Silent Thread

No one is allowed to comment on this thread. If you do, you will be considered unruly…and we just can’t have any of that!!!


I really am a Blues Man!!


34 thoughts on “Silent Thread

  1. Deuces are indeed wild today.

    We went with two threads, the gnats have only won two games since the break and the Dodgers are only two games back in the N L West!


  2. Now, we are left to wonder what our multi-brain trust will do to make us better for the division, playoff, and WS run. I hope they do better than last year. Remember Latoes? They were an abysmal fail last year at the trade deadline. I hope they do better this year. They really can’t do much worse.

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  3. HA HA!!! Just kidding.
    They obviously need a couple of pitchers and it’s just as plain to the teams that are wiling to deal (as in high jack) for prospects. These guys will not come cheap and I was surprised by the willingness of some players to trade Urias. Perhaps these same players figure they’ll be out of the game or on a different team by the time Urias becomes effective anyway.

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    • Remember 2013 and the historic run. The Giants could snap out of this funk at any moment. I’m betting the Dodgers play the best ball from here on in though.


  4. Yea Cueto showed he can be hit, even if it was really one inning that did the gnats in, but if the gnats are having trouble with hitting with RISP, Oh geez giant fans feel the pain, it hurts. But No empathy from me. They are all stone silent up in the gray area.
    Still waiting for the deal, but to give a team any of our pitching propects for a 2 month rental, and not win the WS, is foolish, imho.
    I was talking with some Yankee fans, their thought sure sell chapman, keep miller and get rid of tex, arod and CC, get the top farm prospects and can resign chapman in the off season. Interesting?

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  5. Chris Sale is signed through 2017. With a club option for 2018 & 19. 2018 is at 12.5M. 2019 is at 23.5 M. If he wins a CY Young award between 2013 and 2017 his salary increases to $16M in his option years. If he finishes 1st -3rd in the Cy Young vote between the same years. His salary is $15M.
    His current salary stands at $9.15M with $12M due in 2017.


  6. Wow, what an interesting time of year: political conventions, candidates with lots of baggage and supporters who don’t care about the baggage, and the trading deadline. What more could anyone want for excitement?


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