Meanwhile, rumors are still flying about getting Chris Archer or Rich Hill or Chris Sale and/or Jose Quintana or who knows?

        We’ll know in about 3.5 hours.


    • That’s a good shot in the arm for the offense. But what about pitching? Hill is an injured 36 year old rental.

      By the way, Reddick is a rental too.

      Dodgers giving up Frankie Montas, Grant Holmes, and Jharel Cotton.


    • Rich Hill is a 36 year old lefty starting pitcher. Injury prone. Has not logged many innings in his 12 year MLB career. Currently on DL with a blister, could come off DL tomorrow. Has pitched effectively for Oakland this year. Free Agent eligible after 2016 season.

      Josh Reddick is a 29 year old lefty hitting right fielder. Has good pop in his bat. Was on DL in June with broken left thumb. Free Agent eligible after 2016 season.

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  1. Boy I’m worried about Khali…this year’s been tough on him. Vinny, Kemp and Puig. If he professes his love for anyone else we’re really gonna be in trouble. Unless of course…nah, he’d never do that.


    • 🙂

      OK, ever since AJ Ellis dissed Puig publicly in front of a full stadium and his teammates by throwing his hands in the air and glowering at Puig after the famous “bunt where Puig failed to run,” I lost all respect for him–and it has nothing to do with it being Puig…could have been anybody. Trade his sorry attitude and bat!!!!! There, that should make AJ safe for all the AJ Ellis lovers.

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  2. Hmmm seems official, Reddick (and some aged Lefty named Hill) and the Dodgers gave up 3 upper tier pitching prospects. NOt sure I like it, because we need top tier already productive ACE (like sale). Now another deal could come down in the next couple of hour and half, but acquiring more offense was not what I would gone after, and certainly not sacrificing young controllable pitching.
    Not sure the Dodgers front office is seeing the forest or the trees.

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  3. Both names Rich Hill and Josh Reddick ring a bell with me but I have no idea or anything about them.
    It definitely looks like Puig is going.


  4. Sale destroyed property. It’s not like he injured anyone. Who knows what transpired leading up to that. I don’t condone it. But it’s pretty minor if you ask me. He made restitution.


  5. Basically, they improved the team with a healthy Reddick and a skeptically healthy Hill. While managing to add zero dollars to the teams future payroll. In fact, they got cash considerations and a back-up arm for Bolsinger.

    The cost…three assumably, highly sought after arms…who knows where the team projected their future?


  6. Something is funny, though I am not laughing, Oakland/LA deal went down as reported. Reddick a right fielder. Is he really better than puig? Dre may not come back, and Puig may go on the DL at any moment. So I guess Reddick becomes that platoon piece vs RHP? Now getting a SP is what is expected, but is that the best to be had. Some other thing must be happening, because this deal doesnt help us in the post season, not sure it even helps overtake the Giants, who did acquire a decent pitcher from friedmans old team, Matt Moore. So the giants are in, they got something to help Cueto and madbum in the post season.
    I hope there is another deal on the waiver wire coming.


  7. Judging from our “haul”, its obvious the FO doesn’t want to go all-in with this team, which says a lot about what they think of their ability to win it all. I was thinking the same thing. This team lost 3 out of 6 to one of the worst teams in the league, and the main reason they made up so much ground is because the Giants lost damn near every game until the weekend.

    All three of the guys they did get will be FAs after this season, as will Turner, Utley and Kenley. They kept all of their top close-to-being-ready prospects. They still won’t say it, but that’s a total rebuild they’ve got going on which is fine, but there’s going to be a couple-three really lean years coming up until those top prospects hopefully pan out.


  8. Barring another Great Depression or the return of Frank and/or Jamie. The Patrons of this organanization are the safest bet in history if man-kind.


  9. 43 minutes to the deadline and pretty underwhelmed at this point. If this is it, what Beav says makes since.
    Plus if Kershaw doesn’t come back, we probably wouldn’t go deep into the playoffs anyway. Stranger things have happened, but that’s my take on our situation.


  10. OK, I will get behind the move, the dodgers have been behind the 8 ball all season, and now just 2 games out, So Reddick will continue to Hit and somehow this Hill pitcher throws like his highest potential.
    Utley, turner, seager, Joc, Kendrick and grandal keep going in the trajectory as recently shown, and somehow Gonzo gets his power going, and Puig could just start something of a positive momentum going.
    Of course, Kershaw returns to rotation by Mid August, in time for the Gnats, and Maeda, Kazmir and Norris stay healthy and pitch very well, and our BP keeps up the commanding workload. Yes in that fantasy scheme, I can continue to watch Dodgers Ball. Im so glad Im not a Yankees Fan! they are a white towel team.

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  11. Timing is a bit odd on Puig – I thought it should’ve happened a couple months ago, but maybe this will be the wake-up call he needs. If not, you get a middling prospect or two during the off season and wish him well.

    Think I mentioned this before, but this scene reminds me of Puig. Just substitute 4 hours for 4 years.

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    • I was right about him all along. His TEAM MATES did not LIKE him! Management wanted to give him a shot….but, he drove Matt out of town and, I believe he was a big reason we lost Zack (he really hated him)!

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  12. Puigs act has been lame for a couple of years now. He has the talent to be an above average and possibly great player. He has never had any real baseball coaching or instruction. He did well in Cuba on sheer talent. It’s a whole different world over here in the show. I hope this trip to the minors will wake him up and give him the coaching to realize his great ability. Major league pitching will humble you quickly.


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