Where’s the Beef?


As our good friend Khali kindly noted in the previous thread. The Dodgers missed out on acquiring some Bison. And as I noted that’s okay. $62 million for Buffalo was probably not a good fit. Wally commented a few days earlier that the FO tried to pump up the palate in 2015 with an overgrown vegetable in the form of Matt Latos. They did find Ruggiano who faired well until the post season. He was more bun than burger. And how can we forget the guy they traded Uribe for…what was his name?

This year the trade deadline has been extended by a day due to this being a leap year. 4pm eastern on August 1, the hourglass sand will run out and it will become more difficult to trade players. So let’s hope and demand that the front office takes a leap forward and adds some prime grade A beef to the table this year.

I’m sure there’s a few who disagree with the philosophy of making a trade involving our top prospects. If so, speak up. We’d love to hear/read your thoughts.



26 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. I just read that Lucroy exercised his no trade right and veto-ed the deal with the Indians.

    Jake Taylor’s cleats too big for him to fill??


  2. Players are on the move but none to Los Angeles so far.
    My natural tendency is to not trade the top prospects. To consider such a thing, it would have to be for a number one or two guy in the rotation and how many of our kids would the other team wanted in return.
    Kemp is on his way to Atlanta, which is a good place for him. I wouldn’t have brought him back and he can’t do as much damage to us from there. We still need a hitting outfielder and that guy on the Reds sounds like a good fit, but the same thing: how many do we give up to get him?

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  3. I would have been quite surprised to see this front office reacquire Matt Kemp. He still has a few good years left but he was traded for a reason that probably did not have much to do with his baseball abilities. At least that is what many think.

    I am also not sure why any team would give much for Puig. Have the Dodgers given up on him? If so, would it really matter what they got as long as we was no longer a Dodger problem? We will see. As for trading prospects, it makes sense if the deal fills a glaring hole for more than a third of a season. Of course, it that deal leads to a championship, it is probably worth it, especially for a franchise that has not been to the W.S. since 1988. We all know the Dodgers have issues and there are not that many good solutions out there. The front office was unwilling to make a significant deal last season when there were a number of options. It will be interesting to see what happens this season when those options are not as good.

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  4. Well, Seager’s dinger ought to give us enough to win today….It’s hard to believe the rate the pitchers have gone down. I can’t help but believe whoever the Dodgers are trying to trade with will try to high hack us. Has anyone seen the DeLeon kid pitch?

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  5. Because this is election season, I’m going to stump for the underdog–Yasiel Puig! I would NEVER trade this guy. If there’s room on the bench for Kiki Hernadez and Austen Barnes, et al, there’s certainly room for Puig on a 25-man roster. That he’s peaked and in decline seems goofy and crazy to me.

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    • I agree. Puig has plenty of talent. I also agree with Wally’s thought below. That his value has dropped. Could it be roids? Could it be his love for the limelight overpowers his ability to absorb the basics within the game? One things for sure…Injuries and bad decisions have racked up at a rate that base-hits used too.


  6. Unfortunately, Puigs trade value right now is very low. Might as well keep him and hope for the best. I wouldn’t give a case of rum for him right now.

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