Go Dodgers – Off Day Thread

No game today for the Dodgers. However, the Red Squad from Washington DC will battle the Orange & Black Fellas up North tonight. The Dodgers can move up in the standings by a half game, if better defeats not better.

Washington and Frisco have identical records at 59-42.

Washington in their last 4 series (11) games, began by taking 2 of 3 at home against Pittsburgh.

Washington then took 1 of 3 at home against the Dodgers.

Washington also took 1 of 3 at home against the Padres.

Washington split a pair of games on the road with Cleveland.

Frisco has managed to win two games, out of 11 (count ’em off – 1 and 2) since returning from the All Star break.

Tonights match-up features Washingtons Tanner Roark (9-6, 3.05 era) facing that Joanay Cueto fella (13-2, 2.53 era)





29 thoughts on “Go Dodgers – Off Day Thread

    • Duly noted and corrected. Thanks Oldbrooklynfan. I’ve been wearing my t-shirt inside out for the past 3 hours this morning as well.

      It’s all good as long as better defeats not better tonight.


  1. Well cueto on the mound for the gnats is formidable, They may win their 3rd game since AS break, but then again? I guess im waiting for that deal?? and if the FO does nothing, the thought must be, we are standing down this year, couldnt make a deal with long term incentive. I would be OK with that if it retains the AAA kids for next year.

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  2. Not to get off topic…but I just watched Dee Gordon apologize …The thing that gets me is he’s remorseful only after signing a fat contract. He claims he will become a leader to the youngsters that want to follow in his footsteps now. Hey Dee…give all the money from the ill gotten contract, but the league minimum, to a charity (Boys and Girls Club perhaps). And I’ll admire you once again. Otherwise, clam it! You crustation!!

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    • My comments may be harsh…but users of steroids and performance inhancing drugs while inside the game, deserve no better. Just my thoughts!


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