Dodgers and Dbacks

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39 thoughts on “Dodgers and Dbacks

  1. Howie makes a good play one inning and a not so good play the next. Still, overall he has done a terrific job in left field (although Vinny beat me to it).


  2. Wow, a four out save opportunity for Jansen. Not sure I like this idea but considering how many relievers Roberts has used, I understand.


  3. Things definitely not going well for the Giants by hitting into a bases loaded triple play.

    What a game for the Dodgers to come back after having 7 runs scored against them in one inning


  4. Reminds me of a couple of games I saw in Phoenix when Shawn Greene and then Jeff Kent out slugged the db. Love those home runs.


  5. One thing that was unusual about this game and that was the offense backing up the bullpen. I hope it’s a sign of things to come.


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