Ice Cream is Nigh

ice cream

One more Dodger win and one more Giant loss is all it takes – then we all eat ice cream to celebrate being in first place!


16 thoughts on “Ice Cream is Nigh

  1. Dagnabbit!! I fell asleep after Arizona’s Rally last night. I arose to this pleasant surprise though. I also watched the highlights sipping my coffee. That was some display of determination and grit the Dodgers bestowed last night.

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  2. No ice cream…and it looks like Kemp is a Brave. Now…what the heck do the Braves want with Kemp? Do you Kemp haters realize he knocked in 100 RBIs last season…and that this year he leads ALL Dodger players in both HR s and RBIs? A malcontent? How about a mal-DonnyBaseball? How jacked up do you think Kemp would be coming back to the Dodgers? Food for thought as the deadline approaches.


  3. This is the second game this week the Dodgers were unable to muster an offense. They did hit a lot of balls right at people but had three two out bases empty doubles.

    Ironic the Dodgers kept Goldie quiet but still lost. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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